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2016 Barolo And Barbaresco - Top Quality, Attractive Prices And Interesting Investment Potential

2016 vintage from the best producers will soon be released. The vintage is among the strongest ever and the investment potential has never been greater – Read why here

Welcome To Release Party Of 2016 Barolo And Barbaresco

Right now, the best producers are releasing their 2016 wines from Barolo and Barbaresco, which is among the most excellent vintages from the region ever, on a par with the vintage 2010, and perhaps even better. The wines from Barolo and Barbaresco have a high level of both tannin and fruit acid, which makes them extremely durable and thus extremely suitable for investment. The vintage 2016 testifies to an unprecedented great potential in Piedmont.

The last 30 years have offered a true revolution in sense of wine throughout Piedmont, and with a new generation of winemakers at the helm. The young and courageous generations have a greater view than their parents' slightly more traditional approach – something that we now and in the future can enjoy the fruits of. The vintage has made it possible to produce wines with a somewhat near-perfect balance between tannin, acidity, and taste intensity. It is a style that draws references back to the largest vintages in the area, which have historically resulted in massive price increases.

Opening them now can be tempting, but those who have patience will be richly rewarded. The potential for the biggest wines reaches for the wine's 50th birthday with a potential that only gets closer and closer to its optimum throughout this period.

2016 Vintage Of Barolo And Barbaresco

In Europe, grapes are generally grown in the peripheral areas where they can ripen optimally. This has meant that the best vintages have traditionally been the vintages where the sun has shone the most, quite simply. A lot of heat and sun have given maximum sugar in the grapes, with a high alcohol percentage and ripe taste as a result. This is true in a cold region like here, south of the Alps, as well as in many other of the classic wine regions of Europe. However, climate change has helped to change that picture slightly. Maximum sunshine is not the most desirable scenario every time. In Piedmont, with Barolo and Barbaresco in particular, comparing the vintage 2015 and 2016, we can see what the difference is between full sun and a little less sun, and especially how it affects the wines.

The vintage 2015 was full of sun and no weather challenges during the growing season, just like many other places in Europe. The result was something near perfect wines, without the big edges. Fortunately, cold nights made sure to create balance in the grapes so that they were not "cooked" in style. Ripe fruit, the perfect balance between the elements and lots of complexity. As a collector, you can only enjoy having these wines in the collection. But having said that, the 2016 vintage makes a difference and, if possible, gives the wine investor even more potential.

2016 was a slightly different story in terms of weather; slightly colder, without getting too cold. A little more rain, but at the right times and a season that was dragged further out. The best producers did not harvest until October. The longer season has given wines with even more color and flavor intensity than in 2015. The slower ripening also helped to retain acid in the grapes, which is nicely transferred to the wines. All in all, the wines are more intense, with slightly less mouthfeel and with a more precise acid structure. Freshness and balance will be two keywords that will follow this vintage. In other words, the expectations are enormous, and one expects, in the long run, to see vintage 2016 as a legendary vintage. Buy now and harvest the fruits later.

The Vineyards Of Piedmont

For generations, it has been known which vineyards have provided the best raw material for the best wines. The news is that since the year 2010 there has been an official map, with allowed names. So, in the future, there will be more consensus on which vineyards supply the best wines, which in turn will make it easier to see which fields should have a higher value than others - which is also known from other regions, such as Burgundy. Just clarity can help create a whole new demand for the wines from both Barolo and Barbaresco. Now wine lovers know exactly where the wine comes from and in these years, terroir is everything! We want to know as precisely as possible where the grapes come from and exactly what happened before, they landed in the bottle. Wine lovers and connoisseurs appreciate it when they can get explained exactly where the wine comes from so they can taste one vineyard up against the other. This new clarification will only make the wines more coveted.

The Perfect Timing And The Right Wines

The role model is Burgundy, where we know why a Montrachet is more coveted than a Corton-Charlemagne. With the new rules on vineyards on the labels, both Barolo and Barbaresco are moving in the same direction. Prices have not yet risen sharply, but if Burgundy connoisseurs put their love to it, then there is no obstacle to prices having the opportunity to rise in the same way as we have seen there.

Cannubi, Bricco Boschis, Monprivato, Annunziata - the list of vineyards is long, and it is in these years that it will be decided which ones will increase the most in price.

In this 2016 Barolo-Barbaresco campaign you will be presented exclusively with wines that all live up to the criteria that characterize solid Italian investment potential. In addition, the best producers produce extremely limited quantities, especially from the best vineyards. This means that you are guaranteed optimal conditions for an attractive investment.

Investment Potential In Barolo And Barbaresco

Interest in Italian wines is rising sharply. This is expressed in the fact that the largest wine media and wine critics are increasingly sacrificing "space" for the Italian wines, while Italy-100 from the British wine exchange, Liv-ex, was the sub-index with the absolute best result in 2019.

In addition, Italian wines are subject to enormous consumption. This can be read, for example, in the fact that Italy is both the most wine-producing country in the world (both over France and Spain) and at the same time the country that exports the most - more than 30% more than France.

The reason for this can lie in the fact that here can be found extremely high value for money in Italy. Especially, the vintage 2016, there is plenty of opportunities to invest in wine with towering quality at a very attractive price - a price that, despite massive price increases, will be attractive, seen in relation to quality.

Wine investment is basically an investment with a long-term horizon, and the same goes for 2016 Barolo and Barbaresco. But this may very well be wines you regret not buying more of - one thing is for sure: All the prerequisites for this to become coveted wines in the future have been met.

In other words, all arrows point in the same direction; that vintage 2016 will be an attractive investment in just a few years, as has been the case with vintage 2010, and very possibly even with even greater potential.

The Wine Experts About 2016 Barolo And Barbaresco


“For many growers, the 2016s are not just epic, they are career-defining wines.”


Wine Advocate:

“The 2016 vintage is epic, presenting outstanding results across the board.”


James Suckling

“Indeed, everything seems to have come out excellent so far with 2016. I don’t think it’s possible to generalize about certain villages or vineyard sites being better. Just about everyone made great wines.”

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

"Sow now and harvest attractive fruits in the future" could very well be the headline for this 2016 Barolo-Barbaresco campaign. With a perfect vintage like 2016 for the majority of the major wine producers, everything is set to make these wines attractive gems of the future.

An investment in this vintage is an investment in wines from one of the world's hotspots for wine nerds and lovers where the wines are approaching an unprecedented high level. With the new vineyard system, there will be even more focus on the area, and 2016 proves to be a vintage where sun, moon, and stars have stood right for all the best producers. The quantities are not large, but still possible to be grabbed now and here if you act fast. We select the best wines that meet all the requirements for investment suitability, so you just have to choose the wines you believe in the most.

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