Investment Tips - Champagne - 14. September 2020

Latest Vintage Of Notoriously Rare Champagne Available For Investment - Selosse For The Fast Movers!

Jacques Selosse is the epitome of rare Champagne, and while the potential is huge, the price is surprisingly low. For now...

The Nerd Champagne Of Connoisseurs

We have previously dealt with and recommended the Grand Cru Millesime Champagne from the small cult producer Jacques Selosse, and although this for many ordinary wine lovers may not ring a bell, it is something the Champagne world is definitely keeping an eye on.

Selosse is both an outrageously rare Champagne and a unique product. In addition, Selosse can be bought at a very attractive price compared to other top Champagnes in such limited production. If you buy the Champagnes while they are young, the price is surprisingly low, while more mature vintages have already seen serious price increases.

Read more about Selosse's history and background in our latest Selosse investment tip from January 2020 or continue here and learn more about the potential of the most recently released vintage. This is currently the only real opportunity for investment in this extraordinarily rare vintage Champagne.

Selosse - As Seen In Burgundy

Unlike other wine regions, the large Champagne houses buy large parts of the grapes for their production from smaller producers, where the price is largely determined by the quantity and geographical boundaries. The incentive, to increase quality at the expense of quantity and introduce heavy, manual workflows to promote biodynamic, is therefore limited. Anselme Selosse, son of Jacques Selosse, and the man who has the credit for Selosse's success went against the flow, introducing both principles. Today, he already enjoys status as a cult producer - a status that makes sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, and champagne lovers talk about Selosse with even greater devotion than they do towards the other top producers.

As a consequence of this philosophy, Selosse's total production is extremely limited - so limited that, according to several wine media, it hardly exceeds 50,000 bottles a year - and this includes the non-vintage Champagnes! When it comes to the house's only vintage Champagne, which this investment tip deals with, only around 4,000 bottles are produced in a year. This brings to mind some of the most exclusive and expensive wines from Burgundy, which in the Champagne world is decidedly unheard of, unless one talks about some of the most legendary single field vineyard Champagnes such as Krug’s Clos du Mesnil and Clos d'Ambonnay - a distinguished company to be in, well and truly.

This makes vintage Champagne from Jacques Selosse almost impossible to find, and if it is to succeed, it will be in a close race against a strong and zealous fan base that will also have a part in the micro-production of this cult Champagne.

Attractive Price-Quality Ratio

Just as when we recommended the 2007 vintage of Selosse's vintage champagne for investment in January, with the 2009 vintage there is also an attractive relationship between price and quality and at the same time a great potential for sharp price increases if you look at the previous vintages:

2002979796€ 800-850*
2005959696€ 600-625*
2006-9895€ 600-625*
2007-9795€ 475* (€ 445 in January 2020)
200997-96€ 485
*Estimated price without customs, VAT and taxes in whole cases and in perfect condition. Reviewed by RareWine Invest on 14 / 9-20 **Not yet released

In addition to an attractive price-quality ratio, the 2009 vintage is one of the best vintage Champagnes from Jaques Selosse. Wine Advocate awards it 97 points, which in their opinion makes it, together with the 2002 vintage, the best Selosse Grand Cru Millesime ever. Champagne connoisseur Richard Juhlin is also impressed and awards 96 points to the 2009 vintage, which means that it is exclusively surpassed by the 1998 and 1986 vintages.

In other words, the 2009 Selosse Grand Cru Millesime, in addition to being particularly rare, is at the very top among the best vintage Champagnes Jaques Selosse has ever presented.

RareWine Invest’s Oponion

The good Anselme Selosse, the driving force behind Jaques Selosse, has with his visionary and partly revolutionary approach to Champagne production created Champagnes without real counterparts. Well felt Champagnes that in record time have resulted in status as a cult producer and a dedicated fan base of passionate Champagne lovers.

Exactly this, however, is the crux of the matter when it comes to the investment potential of Jacques Selosse's vintage Champagne Grand Cru Millesime. Because in combination with a unique product and a massive fan base that almost religiously swears to this philosophy, and as a consequence of this very philosophy, so little is produced that it makes the mind slide in the direction of the most expensive Burgundy wines.

Only 4,000 bottles are produced by Jacques Selosse's only vintage Champagne, and as an investor, you get your hands on some of these, in addition to Champagne of unsurpassed quality and with great saving potential, you also have a future treasure that only becomes more and more coveted as the years go by.

If you did not succeed in investing in the latest vintage, this will probably be your only real opportunity to invest in vintage Champagne from Jacques Selosse before the vintage 2008 is released - a Champagne that, if possible, will only be even harder to find, if at all possible. In other words: should you take advantage of the opportunity to invest in Selosse, the time is now.

NOTE: The amount of 2009 Jaques Selosse Grand Cru Millesime is by nature extremely limited and due to the demand for the investment tip for the 2007 vintage in January, we also expect great interest in this vintage.

Invest in 2009 Jacues Selosse Grand Cru Millesime

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2009Selosse Grand Cru Millesime750OC6€ 485
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