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The Super Tuscan estate Ornellaia is out with a new release of the house's flagship wine, and the relationship between price and quality testifies a strong/untapped potential

We have been preaching for a long time that the Italian top wines are on the rise - a statement that is seriously supported by the development in 2020: Liv-ex has with their Power 100 list* included a record number of Italian wines, of which as many as five are in the top 20 , including Ornellaia in a sensational 6th place. At the same time, it is backed by strong momentum in 2020, followed by an average price increase of 3.6% in 2021 so far among Italian wines under the administration of RareWine Invest. Looking specifically, the price increases is up to + 15 % on young vintages from Ornellaia.

Now, Ornellaia once again offers great potential and presents a strong relationship between price and quality in the 2018 vintage, which you now have the opportunity to add to the portfolio.

Here Are Five Good Reasons To Invest In 2018 Ornellaia:

  • Ornellaia is one of the Super Tuscans, which enjoy increased interest in the international wine markets
  • Strong price-quality ratio
  • Ornellaia is super popular and is among the three most searched Italian wines on
  • Ornellaia and Masseto (the most expensive of the Super Tuscans) are from the same owner that has the capacity and willingness to continue the development and keep Ornellaia up to date
  • Buy while it is young and secure the desired volume at the best possible price
2018 Ornellaia

Popular Ornellaia

According to Liv-ex, the market share of the Italian top wines has increased from 8.8% in 2019 to 15.1% in 2020 and reached a full 17.2% in January 2021. And while the Italian top wines have a common, broad front, there are still some there stand out more than others, when it comes to popularity. Among them is Ornellaia, which from 2019 to 2020 went from a place as No. 91 to a sixth place on Liv-ex's Power 100 list*. In addition, further testifies to Ornellaia's popularity. On their top 100 list of the most searched wines, Ornallaia is No. 32, where only two Italian wines** surpass this Super Tuscan. Ornellaia has even moved up three places since February and has surpassed Masseto. In short: Ornellaia is an extremely popular wine.

*A list prepared on the basis of four criteria, including year-on-year price development and trading volume both in terms of value and volume.
**Sassicaia in 8th place, Tignanello in 17th place.

"There is certainly plenty to look forward to"


97 points

Price vs. Quality

Looking at price vs. quality of Ornellaia, there seems to be a great, untapped potential here. This potential is especially pronounced, when Ornellaia is compared to the superstar Sassicaia. Compare the last seven released vintages of resp. Ornellaia and Sassicaia, Ornellaia has a higher average score* of more than half, which testifies to a strong quality level. At the same time, Ornellaia is generally priced lower, which provides a very attractive price-quality ratio and contributes to the investment potential.

VintageSassicaia, priceSassicaia, scores* Ornellaia, priceOrnellaia, scores*
2018€ 20097,0€ 16096,3
2017€ 16594,7€ 14596,7
2016€ 27598,0€ 16097,3
2015€ 21096,7€ 15596,3
2014€ 16593,0€ 12593,3
2013€ 17595,7€ 15096,7
2012€ 16093,7€ 15095,0
*Scores across Vinous, Wine Advocate and James Suckling

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

You now have the opportunity to secure investment in the latest vintage of the flagship from Ornallaia.

If you believe in the potential of the Super Tuscans, and that there will also be a huge audience in the future for the attractive Italian alternatives to the expensive French icons, then investing in Ornellaia really is a no brainer.

Invest In 2018 Ornellaia

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2018Ornellaia 750OWC6€ 160
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