Wine is the perfect investment

By solid returns and low risk, wine is a better investment than both real estate and stocks.
We take care of you and your investment from beginning to end.

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Investing in Wine
“We take care of you and your investment from beginning to end”

Investment In Wine

Wine is a solid alternative investment as it combines a stable return with low risk. Wine constitutes a solid base in every sound investment portfolio because wine investments perform better in times of crisis than most other investments.

At RareWine Invest, we provide personalized advice and a tailored portfolio adapted to your investment horizon, risk profile, and required rate of return.

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Your Investment In Three Simple Steps

At RareWine Invest, we help you to understand how wine works as an investment and why wine is an attractive long-term investment. We put our broad experience, thorough knowledge of the wine market, and a unique trading network at your disposal. We can, therefore, offer professional advice and the option of trading investment wine on professional terms and without VAT.

  • Rådgivning

    1. Counselling

    RareWine Invest is the right place to invest in wine. Since 2012, we have offered qualified investment portfolio advice so that you can invest effectively – without your having to be an expert.

  • Håndtering

    2. Handling And Storage

    We handle and store your investment wine in bonded warehouses - safely, insured and under optimal conditions.

  • Salg

    3. Sale Of Wine

    As an investor, you will benefit from RareWine Invest’s associated company RareWine, among the World's most extensive wine and spirit brokers. This means your wines can always be sold to RareWine for resale on the global wine market.

RareWine Invest

Scandinavia’s largest provider of investment wine. Benefit from more than 15 years of experience and professional trading in wine, exclusive of VAT and duty.

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    Rarely Offered Napa Wine | 2019 Hundred Acre Ark Vineyard

    99 points is unlikely to go out of fashion, and you'll also get a limited availability and a flattering investment price.

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    Musigny: Investing In Drouhin And One Of The World's Most Famous Vineyards

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    Prestige Cuvée Par Excellence | New Larurent-Perrier Grand Siecle No.26 Available

    The Juhlin score cements the quality of this 2008/2012 multi-vintage Champagne. Predecessors have led the way and the price appeals to any investor.

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  • Investment Tips - Burgundy - 13. February 2024

    2017 Bouchard Corton-Charlemagne | The Finest White Wine From Burgundy

    The demand for white wine is increasing. The best white wine comes from Burgundy. End of discussion! Production is almost microscopic and so is the supply...

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    Cellar's Finest | Exclusive Opportunity To Invest In The World's Rarest Bottles Of Wine...

    Attractive wine treasures for future wine lovers and investors.

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    Wine Investment Insights: Annual Report 2023 Unveiled

    Dive into the intricate world of wine investment with our Annual Report 2023. Discover the market trends, challenges, and extraordinary opportunities that shaped the year.

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