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Empty 2008 Cristal Stocks: Invest in a Future Champagne Legend

With an oversupply, the 2008 Cristal supply seems endless - but the supplies will not last forever and what happens to the price of the bottles that have been kept safe?

Cristal: The Fashionable Favorite

Cristal from Louis Roederer hardly needs any introduction. Rarely does a product ooze so much luxury, while so many people consume it - and this without Cristal becoming the least bit less fashionable more like on the contrary. In the wake of the extremely high quality Louis Roederer presented in their 2008 vintage Cristal, impressive ratings ranked vintage 2008 among the best Cristals ever produced. To this, the market experiences an temporarily oversupply, the supply of this coveted champagne never seems to end - but it does.

The critics agree with their enthusiasm and acknowledge points that indicate a quality that may only be surpassed by Salon.

2008 Cristal10010097+
VI: Vinous JS: James Suckling WA: Wine Advocate

Exit 2008, Welcome 2012

When a chapter ends, a new one often starts unless the story is over, and it is probably far from when it comes to Cristal. The 2012 vintage, which is the successor to the 2008 vintage in the case of Cristal, has just begun to be released, which usually means that the stocks from the producer is more or less empty of the previous vintage - in this case the 2008 vintage. There is currently an oversupply of 2008 Cristal in the market, but a champagne like this, also entails a huge consumption worldwide and when suddenly no more can be delivered from the manufacturer, the remaining quantities are quickly reduced. Of course, Louis Roederer is ready with 2012 vintage, which will probably be able to quench parts of the Cristal thirst, but 2008 vintage is in the future a vintage to remember and will be sought after by wine connoisseurs, restaurants and more. Worldwide.

Furthermore, there is no great tradition of keeping champagnes like these for the future, which is why in the future there may be a big upside in being able to deliver the best champagne no one else has kept - in this case 2008 Cristal.

Investment in 2008 Cristal Cristal with its characteristic foil wrapping

Absurd Vintage Premium offers Increased Potential

Large vintages give better wine and better wine gives even better aging and increased storage potential. For this reason, wines from the great vintages, of course, also cost more and at the same time are those that will be remembered in the future. The same goes for Louis Roederer Cristal, but the unique market situation right now offers favorable investment opportunities.

The top vintage 2008 is currently trading at € 175, while the new 2012 vintage, which compared to 2008 can be called a secondary vintage, is traded at € 165 *. This means that right now you only have to pay 6% in the vintage premium, to get a 2008 vintage rather than a 2012. For champagne of this caliber, this is considered to be an absurdly low vintage premium. Compared with respectively the 2006 and 2008 vintages by Pol Rogers Sir Winston Churchill, the vintage premium today is nearly 19%, which is a much more representative vintage premium.

Looking at older vintages, the price difference becomes even greater and the vintage premium rises sharply: In mature Cristal, the vintage premium on a strong vintage (1990 versus 1999) is approx. 80% and approx. 38% if compared to a medium strong vintage (1990 versus 1996). The potential of 2008 Cristal is huge and a vintage premium of only 6% is decidedly unsustainable in the above perspective.

* Both prices are per bottle in perfect condition and whole cases, without duty, VAT and tax

2008 Louis Roederer Cristal for investment 2008 Cristal ready for investment. Comes in OC6 - Original Case of six bottles.

The 2008 Party Fireworks are Leaking Towards the End - but not for the Champagne Investor

2019 has been marked by one party fireworks after another, when the major houses in turn released their big 2008s. However, the year is leaking towards the end and most of the major prestige cuvées have hit the market, including Salon, Dom Pérignon, Cristal, Belle Epoque, Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill..

However, the champagne investor still has some shots in the box when it comes to 2008 vintage champagne. In addition to some of the iconic single-market champagnes, the most interesting vintage of 2008, from one of the largest houses yet to be released, is Krug Vintage. However, champagne lovers have to arm themselves with patience, as the 2008 Krug Vintage will probably only be released in 1-2 years.

The point here is that although not all the greatest champagnes from 2008 has been released, the party fireworks are already starting to leak towards the end, which is why decisions must be made regarding investing in, for example, 2008 Cristal. Soon enough quantities can no longer be obtained, and prices can rise. Should you invest from what may be the start of price rises, the time is now.

Absolutely World Class Patio Wine

In addition to producing world-class champagne, Louis Roederer also produces one of the world's largest rosé champagnes in Cristal Rosé. In terms of brand, this may only be compared to Dom Pérignon's rosé champagne and is considered by many experts to be one of the most exclusive rosé champagnes on the market.

The 2008 vintage of Cristal Rosé is, like the ordinary Cristal, among the absolute best Louis Roederer has ever presented. In fact, champagne guru Richard Juhlin gives it 99 points, putting it in line with the legendary vintages of 1996 and 1988 and surpassed only by the 1979 vintage.

In an investment perspective, Cristal Rosé is also interesting, since the production of Cristal Rosé in particular is very limited, compared to the "ordinary" Cristal.

If you want to invest in one of the world's most exclusive rosé champagnes, this investment tip also provides an opportunity for this.

Investment in Cristal Rosé champagne from Louise Roederer World's best rosé champagne?

Rare Wine Invest’s Opinion

We have previously recommended the 2008 vintage Louis Roederer Cristal for investment and the recommendation has not diminished - on the contrary. With the recent release of the house’s 2012 vintage by Cristal, at the same time the beginning of the end of the peak year 2008. It will from now on only become more difficult to obtain in quantities and this is under normal circumstances at the same time the prices start to rise.

Cristal is a legendary champagne and a huge fire and even though there seems to be plenty of 2008 vintage right now, it will quickly disappear from the market and become valuable to the world's champagne drinkers. Many people drink it, but only a few keep it.

In addition to this, right now you only have to pay approx. 6% extra to get a Cristal from 2008 than one from 2012. This seems absurdly cheap compared to what usually has to be paid extra to upgrade to one of the greatest vintages.

2008 vintage is truly a party firework when it comes to champagne, but all good things come to an end - so will the 2008 vintage by Cristal and there are only quite a few other notable champagne releases left from the 2008 vintage.

If you have no or only a small position in champagne from 2008, we recommend investing in 2008 Cristal. If you have not already invested in exactly 2008 Cristal, this is also recommended, as this is among the absolute best champagnes Louis Roederer has ever produced. There is no doubt that this will be a coveted choice in the future.

The timing seems perfect for investing in this legendary champagne.

2008 Louis Roederer Cristal for investment

2008Cristal750OC6600€ 175
2008Cristal Rosé750OC3/GB190€ 385
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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