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Top scores For Scarecrow. Unique Opportunity For Investment In Top Wines Of Various Vintages From Magical Napa Valley.

Massive demand for Napa wine from an increasing number of wealthy Americans underlines the investment potential of Scarecrow.

Napa Valley is home to some of America's finest wines. The best of them even carry the designation as among the world's best. Scarecrow is located in the abolished Napa top, and there are several reasons for that. Reasons like high scores, limited quantities, and a strong brand.

Now, you have the opportunity to invest in the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 vintages of Scarecrow, all of which have received between 98 and 100 points from Wine Advocate. Find out more about the magical story here.

Scarecrow, Napa Valley, And The Wizard Of Oz In A Beautiful Trinity

J.J. Cohn is the man behind the Scarecrow in Napa Valley, and his successful wine story includes coincidences, good decisions, and a profession as a filmmaker.

In 1939, John Daniel Jr. took the reins at Inglenook in Napa Valley, determined to produce world-class wines. John Daniel Jr. had a neighbor named J.J. Cohn, whom he in 1945 persuaded to plant 80 hectares of Cabernet vineyards on the 180-hectare parcel Cohn had acquired a few years earlier. The estate actually served as a vacation home for Cohn's family, and he had absolutely no intention of becoming a winemaker...

Johan Daniel Jr. promised to buy the grapes, and Cohn planted vines.

Originally, J. J. Cohn is best known as a production executive for MGM in Hollywood, where he helped create such film classics as Ben Hur, Gigi, Mutiny on the Bounty, and, most beloved of all, The Wizard of Oz. Cohn's motto was "nothing is impossible," and it would prove to be an essential phrase in his life.

The name Scarecrow is a reference not only to the scarecrow as an agricultural icon, but also to the ever-optimistic scarecrow character in the Wizard of OZ.

Scarecrow's Creator Committed A Stroke Of Genius

Inglenook used J.J. Cohn's grapes in his terrific post-war Cabernet Sauvignons, and more recently, the grapes have been used by Opus One and Mondavi, Duckhorn and Etudes to produce high quality wines, underlining the sublime quality of the grapes.

Today, the grapes from J.J. Cohn Estate are extremely coveted.

This is especially because Cohn chose to follow his intuition rather than the trends of the time in Napa Valley in the 1960s. Here, he began replacing vines planted on St. George rootstocks with what was expected to be a superior hybrid.

However, it turned out that the new vines were more vulnerable to phylloxera, and only the original J.J Cohn vines survived. Today, they are referred to as "old men" and they produce extremely full-bodied wine, which is the characteristic of Scarecrow.

Scarecrow in the 2016 vintage - A vintage you now have the opportunity to invest in. Scarecrow in the 2016 vintage - A vintage you now have the opportunity to invest in.

180 Hectares Became 25

When J.J Cohn died in 1996 at the age of 100, the estate was put up for sale. As a result, Cohn's grandson Bret Lopez took over 25 hectares as part of a package deal. And it is those 25 hectares, with partially planted vineyards, that today are the backbone of the famous Scarecrow wines. In fact, only two hectares of the original vineyards remain here, resulting in minimal production of the stunning wines. As an example, the 2016 vintage of Scarecrow was produced in only 24,000 bottles, which cannot possibly meet the demand.

Scores Actually Speak For Themselves

The table below only includes scores from Wine Advocate and Vinous, as James Suckling has not given scores on Scarecrow wines since the 2011 vintage. The vintages included in this investment tip are rated between 97 and 99 points on average across the two respected critics. Note here that Wine Advocate, the leading critic of American wines, awards between 98 and 100 points to all six vintages you have the opportunity to invest in here:

The quality cannot be questioned.

WA: Wine Advocate VI: Vinous AVG: Average

Strong Passion For The American Way

Americans swear to American products, which is the result of a strong sense of national identity. They choose American cars over European cars, and the same tends to be the case with wine.

In this case, it is extremely interesting as the amount of dollar millionaires (HNWI) in the US is steadily increasing. In 2020, the number of dollar millionaires in North America was 20,173,332, and by 2025 this number is expected to be 26,794,070*. A five-year increase of a whopping 33%.

Americans want American wine, and the number of wealthy Americans is growing - a lot.

*Frank Knight, The Wealth Report 2021

Huge Potential In The Great American Wines

If one category guarantees extremely high scores from the greatest critics, it is the best American wines. Yet a vacuum has emerged here, and in the wider perspective, the prices of the best American wines have not kept pace with the price increases of the best French ones. That said, there has been nice movement across the wines we have covered which, at least in terms of towering ratings, are comparable to Scarecrow: The 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages of Screaming Eagle and Hundred Acres Kayly Morgan and The Ark, respectively, have seen average annual price increases of 3-11.5 % since October 2018, while the 2016 Hundred Acre Few Far And Between, as an example, has increased 17.6 % YTD. 2016 Spottswoode has been more moderate, and the price here has increased 6% since our investment tip on July 2, 2020.

In short, there has not been a clear evolution among the top American wines. Therefore, it is estimated that a minor vacuum has emerged among American wines in comparison to French wines, and this offers potential – beyond the potential generally found in top wines with sky-high scores and limited production. All this is particularly the case with Scarecrow.

Take advantage of the great American wines' huge potential Take advantage of the great American wines' huge potential

Why Choose Wines That Do Not Have 100 Points

Wines with 100 points attract a lot of attention. It is an attention that can be directly seen in the price. But it is also an attention that can make the prices of other vintages with fewer points increase.

Therefore, it is purely a question of personal preference whether you invest in vintages with 100 points or vintages that are placed slightly below. This is not a recommendation of one vintage over another, but a recommendation of Scarecrow's top wines in general.

Rarewine Invest's Opinion

Scarecrow is coveted due to the vines' title as old men. Scarecrow is coveted due to high scores across vintages. Scarecrow is coveted because quantities are extremely limited. And in addition, there is the potential that lies in the rapidly increasing number of affluent Americans who both can and will drink the best American wines. 

Here, you are not just investing in a reputable producer. You are investing in Napa Vallay, the American stronghold of quality wine, and you are investing in the massive potential of top American wines.

When we have Napa wines for investment, it usually tends to go fast. Be quick if you want a share in the Scarecrow. There are only a few cases available of each vintage.

Invest In Different Vintages Of Scarecrow

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2012Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC3€ 675
2013Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC6€ 800
2014Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC3€ 750
2015Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC3€ 675
2016Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC3€ 750
2018Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 750OWC3€ 725
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax, and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article. Reservations are made for errors.

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