News - Other - 15. April 2020

Webinar: "Why And How To Invest In Wine?"

On April 22 you can join our free webinar about wine investment: "Why And How To Invest In Wine?"

Why And How To Invest In Wine?

Wine is the perfect investment - even in times of crisis. Wine investment is characterized by stable returns and low risk. Now you can get answers to your questions about investing in wine and learn more about how to get started. Wednesday, April 22, at 10 AM we are hosting a webinar again and it is free to join.

CEO of RareWine Invest, Anders Børsen, guides you through the basic premise of wine investment in just 20 minutes. Anders is also currently discussing how the wine market has been affected by the current Corona crisis.

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to Anders during the webinar, so you can clarify whether wine investment could be something for you. The webinar incl. questions last 45 minutes and are in English.

You can sign up now - click here...

The webinar is a repeat of last week's webinar, where we conducted a similar session with great support. The demand for knowledge about wine investment is great and therefore we open another webinar on the subject.

Both during the webinar and in the end, we will open up for your questions. We cannot guarantee that we will reach all issues, but we try to answer as many questions as possible.

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