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Personalised Advice Tailored investment solutions.
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Personalised Advice And Tailored Solutions

RareWine Invest investment advice is always based on you as an investor and your particular needs and preferences.

The starting point of a long-term relationship, therefore, begins with our getting to know you.

We determine your personal investment profile and provide advice based on your investment horizon, risk profile, and personal preferences.

RareWine Invest provides you with the required insight and, based on personal investment advice, we help you to ensure that, together with your portfolio advisor, you are prepared to make the right decisions regarding your wine investment.

We prepare a tailor-made wine portfolio for you and enable you to invest in wine without your having to be an expert in either wine or investments – because your portfolio advisor is.

The best investment doesn't need to be complicated.

Watch the video: How to invest in wine

Purchase of Wine
Purchase of wine exclusive of VAT

Purchase Of Wine Exclusive Of VAT

RareWine Invest is alone in Scandinavia as a provider of purchasing opportunities and storage of wine exclusive of customs duty, excise duties, and VAT.

Private individuals and companies without VAT registration (e.g. holding companies) are now able to buy and own wine free of VAT since Nordic Freeport, a RareWine Invest associated company, operates Scandinavia’s only bonded warehouse for wine and spirits.

Professional handling and storage Optimal storage at Nordic Freeport

Professional Handling And Storage

Your wines are delivered to the only bonded warehouse for wine in Scandinavia where they are stored in your name.

Specially trained staff receive and handle the wines and ensure that they are treated and stored correctly. The wine is labeled with your investor ID, which ensures both your anonymity and that there can never be any doubt as to the ownership of the wine.

The warehouse itself is insulated, and an ultramodern cooling system keeps the temperature stable at around 12 °C, which is optimal for the long-term storage of wine.

Similarly, it is ensured that the wine is not exposed to sunlight or other harmful rays, and the distance from the nearest roads means that vibrations from heavy traffic are not a problem.

The bonded warehouse is located at Vester Hassing, 15 minutes’ drive north of Aalborg, and has the same owners as RareWine Invest, but is operated as an independent company under the name of Nordic Freeport. The only objective of the company is to store wine and spirits without customs duty, excise, and VAT on behalf of investors.

The bonded warehouse can be visited by appointment within usual business hours and, as an investor, you therefore always have the option to inspect your wine investment and, similarly, you can have your wines delivered upon payment of customs duty, excise duties, and VAT.

Investor portal


As an investor, you get access to the investor portal, My RareWine Invest, so you can access your portfolio at any time and keep an overview of your investment. At the same time, we keep an eye on developments in the world's wine markets through daily trading and we will contact you if any development has an impact on your particular investment. This can be either buy or sell recommendations based on your portfolio or relevant observations about the general market.

On the Investor Portal, My RareWine Invest, the price of your wines will be assessed continuously and at least four times a year. The assessment will reflect the current market situation and be based on own trading data as well as data from third-party providers such as the British wine exchange, Liv-ex, and In other words; At any time we help you to keep the full overview of your wine investment.

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Rare Wine Invest has the lowest costs

RareWine Invest Has The Lowest Costs

Ongoing costs

Every investment involves a cost, and while an asset manager, in addition to trading costs, typically charges between 1% and 3% annually to manage a securities depository, the total running costs associated with wine investment at RareWine Invest are 0.7% annually. This covers handling, storage and insurance

RareWine Invest focuses on trading, and therefore running costs are kept as low as possible. Thus, the cost level of wine investment through RareWine Invest can compete with both banks and pension funds, even though it is about handling and storing physical goods.


Trading costs

No purchase commission is paid to RareWine Invest in connection with purchase of wine purchased at international market price.

When the return is to be realized and the wines are sold, this is done in consignment sale with a fixed commission rate of between 5% and 10%, determined on the basis of portfolio size - the larger the sale, the smaller the commission.


Investment Costs

Many have asked us the question over the years: Why not just invest on your own? That is also possible, but a thorough knowledge of wine and investment or even a good investment tip is not sufficient. Many tend to forget that, as an amateur investor, you can expect to buy wine at a price that includes the wine merchants’ profit margin and VAT. The wine merchant’s profit is always lost, whereas, in practice, the VAT is lost unless you invest through an operating company that is able to deduct VAT. If you sell your own wine, which typically involves an auction house, you pay a fee to the auction house that is often in excess of 30% of the total price paid by the buyer. For an investor, the auction house is a price-increasing intermediate link that substantially reduces the value of your investment. With RareWine Invest you get an investment model that does not dilute your return but instead maximizes it. RareWine Invest sells wine for investment without adding the wine merchant’s profit, and when the wine is delivered to Scandinavia’s only bonded wine warehouse, this is done without customs duty, excise and VAT. You can always sell the wine again, and always at market price when you sell to RareWine.

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Sell wine

Purchase And Sell At Market Price

As an investor with RareWine Invest, you purchase wine at international market prices without the addition of trading costs. That means that the price paid corresponds to the price at which the wine can be sold on the international wine market.

RareWine’s comprehensive international trading network means that RareWine has customers that are always able to effectively trade wine at market prices, which ensures that you can always sell your wine at global market prices. Wines traded through RareWine Invest are always sold at international market prices. This can only be done when you trade wine at the same place as the wine merchant and thus are able to skip an intermediate stage and without the addition of the wine merchant’s profit margin.

RareWine Invest is alone in being able to offer you the possibility of both buying and selling wine at the market price – regardless of whether you are buying or selling.

Even though wine is a physical asset, an investment in wine through RareWine Invest is very liquid.

The saleability of the wine varies from wine to wine, but in practice, it takes from two weeks to three months to sell your wine portfolio at the market price.

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Initially, I considered buying investment wine privately and being responsible for storage, etc., but I soon realized that it was far easier to have RareWine Invest manage all of this, including purchasing, handling, storage, insurance, sale, and not least investment advice

Michael Knudsen