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Solid Potential In Outstanding Soldera Wine: Six Vintages Almost Canceled

Perfectionism, sabotage, iconic Brunello and a charismatic wine maker. For the first time in years, the largest Brunello is again available – but still limited quantities.

An Exceptionally Short Story

Those who are amazed by the great Italian wines and seduced by the matchless Brunello will undoubtedly know the Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera, or simply Soldera. Slightly unfamiliar in investment relationships, the house Soldera has a very short history, actually less than 50 years. Gianfranco Soldera, a former Milan insurance broker, bought the Case Basse property in 1972 in the small town of Montalcino in Tuscany. The property was in deceptive condition at this time, but Soldera had an ambition to produce an exceptional and unique Brunello. By this, Sangiovese expert Giulio Gambelli was hired as a consultant and through a fruitful collaboration, with meticulousness as the focal point, the house's Brunello was perfected as time went on.

Gianfranco Soldera was said to have been an exceptionally difficult man to be around and work with – at least when it came to his wines. For example, Soldera forbade guests to spit out the wine during tastings, regardless of which of his wines. Likewise, he was obsessed with glass choices; he would only drink his wines if they had his specially designed glasses, whether it was in restaurants or otherwise. But as you know, the boundary between crazy and ingenious is very fine. What on the one hand has been perfectionistic madness has at the same time created the absolute greatest and unconditionally best Brunello to be found and has made Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera a cult producer. To many connoisseurs a true masterpiece.

Gianfranco Soldera Gianfranco Soldera

Outstanding Estate and Minimal Production

Although Soldera's production is not officially organic, the approach to and philosophy of the wines is almost unique. With support of his wife, a passionate botanist, Soldera created an oasis on his estate that seeks to create the absolute best conditions for all plants, including the vines. The property is home to a two-acre botanical park with more than 1,500 unique roses and hundreds of habitats for bees and other insects. The insects serves as a biological defense against pests that usually attack vines and grapes. The result is a wine production without chemicals and pesticides, which has undoubtedly contributed to making Solderas Brunello the greatest of them all.

Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera has two vineyards, Intistieti and Case Basse, which together cover eight hectares. The area itself is sufficient to produce up to 60,000 bottles per vintage. However, the yield is kept low to ensure a towering quality, which results in an annual production of just 15,000 bottles which in difficult years is reduced to only around 6,000 bottles.


A dispute between Gianfranco Soldera and a worker of the domaine had major consequences for the house's wines in 2012. One December night, the taps of all Soldera's barrels were opened, and 60,000 liters of Sangiovese wine, which would have become Brunello were poured out and destroyed. No bottles or other valuables were stolen, and it was clear that sabotage was the sole purpose. Investigation later revealed the perpetrator; di Gisi, a former employee of the vineyard who, after clashes with Soldera, was accused for vandalism. Di Gisi was sentenced to four years in prison in March 2013.

Not all the barrels were emptied 100%, but the remaining quantities can be considered virtually non-existing today. The result of the sabotage has been that as almost nothing Soldera wine has been released in the vintages 2007-2012, both vintages included.

Therefore, the most recent vintage, namely the 2013 vintage of 100% Sangiovese wine which has been labelled “Toscana IGP, is the only full vintage that has been released for years!

With such a limited production supposedly giving a maximum of 15,000 bottles in good vintages, six vintages almost without release are extremely long time. This has of course resulted in the wines from before the 2007 vintage becoming even more rare and virtually not to be found in the world's wine markets.

This now offers the opportunity to invest in the first Soldera wine for years in a market that simply has not been able to obtain the wine. A situation that has only contributed to even greater demand, hype and cult status.

Sabotage at Soldera's The large Brunello barrels which were almost completely emptied during the sabotage in December 2012

Grand Final di Soldera

Many great thinkers and artists have only been seriously appreciated after their death. Only at this point, when it becomes apparent to the audience that no more is coming, is the artist seriously appreciated.

Gianfranco Soldera died in February 2019 in a solo accident, probably caused by a cardiac arrest.

However, before his death, Soldera was considered one of the most important wine makers in italy, but the passing away has only contributed with increased interest in his wines. The 2013 vintage is among the last vintages where Gianfranco Soldera himself led the production and this specific vintage is the last vintage Soldera himself finished completely - from harvest to bottling.

The artist and highly respected winemaker has passed away, but has left an important imprint on the wine world and a legacy of the amazing 100% Sangiovese wine.

It has previously been found that the wine world reacts seriously when a large wine maker passes away. The best example is found in Burgundy and is about Henri Jayer who is one of the greatest producers in Burgundy ever. In 1990, Jayer sold a box of 12 bottles of 1985 Cros Parantoux worth less than € 300. In 2016 approximately six years after Henri Jayer's death, a similar box of 1985 Cros Parantoux was sold at Christie's auction in Hong Kong at around € 250,000. In 2018, the very last wines from Jayers private cellar were sold at auction and another box of 12 bottles Cros Parantoux set the world record as the world's most expensive box of wine (12 bottles) by a hammer price equivalent to over € 500,000. A value increase of more than 166,000% since 1990. Although no similar development should be expected regarding this case, as Gianfranco Soldera’s teachings and values continue to be pursued by his family managing “Soldera Case Basse” winery that he founded, this serves as a good example of how the wine world can react when a great producer passes away.

Invest in Soldera Brunello

Rare Wine Invest’s Opinion

Invest in Soldera wine. The 2013 vintage offers investors the opportunity to invest in the first vintage after a full six vintages were virtually destroyed due to sabotage. It has thus been close to impossible for wine connoisseurs with a penchant for the absolute best Italian wines to obtain Soldera wine for years, which has definitely not reduced demand and interest.

In addition, the production of Soldera wine is very limited from an Italian wine perspective and almost similar to something known primarily from Burgundy. In good vintages, only up to 15,000 bottles are produced, which are far from being enough for a world that has waited patiently for years for the greatest Solder WINE to be available once more.

Gianfranco Soldera was an Italian wine icon who, after his death last winter, has left a unique legacy of highly valued wines. A treasure where the 2013 vintage is the last vintage Gianfranco Soldera himself oversaw the entire production, albeit continuing to work in the winery until his death.

Invest in Soldera

Right now, you have the opportunity to invest in quantities of Soldera wine at one of the absolute best prices in the market. Add this wine to your portfolio and reinforce it with the one of the greatest Italian red wines the world virtually has not seen for years.

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