Investment Tips - Burgundy - 25. November 2020

Invest In Hysterically Rare Anniversary Bottles + Assortments: Only Available In This Vintage

Laurent Ponsot himself was in charge, when this mythical vintage was tapped, and now you have the opportunity to invest at unprecedentedly low prices.


Few domains have the opportunity to assemble an assortment case with 12 grand cru wines. Domaine Ponsot can do that, as the family behind the domain historically has had access to some of the best vineyards in and around Morey-Saint-Denis.

Domaine Ponsot was founded in 1872 by William Ponsot, and the story tells of how the family has slowly expanded its holdings over the years. Since its founding in Morey-Saint-Denis, the original family area, Gevrey-Chambertin has been further expanded north and south in Chambolle-Musigny. Laurent Ponsot began working with his father in 1981 and gradually took over the next few years.

Laurent Ponsot has been creating the domain for many years and is an extremely charismatic gentleman. Among other things, he has taken the lead in the fight against fraud*, by having more security measures on his wines than many others. In 2005, Laurent was at the top of his career, producing terrific wines. After internal strife, however, Laurent chose to leave the family domain in 2017 to build his own business.

The year 2005, on which this investment tip focuses, was a fantastic year in Burgundy, and Laurent Ponsot was in top form. Not a man who follows the beaten path, but who strives to make the best possible wines. From tending vineyards to bottling wine, Laurent Ponsot does not compromise on anything.

* The movie "Sour Grapes" (2016) is worthy of a movie night!

The cellar of Domaine Ponsot Domaine Ponsot's deep barrel cellar, carved into the mother rock below the domain, high above Morey-Saint-Denis.

2005 Clos St. Denis Cuvée Du Centinaire - Simply Hysterically Rare

The Ponsot family has an important lease agreement with the Mercier family for an extremely attractive parcel on the iconic grand cru mark Clos St. Denis. Here the fruit is harvested for one of Domaine Ponsot's top wines of the same name, namely Clos St. Denis. The parcel is planted with particularly old vines that characterize this wine. In 2005, these unique vines turned 100 years old, and Domaine Ponsot marked this with a special edition of Clos St. Denis in a special laser-engraved bottle, named Cuvée de Centenaire - the centenary cuvée, loosely translated.

The wine itself is of extremely high quality and was awarded a barrel score of 95-97 by Wine Advocate in 2007. What is even more interesting is that Burghound, Burgundy's probably strictest critic and authority, also gave a barrel score of 96-98 points in 2007 - a towering score that testifies to a sublime level and fantastic potential. But despite the fact that the calendar today says the year 2020, none of these top critics have yet given a final assessment, and there is probably a very simple reason for that. 2005 Ponsot Clos St. Denis Cuvée du Centenaire has in fact been produced in such small amounts that these critics have probably not even been able to come close to being offered finished bottles.

Only 596 regular bottles and 250 magnum bottles were produced and this particular Cuvée du Centenaire will never ever be produced again.

Now you have an exclusive opportunity to secure these wines in both magnum and regular size - at prices well below market price.

 Invest in the rare Ponsot Cuvée du Centenaire The laser engraved special edition of the 2005 Ponsot Clos St. Denis: Cuvée du Centenaire

Super-Deal On Ponsot Assortments Incl. Cuvée De Centenaire

NB: Only 250 2005 assortments have been produced.

Ponsot assortments with wines from Laurent Ponsot himself are very attractive, but the exact vintage 2005 is particularly interesting. In addition to being an attractive mix of Ponsot's grand cru wines from a strong vintage, these assortments also include Ponsot's top wines Clos de la Roche and Clos St. Denis - Clos St. Denis there in these 2005 assortments is the special Cuvée du Centenaire!

See the composition of the case here:

2005 Domaine Ponsot Assortments

AmountWine Burghound-point
2Charmes-Chambertin Cuvée des Merles-
2Clos de la Roche99
2Clos st. Denis Cuvée du Centenaire96-98
2Clos Vougeot-
1Griotte Chambertin94
1Original Ponsot Wooden Case-

Although Clos de la Roche and Cuvée du Centenaire are without a doubt these assortments' great superstar, the other wines are far from being neglected. All are from the coveted Burgundy grand cru category and without doubt from one of the hottest producers. These only seem to stand solely in the shade due to the format and glory of Clos de la Roches and Cuvée du Centenaire.

Although these assortments are extremely interesting in themselves, right now you can simultaneously invest at a very attractive price. Perfect 2005 Ponsot assortments are virtually impossible to get, but compare the investment price here of € 6,000 per. assortment with the price of the single bottles, this is far below the market price - and here the investor also gets a full case premium on top - a premium that characterizes unbroken, original cases in perfect condition.

 Investment in Ponsot Clos de la Roche In this investment tip, you also have an attractive opportunity to secure investment in perfect boxes of the top wine 2005 Ponsot Clos de la Roche

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

This is a unique opportunity to invest in hysterically rare magnum bottles and assortments from Domaine Ponsot. Only quite a few producers can fill a 12-case with a wide range of attractive grand cru-burgundy wines, but Domaine Ponsot can, and vintage 2005 are among the highlights of both the domain and Laurent Ponsot. On the other hand, only about 250 assortments from this vintage have been produced, and while these have been on the market since 2007, these cases are extremely rare today.

These 2005 cases contain, in addition to the two bottles of the top wine Clos de la Roche, two bottles of Clos St. Denis in the special edition "Cuvée du Centenaire", which comes in a special laser-engraved bottle that marks the 100th anniversary of the vines on Clos St. Denis, and which is also only produced in 596 regular bottles and 250 magnum bottles.

In addition to the hysterically rare 2005 assortments, you also have the opportunity to invest in bottles of the equally hysterically rare 2005 Clos St. Denis Cuvée du Centenaire on magnum - cheapest price on is currently just over € 4,600.

In other words, right now you have a very attractive opportunity to make a bargain on some extreme rare wines that appeal to the world's wine drinkers and collectors and will do so for many years to come.

The quantities are of course extremely limited and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Invest In Top Wines From Domaine Ponsot

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2005Assortment US label (See composition above)12 x 750OWC124€ 6.000
2005Clos St. Denis Cuvée du Centenaire Magnum US label1.500OWC16€ 2.750
2005Clos de la Roche US label750OWC1224€ 975
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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