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Jayer - Legend Of Legends: Here You Get The Potential Of A Trinity Of Jayer, Rouget And Echezeaux

These three names are by no means insignificant in Burgundian history and now you get an attractive opportunity to invest in a strong vintage that is able to compete with DRC

A Complicated Affair

Burgundy is full of bizarre stories, complex production and bottling arrangements, intricate ownership and, of course, the most amazing wines. If you know where to look in this orderly but complicated mess, there are exciting investment cases that go under the radar for most people. But not for you.

Here you get the opportunity to invest in the legacy of Burgundy godfather Henri Jayer, from a Burgundy producer who seems to be better than ever. And even in a brand-new release that has the ability to compete with both Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and Liger-Belair.


Get an overview of the case here, dive into the full story and find prices and available wines at the end of the article.

- Opportunity to invest in the legacy of the legend Henri Jayer

- Wine from Emmanuel Rouget - one of Burgundy's thriving and hip producers.

- Grand cru investment from the Vosne-Romanée classic Echezeaux.

- Jayer discount on Rouget - good value entry into this investment

- The 2018 vintage is rated on the same level as Domaine de la Romanée-Contis Echezeaux from same vintage

Jayer, Rouget And Echezeaux: A Strong Trinity

Georges Jayer. Emmanuel Rouget. The names are undoubtedly some of the right ones. Georges Jayer is the brother of the legendary Henri Jayer and Emmanuel is the nephew of the same. Henri Jayer is widely recognized as a true legend, especially after his decease, and he is considered one of the decisive profiles that has made Burgundy what it is today - and that mainly through his activities on the grand cru vineyard Echezeaux and the premiers cru vineyard Cros Parantoux. Jayer's parcels on these vineyards were inherited by the family after his death in 2006 and are now cultivated by Emmanuel Rouget. In what is probably the most famous Echezeaux, Rouget now taps the wine under two different names; Domaine Georges Jayer and Domaine Emmanuel Rouget - a total production that is in all likelihood limited to less than 7,000 bottles per vintage!

The Successor To Henri Jayer

Henri Jayer retired in 2002 and passed away in 2006, but his legendary status remains unchanged, and if you see a Henri Jayer wine today, you can be sure it is one of the most expensive in the world.

Henri Jayer's natural successor was his nephew Emmanuel Rouget, who today takes care of the iconic vineyards where Henri Jayer worked. Henri and Georges Jayer inherited the parcels in Echezeaux from their father, and although it is not entirely clear what the division was, they are now united in production with Henri Jayer's nephew Emmanuel Rouget, who must now be described as part of the "old school" in Burgundy. In recent years, he has attracted more and more attention and has gradually fought his way up to become one of the greatest producers.

The Names Jayer And Rouget Put In Perspective

The following text is an excerpt from an article on Jayer, Rouget and the premier cru-vineyard Cros Parantoux

Where there is mention of Henri Jayer and Emmanuel Rouget, we cannot escape the legendary Cros Parantoux. Located peacefully in the middle of the Vosne-Romanée wine mecca, just above the prominent neighbor, grand cru vineyard Richebourgh, Cros Parantoux has its own fabulous history. Henri Jayer took over his first parcels in 1951 that had decayed into uselessness since the First World War. With large quantities of dynamite and hard work, Jayer made the vineyard usable and planted the first vines in 1953.

Cros Parantoux was Jayer’s most excellent wine and serves as a brilliant example of both wine investment and the depth of the Cros Parantoux-name: In 1990, Jayer sold a case of 12 bottles of 1985 Cros Parantoux with a value of less than € 300. In 2016, approximately six years after Henri Jayer’s death, a similar box of 1985 Cros Parantoux was sold at Christie's auction in Hong Kong with a value equivalent to almost € 250,000. In 2018, the very last wines from Jayer’s cellar were sold at an auction, and even a box of 12 bottles of Cros Parantoux went under the hammer and set a world record for the world's most expensive case of wine (12 bottles) with a winning bid of over € 500,000. An increase in the value of more than 166,000% since 1990. A proof of Henri Jayer’s status as one of the greatest producers of Burgundy and Cros Parantoux's unique history.

