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Rhône Wine Shrouded In Myths And Quality: Get Your Hands On 2019 Jaboulet - Hermitage La Chapelle

In the northern Rhône, sky-high quality wines are produced, which are impressing the critics. Limited production, high ratings, and high demand are the essence of this tip.

Jaboulet: A Prestigious Producer Based On Family Traditions

In the northern Rhône, we find Jaboulet, one of the oldest wine producing domains in this part of France. It cannot be dated exactly when the production started, but in 1834, a man named Antoine Jaboulet started producing wine in Tain l'Hermitage. And fortunately for that.

Antoine Jaboulet was credited as the founder of the brand, and after him followed a proud family tradition of winemaking that has managed to exploit the area's unique potential to produce top-class wine.

In 1997, no less than seven members of the Jaboulet family managed the business on an equal basis. Their brand had by then become world famous, and the wines of La Chapelle Hermitage in particular received great praise and international recognition – something they still do today.

From Jaboulet To Frey – From One Family To Another

In 2006 the domain was sold. Whether it was France's complicated inheritance laws or lack of solid management that made the outcome is not known.

The Frey family acquired Jaboulet, and it certainly did not diminish the quality of the already acclaimed wine from La Chapelle Hermitage. The Frey family is well acquainted with the art of winemaking with years of experience as owners of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux.

This experience means that the Frey family can deliver top wines from the best part of the Rhône, perhaps even in the whole world, which is at the top of the podium in the Rhône Valley. And in all probability the whole world.

Hermitage La Chapelle – The Chapel At The Top In More Than One Way

La Chapelle is a reference to a small chapel on top of the Hermitage with a view over the Rhône river, and the chapel is not the only one located on top. The wines are following its lead. La Chapelle is made from Syrah grapes from Hermitage's finest parcels, which include top vineyards such as Les Greffieux, Le Méal, Les Rocoules and Les Bressards.

The soil is a melting pot of different glories such as granite, shale and gneiss, and the south-facing vineyards are sheltered from northerly winds and enriched with plenty of sunshine. In addition, the vines at La Chapelle are between 40 and 60 years old, which together with the above factors provide optimal conditions for top-class winemaking.

The unique, demanding, and exceptional terroirs result in low yield and high-quality wines matured in thousand-year-old Roman sandstone caves. This is yet another argument that the wines from this area are worth keeping an eye on.

2019 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle Could End Up In Legendary Company

There is no doubt that La Chapelle is synonymous with quality wine. Three times before, the Wine Advocate has awarded Jaboulet Chapelle 100 points. The 1961, 1978 and 1990 vintages, with the 1961 vintage in particular being referred to as one of 12 mythical wines of the 20th century.

Robert Parker himself, probably the most respected wine critic in the world, has even said that the 1961 vintage is one of the best wines of the 20th century, and his opinion can always be taken for more than good value. 2019 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle is close to the 100 points from the Wine Advocate, which has initially awarded a score of 98-100 points.

This could potentially make the 2019 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle the only fourth vintage in the series to reach the magical 3-digit number, and should this happen, it would have a major impact on the price – almost overnight. And even if it "only" ends up with a score of 98 points, we are still at the very top, and with solid investment potential for the future.

Investment In 2019 Jaboulet - Hermitage Chapelle

This Is What Ratings Previously Meant For The Price

When it comes to wine investment, everyone wants the same thing: A good and stable return. There are few guarantees in life, but fortunately, there are many factors you can safely rely on. Here are three similar examples:

In 2019, the Wine Advocate awarded 100 points to the 2016 Sassicaia. We sold it the same month at a price of € 210. Today, 2.5 years later, the price is € 275. That is a 31 % increase and an average annual return of 11.8 %.

In 2019, the Wine Advocate awarded 100 points to the 2016 Solaia. We sold it the same month at a price of € 230. Today it costs € 275 just 2 years later. That is an increase of 19.5 % and an annual average return of 9.7 %.

In March 2021, the Wine Advocate awarded 100 points to the 2018 Petrus. The retail price has risen from € 3,000 to around € 4,000 today. That is a 33 % increase in just four months.

This is not rocket science, and 2019 Jaboulet La Chapelle performs in the high score ranges, which can also have a decisive impact on the price in the near future.

Limited Production, High Ratings, And High Demand: The Result Is Self-Explanatory

It is often difficult to give an exact number of how many bottles a producer produces per year. However, it is estimated that around 12,000 bottles come from La Chapelle in the northern Rhône each year. The northern Rhône accounts for just 6% of the Rhône's total red wine production.

Limited production, high ratings, and high demand: The key factors for a good investment opportunity.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

Rhône is included in our general investment recommendations as part of the 'Rest of World' category, which also includes American wines and whisky. We expect a lot from both areas, but this is particularly so for the often overlooked Rhône. In fact, according to the UK wine exchange Liv-Ex, it was the wines of the Rhône that performed best of all in June, with increases of 1.6 %. The Rhône has really proved its worth as the second best performing sub-index of the very same Liv-Ex with a 6.1 % increase for the year.

Specifically, Jaboulet has long established itself as one of the area's most accomplished producers. The Rhône Valley is one of France's largest appellations, second only to Bordeaux, but unlike Bordeaux, we are in a price range where more people can join in, which is good for both consumption and investment.

One thing is that Jaboulet is recognized for producing wine of the highest level, which also is the case with the 2019 vintage. Secondly, the price must of course be attractive for investment purposes. And here it is.

At RareWine Invest, we currently offer 2019 Jaboulet La Chapelle for € 125 in whole cases and in perfect condition.

For comparison, the cheapest price on wine-searcher right now is € 132. We therefore offer the cheapest price on the market for the 2019 Jaboulet vintage. This gives you an advantageous opportunity to get your hands on bottles from the mythical vineyards of the Northern Rhône at an attractive price before the price increases.

Invest In 2019 Jaboulet - Hermitage La Chapelle

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