Investment Tips - Whisky - 29. June 2020

Unique Collectors' Whisky: Rare Drops Released From The Cult Distillery Port Ellen

New Port Ellen Release: Only 1,380 bottles are released to the world's whisky lovers and are to date the oldest and rarest Port Ellen!

New Chapter - Great Opportunity

Port Ellen begins the next chapter of "Untold Stories" and with Port Ellen 40 YO The Untold Stories: 9 Rogue Casks it tops its predecessor and is now the oldest and rarest Port Ellen to date. The Port Ellen series Untold Stories has been created with the purpose of giving whisky collectors and connoisseurs a chance to own and taste Port Ellen's unique soul that has been reduced to pure history for those who have not secured ownership of some of these extremely rare bottles.

How much original Port Ellen whisky Diageo actually possesses is unknown, but one thing is certain: the releases have become more and more limited for a reason and the upcoming releases will most likely be the same. The quantities of the original Port Ellen whisky are limited and they do not last forever.

There are 120 bottles less released by Port Ellen 9 Rogue Cask than by its predecessor The Spirit Safe and we are likely to see less released in the future. This, by its nature, means that it will only be harder to obtain a full vertical which is particularly attractive among collectors and whiskey experts.

If the releases, as expected, continue to decrease, fewer will also have the opportunity to assemble a complete collection and those who succeed in this are the ones who buy continuously and before the scanty quantities disappear from the market.

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Invest In Port Ellen 40YO

Port Ellen 40YO The Untold Stories: 9 Rogue Casks€ 5.400
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