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Absolutely Insane Investment Price On The 2006 Cristal Magnum

With 97 points from Richard Juhlin, the 2006 Cristal has great potential, and the magnum format is just making it even more interesting. The price accounts for great potential

A One-Off Option

In a world that otherwise seems to be divided in many ways, most people can probably still agree that Corona fatigue is hard. But despite this, opportunities still arise which, despite the heavy Corona fatigue, can be more than usually attractive to the wine investor. The restaurant industry is in dire straits, and although retail wine and spirits sales have helped to keep the wine and spirits producers' backs up, the lack of a trigger from the HORECA segment in the market can easily be traced.

One of the categories that can be most affected by this is Champagne, which under normal circumstances enjoys a large current consumption in bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and many other places.

However, the fact that this has almost come to a standstill at the moment, does not change the enormous potential of the category. A possible temporary over-supply of some Champagnes, which would otherwise have a negative impact on prices, will most likely be countered by Champagne Houses with rising selling prices, as these Houses have experienced rising production costs over the last 15 years that have not been reflected in the selling prices. This is a reaction that will have an impact on prices for all Champagnes.

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A more current opportunity that is available right now, is a result of that we have been able to purchase a batch of 2006 Cristal Magnum at an unprecedented price - a once in a lifetime opportunity that is now being sent directly to you, as a wine investor....

Investet in Champagne 2006 Cristal on magnum Champagne investment - note: The picture is not vintage 2006, but has the same label design that was otherwise changed between vintage 2006 and 2007

Sublime Quality

If you have been following us for a while, you have no doubt about our high expectations for Champagne as a category. It can rightly be seen as the standard bearer for Champagne investment - just like when we looked towards Burgundy before big price increases, while the rest of the wine world looked towards Bordeaux.

The prestigious Cuvée Cristal from Louis Roederer is generally one of our regular Champagne recommendations, because this is a Champagne of outstanding quality from a distinct super-brand that also enjoys great popularity worldwide - both among Champagne connoisseurs and hip-hop stars.

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Overall, Cristal gets really good points from the Swedish champagne authority Richard Juhlin and the 2006 vintage even joins in the really good company. With 97 points, Juhlin rates the 2006 vintage as great as the top vintage of 2002 and even in a league with the legendary champagne vintages of 1988, 1996 and 2008, which also all received 97 points from Juhlin. This makes the 2006 vintage a very attractive Cristal for Champagne lovers of the future, because here you get top class Champagne without having to pay the premium often associated with the most hyped vintages.

The 1996 and 1988 vintages currently cost around €900 * and €1,150 * respectively.

* Price per. Bottle excluding duty, tax and VAT, in whole cases and in perfect condition.

Why The Magnum Format?

What is actually better than a bottle of champagne? It should simply be a BIG bottle of champagne! But even though size alone is reason enough to look for magnum bottles, they have additional features from which the wine investor can benefit - features that are usually paid for at a premium.

Champagne in magnum bottles usually lies on the yeast for two to three years longer and is therefore disgorged later than the regular 0.75 l bottles - this already results in a higher quality product at the time of release than the same vintage Champagne from 0.75 l bottles.

Although magnum bottles are twice the size of normal 0.75 l bottles, the amount of oxygen in the bottle is not significantly more. For the magnum bottle, this means that twice the amount of champagne is exposed to the same amount of oxygen as a normal bottle. This contributes to a better ageing and increased storage potential of the Champagne, which is extremely relevant when talking about top Champagne with investment potential.

Excellent Chance: Incredible Price

But besides the fact that the 2006 Cristal on Magnum is an attractive investment champagne in itself, a unique opportunity has led to the fact that you can now get it at an insane price. If you invest through RareWine Invest, you can get the 2006 Cristal Magnum for just €310 right now. According to Wine-searcher, the cheapest prices for similar bottles are currently €350-360, which means that you are currently saving €40-50 per bottle, which equates to 11-14%. An attractive price that creates fantastic conditions for a very favourable Champagne investment.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

We have high expectations for the future of Champagne as a category, including the great premium Champagnes, of which Cristal is one.

2006 Cristal can be considered an overlooked gem and could become a particularly attractive alternative to the hyped top vintages in the future, as it is a Champagne of equally high quality, according to Champagne guru Richard Juhlin.

Louis Roederer also has a unique ability to keep Cristal forever relevant. On's Top 100 Best Champagnes, Louis Roederer has four Cristals in the top 15, with 2008 Cristal Brut being number three, toppping, for example, 2008 Pol Roger Winston Churchill, 1979 Bollinger V.V.F and 1928 Krug Vintage. However, this is a single event - Cristal is perhaps one of the Champagnes that most frequently is to be found in the top of the greatest Champagne lists, reflecting both popularity and quality.

Together with the potential of the 2006 Cristal, there is also an increased savings potential due to the magnum format, which simply increases the investment potential.

However, the particularly interesting thing about investing in the 2006 Cristal Magnum now is the unprecedentedly low price. You are currently saving €40-50 per bottle at the lowest prices on All indications are that this is a one-time offer. With this price, the already attractive potential increases considerably and creates favorable conditions for solid returns.

This is a perfect long-term investment with a unique starting point.

Invest In 2006 Cristal Magnum

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2006Cristal Magnum1.500OC1200€ 310
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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