Article - 28. September 2020

More Than 500 Wine Investors

The Corona crisis has led to increasing demand for wine for investment and at RareWine Invest we have just passed 500 wine investors.

More than 500 Wine Investors From Around The World

When we welcomed investor number 400 at RareWine Invest back in April, we were in the middle of the first part of the Corona crisis, and with no hidden optimism, we proclaimed that the goal was to reach 500 investors by the end of the year. That long time, however, should not go by. Already last week, we passed 500 investors, for which we are both proud and grateful, and the interest in wine for investment is steadily increasing.

Not least, it is a testament to the value we create for our existing investors, but it is also an indication that many investors have opened their eyes to the wine's capital-preserving properties and seek security in a time of great uncertainty on the financial markets.

Investment Wine Provides Security To Investors

Pending trade wars between the United States and China, US punitive tariffs on several European goods, turmoil in Hong Kong, imminent Brexit, and the forthcoming American election are just some of the external circumstances that make the future difficult to predict.

At times surrounded by uncertainty, it is not uncommon for investors to seek security and stability, and that is exactly what wine can do. Wine investors rarely experience big fluctuations, and even in times of crisis, the wine shows great resilience.

Thus, it is not surprising that right now there is increased demand for investment in wine for capital preservation or as a supplementary risk diversification for other investment assets. In addition, there are several who have also opened their eyes to the stable returns and the low risk associated with investing in wine.

Wine has risen by 249% during the last 16 years - a period that embraces both the financial crisis at the end of the zeros and the current Corona crisis.

At RareWine Invest, we welcome the great interest in wine for investment, and we are pleased that more people have noticed the wine's very special properties - and at the same time choose to show confidence in us as a professional partner.

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