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Vogue Delivers Extremely Popular Musigny Grand Cru - Invest In A Top Vintage Now

Just the name Musigny gives most wine lovers the chills. Now, you have the opportunity to be part of the saga and invest in Vogue's popular top wine

Among the world's most famed vineyards, there is a small exclusive crowd that even in this company stands out. Some of which just have that extra. Some of which just are better. More legendary. One of them is without a doubt the Grand Cru vineyard Musigny in Côte de Nuits.

From this very vineyard comes, among other wines, the world's most expensive wine, while some of the world's most prestigious wine producers jointly build and maintain the brand that Musigny is today. Here we find Domaine Comte de Vogue, which with an extremely popular Musigny, delivers a strong investment potential.

Get an overview of the case here and read on to learn more about producer, wine and the potential:

  • Vogue Musigny: A bucket list wine for many wine lovers
  • Extremely popular alternative to the almost unattainably expensive Musignys from Roumier and Leroy
  • Higher availability and attractive pricing exude current consumption
  • Vintage 2015: Strong top vintage
  • Already rising prices for young vintages validate the potential

The Count, The Revolution And The Mythical Vineyard

The prestigious Domaine Comte de Vogue has deep roots in Burgundy and dates back to 1450, where Jean Moisson built the original buildings. The domain remained within the family for generations, following the women of the family until Catherine Bouhier married Cerice-Melchior de Vogüé in 1766 - a man who had a future as a great general and politician.

Time passed, tensions in the French society increased and one day in the summer of 1789, the people stormed the Bastille, and as a result, the French Revolution was a reality. The nobility and aristocrats were stripped of titles and properties, but the Vogue family managed to escape to exile in England and miraculously managed to retain control of the domain in Burgundy.

Moving on to modern times, Comte (Count) Georges de Vogue took over the domain in 1925 and became the name that still adorns the label today. The domain's glory days began in the 1940s and accelerated during the 1950s and 1960s and can be attributed to three key landholdings in addition to good craftsmanship and business skills. Domaine Comte de Vogue owns 1.8 hectares of the famous Premier Cru Chambolle-Musigny, 2.75 hectares of the Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru and, to top it all, 7.25 hectares of the mythical Musigny, making Comte de Vogue by far the largest landowner in this attractive area.

Vogue Musigny: A Must-Try For Every Wine Lover

Just the name Musigny gives most wine lovers the chills - partly because of the exceptional wines that the vineyard by definition is associated with, but perhaps also because of the price tags that Musigny wines are likewise synonymous to. It is from here that the world's most expensive wine* can be found. Looking towards Domaine Leroy Musigny, the price of a good vintage (for example the 2015 vintage) today easily exceeds € +50,000 per bottle**, while you can " settle " for around €15,500 per bottle** with Domaine Roumier's version of the same vintage. Sky-high prices, reflecting a sublime level of quality and a massive demand for bottles in a quantity of only a few hundred bottles.

Here, Domaine Comte de Vogue provides a, for extremely many wine lovers, very attractive alternative. Because even though Roumier and Leroy are in a league of their own, Comte de Vogue is still one of the greats that every wine connoisseur really wants to both drink and keep in their cellar. And with Musigny's largest production at somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 bottles in a regular vintage***, Comte de Vogue's version of this mythical Grand Cru is more accessible and also comes with a price tag that makes this bucket list wine highly obtainable for very many wine lovers around the world. This is exactly what has made Vogue's Musigny so popular and ensured a high current consumption that makes mature bottles a rare phenomenon.

*in normal size and normal production

**without duties, taxes and in perfect condition

***probably nobody but the producer knows how many bottles are actually produced, but estimates in the region of 10,000 bottles, while Decanter reports in the region of 15,000 bottles

2015 Comte Vogue Musigny Vogue Musigny: A sublime introduction to Musigny - a must-taste for every wine lover

Invest In The 2015 Vintage: A Top Vintage In Burgundy

It does not take much knowledge of the French wine world to tell you that Musigny produces wines of the highest quality. And Comte de Vogue's version is certainly no exception. In fact, Comte de Vogue's Musigny holds such high standards that Allen Meadows of Burghound, who can rightly be considered the most rigorous Burgundy critic, across all vintages since the turn of the millennium (2000-2018), has given it 95.4 points, which is pretty high on these shores. But if we look specifically at the top vintage 2015, which you have the opportunity to invest in here, the case is even more eye-catching. In fact, Burghound has awarded this vintage with 97 points, which has only been surpassed by the 1919, 1949 and 2005 vintages. Wine Advocate has awarded the 2015 vintage with 95+ points while Vinous, the Italy specialist, is less impressed, giving it 94 points.

If the perspective is kept to the two most expensive wines from Musigny, from respectively Domaine Georges Roumier and Domaine Leroy, then two things are clear. The quality of Vogues Musigny has a fabulous level in the vintage 2015 and the quality level testifies that there is a lot of value-for-money to get in this wine:

Producer of MusignyBHWAVIPrice
Leroy9810098€ +50.000
Roumier98+99-10096+€ 15.500
Comte de Vogue9796+94€ 850
BH: Burghound WA: Wine Advocate VI: Vinous

The Price Is Increasing, But It Is Not Too Late To Join In...

One of the basic principles of wine investment is simply to acquire young wines at a good price and sell them at a higher price when the wine is more mature, and the supply is reduced. The largest price increases are usually seen the longer the wine has been on the market, often as availability decreases. The same is true at Vogue and in particular for the house's crown jewel, Musigny Grand Cru. But even though the 2015 Vogue Musigny is already a few years old, it is still a young wine - but despite this, the price has already started to increase. The price of the 2015 Comte de Vogue Musigny has increased by 21.5% over the past 4.5 years, which equates to an average annual increase of more than 4.4%. This certainly validates the investment potential, but the big potential is most likely in the future: According to Wine Advocate, the 2015 Vogue Musigny has a so-called "drinking window", which in Wine Advocate's view describes the window of perfect maturity from 2027-2065, giving this wine an extremely long life.

By comparison, according to, the cheapest 2005 Musigny from Vogue today costs more than €1,400 per bottle* while the supply of pre-2000 bottles is extremely limited. All of this indicates a strong and untapped potential in the 2015 vintage.

*Free of duty, VAT, and taxes, in whole cases and perfect condition.

Rarewine Invest’s Opinion

Although it would be comparing apples and oranges to compare Domaine Leroy's Musigny with the one from Comte de Vogue, it is still quite interesting daring to do so - this comparison illustrates quite clearly why Comte de Vogue's version is as popular as it is.

An investment in Vogue Musigny is both an investment in one of Burgundy's top producers and in the Musigny brand, which is supported by Vogue and by major producers like Domaine Leroy and Domaine Georges Roumier. However, the range of Vogue's version is significantly higher, but at the same time, it is also in a price range, at which there are far more potential buyers than there are for Leroy's version, as an example. For the same reason, this is also a very popular wine among the world's wine lovers and stands as a very achievable bucket-list wine for many as well.

Despite its rather young age, the 2015 Vogue Musigny has already seen price increases that validate its potential, however, looking at the general historical trend among the Fine & Rare wines as well as what a vintage of 2005 costs today and the very limited supply of aging Vogue Musigny on the market, everything suggests that the big price increases are in the future.

We now have a limited quantity of 2015 Domaine Comte de Vogue Musigny Grand Cru for investment on a first come, first served basis.

Invest In 2015 Domaine Comte de Vogue Musigny Grand Cru

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2015Musigny Grand Cru750OWC348€ 850
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax, and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article. Reservations are made for errors.

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