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Domaine Raveneau: The King Of Chablis

Solid returns, very limited production and several years of reduced harvest yield in Chablis makes the King of Chablis a strong white wine investment with great potential

White Wine With Great Potential

If you look up "filth" in a dictionary, one of the explanations here will be "person who does not glorify Chablis’ top wines" - and it is difficult to contradict. What exactly is so special about the wines of Chablis? In addition to being produced on 100% Chardonnay, the wines from here are characterized by a unique terroir of clay and limestone. This, combined with a cooler climate, contributes to some of the purest Chardonnay in the World according to Jancis Robinson.

We have repeatedly pointed out that the global interest in the best white wines is increasing. In this perspective, it is impossible not to mention Domaine Raveneau - the King of Chablis. With solid historical returns, limited production and several tough years in the region, it is a strong white wine investment with great potential - regardless of wine and vintage!

Invest in Domaine Raveneau Vaillons - Premier Cru from Domaine Raveneau

The King Of Chablis

Domaine Raveneau was founded in 1948 when Francois Raveneau combined vineyards he had bought himself with vineyards owned by his wife's family.

Francois's father, Louis Raveneau, owned several parcels in Chablis but sold them during the 1950s. It was a challenging time in Chablis during that period: production had been severely disrupted during World War II, affecting the liquidity of the producers. Furthermore, the area was plagued by grape phylloxera. However, Francois Raveneau still saw Chablis' great potential and took advantage of decreasing land prices to expand his domain continuously throughout the 1960s and 1970s - including important parcels on some of Chablis' fine Grand Cru vineyards.

Domaine Raveneau is today one of the absolute most famous producers in Chablis and it can be argued that it is also the most exclusive. At the same time, Raveneau is one of the very few producers to produce wine in all four Chablis classifications: Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Grand Cru.

Today, Raveneau produces three Grand Cru and five Premier Cru wines, and this is where you, as a wine investor, need to find your next white wine investment.

Solid Returns Confirm King-status

Validation of the status as the greatest and most sought after wines can often be found in historical price trends. The same goes for Raveneau. If you bought top wines from Domaine Raveneau just five years ago, today it is easy to find a reason to enjoy a nice glass of Chablis:

VinLes ClosBlanchotMontée de TonnerreButteauxVaillonsAverage
Average returns*64,25%55,64%77,03%78,04%85,78%70,86%
Average annualized returns**10,43%9,25%12,10%12,23%13,19%11,31%
Based on trade data for 2003-2012 of the wines from Domaine Raveneaus * Average return across the past ten vintages that have been on the market for a minimum of five years ** Annualized return during the five years

Both the Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines from Domaine Raveneau have thus been strong investments. Whether the future brings more interest for the Grand Crus or Premier Crus nobody knows. No matter what, both classifications have delivered great returns in the past and as the fundamentals are unchanged this might very well also be the case in the future.

Well Over 50,000 Bottles Distributed On Eight Top Wines

When we are in Burgundy and discus the best wines in the World it is almost always the case that the production is very limited. It is by no means different if we travel a bit north and visit Domaine Raveneau in Chablis.

No one but the manufacturer can say for sure exactly how many bottles are produced per year, but we can make a qualified bid. Among the top wines in Chablis, it is a rule of thumb to expect production in the region of 7,000 bottles (0.75 l) per acre in a regular vintage.

From this, the extent of the annual production of Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines at Domaine Raveneau may look like this:

WineClassificationAreal /acre)Bottles (7000 pr. acre)
Les ClosGrand Cru0,503500
BlanchotsGrand Cru0,644480
Valmur*Grand Cru0,755250
VaillonsPremier Cru0,402800
ButteauxPremier Cru1,4910430
Montée de TonnerrePremier Cru2,5117570
ForêtPremier Cru0,674690
Monts-Mains*Premier Cru0,362520
*Not available at the moment

This underlines how limited production is of Raveneau's finest wines. This places these wines among the world's rarest and most sought after in terms of production capacity.

But the world's wine lovers can currently be in a situation where the above is an absolute best-case scenario.

With several tough years in Chablis, total production has been lowered and wine connoisseurs, collectors and lovers will have to look even further for the best bottles of Chablis. Something particularly interesting as a wine investor.

Only One Full Yield During The Past Four Years In Chablis

For the past four years, the winemakers in Chablis have been extremely challenged and, overall, have had only a single year, in 2018, with full harvest yield. In 2016, hail made great havoc, in 2017 it was late spring frost and last year, in 2019, the area was hit by both frost and drought.

All of which has meant that production in Chablis has generally been at a lower flare and the quantities produced have thus been significantly reduced.

The same is true for Raveneau, who has also experienced a reduced yield in affected seasons. From an investment perspective, it is not only interesting in terms of the influenced vintages, but in terms of all vintages from Domaine Raveneau. Not only is the supply of Raveneau reduced, so is it generally for all Chablis wines. If supply is reduced and demand is unchanged or even rising, in the long run, it will lead to price increases.

Invest in the king of Chablis - Domaine Raveneau Domaine Raveneau - The King of Chablis

RareWine Invest's Opinion

White wine is hot and nothing indicates that the best of the kind will not be even hotter in the future. Also, the production of the best white wines is extremely limited compared to similar red wines.

If you want the best and most exclusive white wine in Burgundy you can look in the direction of Montrachet in the border country between Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet where, for example, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti produces white wine. If we go to Meursault we find Domaine Coche-Dury. But when it comes to Chablis there is only one producer on the top shelf and that is Domaine Raveneau.

Domaine Raveneau produces some of the world's most famous white wines and according to Burgundian tradition, this is done to a very limited extent, which results in wine lovers having to look far for the coveted bottles.

The historical price trend emphasizes Domaine Raveneau's format and at the same time a high demand - a demand that has become more difficult to meet after several tough years of reduced harvest yield in the area. At the same time, it only becomes more difficult to meet the demand if the interest in the best white wines continues to rise.

We have for a long period collected different wines from Domaine Raveneau that are now sold for investment, including a rare selection. All wines are of either Grand Cru or Premier Cru classification and have solid investment potential, regardless of wine or vintage. This is a general recommendation of Domaine Raveneau's top wines.

Secure your investment in the top wines from Chablis today - everything is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Invest In Domaine Raveneau

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2016Assortment - 6 x Blanchots 6 x Le Clos12 x 750OC121 € 6.000
2017Blanchots750OC1212 € 450
2014Blanchots750OC66 € 450
2017Butteaux750OC1236 € 245
2016Butteaux750OC1224 € 195
2015Butteaux750OC1212 € 195
2017Forêts750OC1248 € 230
2016Forêts750OC1224 € 195
2015Forêts750OC1212 € 195
2017Montée-Tonnerre750OC1224 € 270
2016Montée-Tonnerre750OC1212 € 240
2013Montée-Tonnerre750OC1212 € 200
2011Montée-Tonnerre750OC1212 € 220
2004Montée-Tonnerre1500OC66 € 575
1999Montée-Tonnerre750OC1224 € 290
2017Vaillons750OC1212 € 210
2015Vaillons750OC1212 € 190
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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