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About Us

At RareWine Invest, you will find confirmed wine knowledge and long-term investment advisory services. We have provided portfolio advice and sold investment wine to investors in Denmark and abroad, including Norway, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Greece, The United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, etc. since 2012.

RareWine Invest is an associated company of the trading business RareWine. For more than ten years, RareWine has traded professionally in rare and fine wines globally based on a philosophy of working with small margins in large quantities.

RareWine is known all over the world for the lowest prices on the market, high quality, and reliable service. RareWine and RareWine Invest today employ a staff of 50, ten of which work solely with wine investments. The company has offices in Vester Hassing and Aalborg and is managed by Rasmus Nielsen - the owner and founder of RareWine and RareWine Invest.

RareWine Invest administers and stores wine worth over EUR 100 million on behalf of more than 1200 investors.

VAT exemption
Wine exclusive of VAT

Wine at Market Price – Exclusive Of VAT

We are merchants and, at RareWine, we earn a living from being able to supply the most exclusive wines of the best quality at the lowest prices on the market. Moreover, when you, as an investor, make your purchases in the same place and at the same price as the wine merchant, it is possible to trade in wines at market prices* – both when you buy and when you sell.

The wines can be delivered to our bonded warehouse in Vodskov, where, as the only provider in Scandinavia, we offer the storage of wine without customs duty, excise and VAT.

This means that private individuals and companies without VAT exemption, which cannot usually deduct purchase VAT as an operating company can, are able to invest effectively within a professional setup.

All price-raising intermediate links in the chain have been removed, leaving you with the option to buy wine at the lowest prices on the market, providing a solid basis for sound wine investment.

As part of a professional trading house, we at RareWine can easily resell your wines, and, therefore, offer you the opportunity of buying your wines at a pre-fixed price based on the current market price.

*Market price can be both higher and lower than RareWine's purchase price. The market price is determined on the basis of own trade data and international price information databases.

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Wine detective Quality assurance

Quality Assurance Of Your Investment

The increasing prices of investment wine mean that the temptation to produce fake valuable wines is a fact of life to be taken seriously. As an internationally recognised trading house, RareWine is, of course, heavily responsible for quality assurance of the investment wine that you buy from RareWine Invest.

RareWine’s wine detective, Mads Pedersen, scrutinises all wines arriving at RareWine’s warehouse, including those sold to investors through RareWine Invest. Both the quality and authenticity of the wines are checked and ensured.

RareWine’s quality assurance department today has available to it one of the world’s most comprehensive image archives to document the authenticity of wine. The archive is continuously extended, and now includes over 100,000 high-resolution pictures of the world’s most rare and expensive wines, and both genuine and fake wines are documented thoroughly.

RareWine’s wine detective Mads Pedersen collaborates with some of the world’s largest auction houses and wine producers in the battle against fake wine, and he is known as one of the most skilled in Europe in his profession.

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Bonded Warehouse
Nordic Freeport Store wine at Nordic Freeport

The Only Bonded Warehouse For Wine In The European Union

RareWine Invest operates the company Nordic Freeport, which has at its disposal European Unions only bonded wine warehouse. Here, wines and spirits are stored, completely free of customs duty, excise, and VAT on behalf of more than 1200 investors, who have stored wine valued at a total of over EUR 100 million.

Nordic Freeport currently has a capacity of approx. 2,500,000 bottles, There is a high level of security, as well as an ideal climate for storing wine with a constant temperature of 12 degrees so that RareWine Invest can continue to offer private and professional investors the optimal storage of wine and spirits without customs, VAT, and tax through Nordic Freeport.

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Counselling Counselling

Investing In Wine Is For Everyone

Wine investment requires extensive knowledge, an enormous trading network and the possibility of trading wine without VAT, and wine investment has, therefore, historically been reserved for a small exclusive club of professional investors who have in turn earned solid profits from being among those few who were able to benefit from precisely these advantages.

With RareWine Invest, investments in wine are no longer restricted to the few. Wine investments start at EUR 10,000, making wine as an investment object possible for more people than ever before.

As an investor, you get competent and professional assistance, and we make a concerted effort when we convert our wine knowledge, expertise and experience into actual investment tips and individual portfolio advice.

Together with you, we put together your portfolio and, in connection with the purchase, you often benefit from the market’s lowest prices when we procure the most attractive investment wines through our worldwide trading network.

RareWine Invest takes charge of purchasing, handling, storage, insurance, and administration. As an investor, you are able to sell your wines through RareWine at professional terms when your earnings are to be realized.

RareWine Invest host events

Special Offers, Wine Tasting And Exclusive Travel – For Investors Only

Get the news and the best offers before everyone else and get offers to purchase wine for your own cellar at far below retail prices. Join us when RareWine Invest arranges wine tastings and travel – only for investors.

We are happy to draw upon our large network and hold wine tastings and dinners 3-4 times a year where the producer often attends, providing a unique insight into the wines of the evening and their origin.

We regularly visit the large French wine districts and, in addition to visiting the castles and tasting their wines, you also get an opportunity to meet like-minded people in cosy settings.

Our arrangements are always sold at cost price, so also here you are certain of the lowest prices on the market.