This was the irrevocably final Jayer Cros Parantoux - if Cros Parantoux is wanted today, we must look for Domaine Emmanuel Rouget. Here it becomes clear what the names Jayer and Rouget mean, which is also extremely interesting in relation to Echezeaux.

This clearly illustrates what the names Jayer and Rouget mean, which is also extremely interesting when it comes to Echezeaux.

Grand Cru Echezeaux

The Echezeaux vineyard is physically located in the municipality of Flagey, but the vineyard is always counted among the grand cru's of Vosne-Romanée. The vineyard is one of the great grand cru vineyards and covers a whole 37 hectares, which in turn are divided into 11 climatic zones. Each of these sub-zones has different soils and terroirs that influence the quality of the wine. However, the most important factor in the quality of Echezeaux is above all the producers. This is where the Jayer heritage comes into play when the producer is Emmanuel Rouget. Of the 37 hectares, Emmanuel Rouget has access to the 1.43 hectares, which in turn are bottled with different labels. The three different parcels Rouget has access to deliver a wine that shows the complexity of the vineyard - and is a top Burgundy wine.

Compared to the best producers in Echezeaux, Rouget is in the upcoming category with the potential to be a top 5 producer in the best vintages - which is true in the 2018 vintage. In recent years, Rouget has taken his two sons with him in production, Nicolas in the vineyard and Guillaume in the cellar. This has provided even more stability and the family now delivers some of the best Echezeaux since Henri Jayer retired.

Invest in The unity of Jayer and Rouget The unity of Jayer and Rouget

Emmanuel Rouget

Emmanuel Rouget is one of the most interesting producers in Burgundy these years. As the nephew of the legendary Henri Jayer, great pressure rests on his shoulders. In recent years, he has shown that he is carrying on the legacy in the best possible way. The wines come from the same parcels as Henri Jayer's and his work in the cellar follows the same sure recipe. The wines are just as clear and clean as those that Henri Jayer made famous during his lifetime.

Jayer Discount On Rougets Echezeaux

The 2018 Echezeaux with Georges Jayer on the label is directly comparable to the wine Rouget taps under its own name, which sells for around €100 more per bottle. This means that if you can get the wines, you can get Rouget's Echezeaux, but with the legendary Jayer name on the label, at a good discount.

More and more of these special labels are coming onto the market these years and it is probably only a matter of time before the market becomes aware of these rather 'hidden' treasures. This will in all likelihood lead to the price reaching the level of the "ordinary" variants, which otherwise also have great potential for price increases.

2018 Georges Jayer (Rouget) Echezeaux: Competes With Domaine De La Romanée-Conti

With the 2018 vintage at Les Echezeaux Emmanuel Rouget hit bull's eye. In this vintage, he received 93-95 points from Burghound and 92-94 points from Vinous. In comparison, the Echezeaux from DRC received 94 points from Burghound and 92-94 points from Vinous but will cost more than three times as much when it soon is released.

In addition, Rougets Echezeaux has received the same points as Liger-Belairs by Burghound, which is likely to cost more than 2,000 euros per bottle when it is released.

In other words, for the 2018 vintage, Rouget has produced an Echezeaux that is on pair with the best and most expensive wines of the vineyard.

ProducerBurghoundVinousWine Advocate
Domaine Emmanuel Rouget93-9592-9493-96
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti9492-94-
Domaine Comtes Liger-Belair93-9593-9594-96

Rarewine Invest's Opinion

With this investment, you have the opportunity to benefit from three extremely strong names in Burgundy: Jayer, Rouget, and Echezeaux. With the latest release from Domaine Georges Jayer in Echezeaux, namely the 2018 vintage produced by Domaine Emmanuel Rouget, you get a solid Burgundy investment, from a very limited production - a wine that in all likelihood was only made in up to 3,500 bottles. At the same time, you can benefit from the fact that the version with Georges Jayer on the label is sold cheaper than Rouget's, even though the wine is exactly the same and the potential is identical - creating a solid starting point for your investment.

This is, in every sense, an opportunity to invest in and share in the legacy of Henri Jayer himself.

Invest In 2018 Georges Jayer Echezeaux

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