Wine is the perfect investment

By solid returns and low risk, wine is a better investment than both real estate and stocks.
We take care of you and your investment from beginning to end.

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Investing in Wine
“We take care of you and your investment from beginning to end”

Investment In Wine

Wine is a solid alternative investment as it combines a high return with low risk. Wine constitutes a solid base in every sound investment portfolio because investments in wine perform better in times of crisis than other investments.

At RareWine Invest, we provide you with personalized advice and a tailored portfolio adapted to your investment horizon, risk profile, and required rate of return.

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Your Investment In Four Simple Steps

At RareWine Invest, you get an understanding of how wine works as an investment and why wine is the best long-term investment. We put our broad experience, thorough knowledge of the wine market, and a unique trading network at your disposition and can, therefore, offer both professional advice and the option of trading investment wine at market prices and without VAT.

  • Rådgivning

    1. Counselling

    RareWine Invest is the right place to invest in wine. Since 2012, we have offered qualified investment portfolio advice so that you can invest effectively – without your having to be an expert.

  • Håndtering

    2. Handling And Storage

    We handle and store your investment wine securely at our temperate storage location in Denmark – the only bonded warehouse for wine in the EU.

  • Portefølje

    3. Administration

    RareWine Invest monitors the market and your wine portfolio. You will receive your personalized quarterly report in which we assess the wine market and provide you with an update on the price development of your wines.

  • Salg

    4. Sale Of Wine

    As an investor, you will benefit from RareWine Invest’s associated company RareWine, amongst Europe’s largest wine and spirit brokers. This means that your wines can always be sold to RareWine at the market price for resale on the global wine market.

RareWine Invest

Scandinavia’s largest provider of investment wine. Benefit from more than ten years of experience and trading in wine at market prices and exclusive of VAT.

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  • Investment Tips - Other - 4. August 2020

    2016 Masseto: Record Vintage With 2 x 100p First Time In History

    Limited production, in high demand and a vintage that will go down in history - welcome to 2016 Masseto - one of the greatest super Tuscans

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  • Investment Tips - Burgundy - 27. July 2020

    Romanée-Conti From DRC: Extremely Rare Opportunity To Invest In Whole Cases!

    The world's finest restaurants are fighting each other for just a chance to be allowed to buy a single bottle of Romanée-Conti. You can now invest in Conti in whole cases!

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  • Market Analysis - 22. July 2020

    Positive Returns for Wine Investors In Q2 2020

    Earlier this month wine investors received the quarterly report for Q2 2020. Get the full overview with CEO, Rasmus Nielsen, in this 10-minute video.

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  • News - 14. July 2020

    Q2 2020: Prices Rebound, And Wine Pass Another Serious Stress Test

    Wine investors can once again enjoy the stability and resistance of wine in times of crisis and look into a future with exciting opportunities.

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  • Market Analysis - Champagne - 10. July 2020

    Analysis: Are Champagne Prices Skyrocketing?

    The price of grapes for champagne production has increased by 80% during the last 15 years, making it the most expensive grapes in the world. The vineyards prices in Champagne have even increased fivefold in the last 25 years, and in addition there are rising costs for production - among other things due to transformation to more sustainable production. However, the price of a bottle of champagne has not increased approximately correspondingly, and this gives rise to speculation about larger price increases in the long run.

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  • Investment Tips - Other - 6. July 2020

    The Pre-sale Has Started: Sassicaia 2018 - The Super Tuscan In An Anniversary Vintage

    Invest in the Italian super-brand and get the usual strong Sassicaia potential. Will the anniversary vintage be special edition?

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