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2002 Salon: Exceptionally Rare And Extremely Attractive

Both investors and consumers are queueing up for the magical Salon when it is available. And it almost never is. Get your hands on a minimal quantity.

Spectacular And Sublime Salon - Words Are Almost Redundant

Every wine connoisseur knows Salon, which is all about excellence, finesse, and strict quality standards. The quality consciousness means that more than every second vintage at Salon is discarded, because only the best is good enough.

The 2002 vintage was one of the vintages that made it through, and we managed to obtain a few bottles despite the huge demand, and the fact that Salon has a minimal production compared to the other big Champagne houses. We expect it to sell fast, so we urge you to act quickly.

When Blanc-De-Blancs First Appeared

Salon has already manifested itself as one of the world's leading Champagne houses, and in fact, the house is one of the youngest in Champagne. At the beginning of the last century, Eugéne-Aimé Salon decided to enter the art of Champagne production. He had ambitions, but the intention was first and foremost to make good Champagne for himself and his friends.

In 1905, a vintage Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay was presented to the world for the first time - also known as Blanc-de-blancs. Many people probably wish they could personally thank Eugéne-Aimé Salon for that choice.

Investment in 2002 Salon

Successful Champagne Production

It soon became clear that Salon had talent, and after World War I, he was encouraged to profit from his production, which led to the founding of the Salon Champagne House in 1921. Eugéne-AImé Salon was uncompromising, visionary and quality-conscious. He produced world-class Champagne, and the Champagne clientele was thirsty for more.

Salon therefore quickly became the house Champagne at the prestigious Maxim's Restaurant in Paris.

Until his death in 1943, Eugéne-Aimé was involved in everything that went on at Salon. In 1988, the majority of Salon was taken over by Laurent-Perrier. Fortunately, the change of ownership has not affected the quality. Heritage and traditions are gently carried on, and the Champagne clientele still loves Salon. Read the full story of Salon here

2002 Salon Mesnil Is In Prestigious Company

Very high scores are almost always given to Salon by the world's most acclaimed wine critics. The 2002 vintage is among the very best vintages, surpassed only by the famous 1996 vintage and the masterful 2008 vintage.


Great Returns On 2002 Salon Mesnil

The salon almost sells itself due to the extremely high quality and marginal production. And when it comes to investment, there are also solid historical returns to be found. In five years, the 2002 Salon has returned a whopping 142 %, while in this year alone, the price has increased by 33%

The scarcity of the golden drops, combined with the ever-present demand for the best Champagnes, is undoubtedly the reason for the high returns.

The Champagne That Is Rarely Available

The market for Salon is so enormous that it is difficult to get your hands on the coveted Champagne. A search on for 2002 Salon Mesnil shows that there are currently only two bottles for sale - and these are Magnums.

The minimal supply applies to all vintages of Salon, which only underlines that the sublime Salon is a highly coveted Champagne that only rarely appears on the market - if it appears at all. And when it does, the quantities are few. In fact, Salon has announced that it will not be releasing either the 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The latest release is therefore the legendary 2008 vintage from Salon, which is almost entirely gone from the market. So, we are looking directly into a great Champagne drought from the mighty Salon, which could see prices reach unseen heights.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

At RareWine Invest, we are always excited when we have the opportunity to offer Salon. And this time, it is even a Salon that is at the top of the Champagne hierarchy as far as scores are concerned.

We believe that extremely limited production, historically high returns, ongoing consumption, and steady global demand are four elements that make extremely good conditions for investment.  And while words are almost redundant when it comes to Salon, the almost mythical and fabulous tale is worth telling again and again.

Now, you have the opportunity to secure the sublime 2002 vintage Salon Mesnil for investment. It is a rare offering, and we are confident the quantities will leave our custody quickly.

Invest In 2002 Salon

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