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Your Chance: Invest In Microscopic Production And Rare Magnum Bottles From The Shooting Star Dujac

If you also believe in the potential of the top wines from the emerging new generation of elite producers from Burgundy, then the wines from Domaine Dujac are the right choice

Sometimes it's the producer. Other times it is the wine itself. With Domaine Dujac and the legendary Chambertin grand cru, it's both. Dive into what makes both the producer and wine something very special and understand why this extremely limited production is as prestigious and sought after as it is and why prices have risen as they have. This is an attractive opportunity to invest in one of Dujac's rare top wines - and there is even a chance to upgrade to hyper rare magnum bottles!

Domaine Dujac

Today, Domaine Dujac belongs to the elite producers in Burgundy. A position the domain has secured through hard work and focus on quality, since its founding in 1968. Jeremy Seysses, who presents the domain today, is part of the new generation of top producers such as Cathiard, Roumier etc. who meet and taste wine together. They share knowledge to get better quality and to be pressured by the best. In total, Domaine Dujac produces approx. 2,000 boxes of wine a year from their 15 hectares of vineyards. In addition, the domain owns a negociant company, which produces wines that are easier to access in their youth.

Investment in Domaine Dujac Gateway to heaven: Domaine Dujac

The Future Of Domaine Dujac

When you arrive in Morey-Saint-Denis in 2021, you will see a large hole in the ground, in the middle of the small beautiful village. It is a symbol that the Dujac family never stops evolving. Right now, they are investing in making even better wine. A three-store winery is being built that goes underground. In this way, the wine can be made by gravity and the soil helps to keep the cellar cold. In this way, Dujac saves energy and affects the wine as little as possible in its production. These are of course investments, that will contribute to good economy and modernity, but must at the same time be seen as a symbol that Domaine Dujac is gearing up for the future and investing everything in maintaining its fame and developing the domain's prestige in the future as well.

The Construction Of Domaine Dujac Since 1968

In Burgundy where many domains have hundreds years of history, Domaine Dujac is a newborn baby. In 1968, Jacques Seysses acquired a run-down domain and started from scratch. The first vintage was so poor that everything was sold on to negotiants, but as early as the 1969 vintage, good wine was bottled in Morey-Saint-Denis. In the beginning there were only 5 hectares, but through acquisitions, Dujac now has access to just over 15 hectares in both Côte-de-Nuits and Côte-de-Beaune. Jacques Seysses married Rosalind in 1973 and the two are still involved in running the domain. The new generation led by Jeremy Seysses joined in 1998 and today he oversees most of the operation, along with his wife Diana and his brother Alec. Over the years, both father and son have enjoyed good friendships with the best producers in Burgundy. Knowledge sharing with these has helped to elevate Dujac to the forefront when it comes to top producers today. Parcels on seven of the best grand cru fields in Burgundy give Dujac access to the best raw materials, to produce some of the most coveted wines from the entire region today.

The Winemaking

In the vineyards, the Dujac family also works according to sustainable regulations. All vineyards are certified organic, but work is also partly based on biodynamic ideas. The basic idea is to give as little influence as possible in the vineyard and the cellar, so the grapes express their origin in the best manner. The Dujac family has been successful since its founding in 1968.

In the cellar, Seysses is known for fermenting with whole clusters, to also get the expression from the stems in the final wine. This is balanced according to vintage and vineyard, but the desire is to break the grapes as little as possible before fermentation. All wine is moved as far as possible by gravity, so as not to adversely affect the delicate must. The wines are aged in the best casks for up to 18 months, with a relatively large proportion of new oak. The wines are not the darkest, but in return they are very ageable.

In total, Domaine Dujac owns approx. 15 acres of vineyards, primarily spread around Morey-Saint-Denis and with as many as seven of the best grand cru vineyards at the top. Their grand cru Clos de la Roche is their famous business card, but their other wines are at absolutely the same high level. Dujac produces a pair of white wines from Puligny-Montrachet and one from Morey-Saint-Denis.

In addition to these vineyards, the Dujac family cultivates vineyards where the grapes are used in their negociant wines, which are produced according to the same uncompromising principles as the wines from their own vineyards.

Grand Crus

  • 1,95 ha Clos de la Roche
  • 1.46 ha Clos St-Denis
  • 0.73 ha Chambertin
  • 0.70 ha Charmes Chambertin
  • 0.69 ha Echézeaux
  • 0.59 ha Bonnes Mares
  • 0.16 ha Romanée-St-Vivant

Premier Cru

  • 1.57 ha Malconsorts
  • 1.16 ha Les Combettes
  • 0.78 Morey-St-Denis premier cru
  • 0.72 ha Beaux Monts
  • 0.33 ha Les Gruenchers
  • 0.69 ha Morey-Saint-Denis, Les Monts Luisants (white)
  • 117 ha Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatieres (white)
  • 0.62 ha Puligny-Montrachet Combettes (white)


  • Chambolle-Musigny
  • Morey-Saint-Denis

Legendary Chambertin Grand Cru

Chambertin is a legendary name in Burgundy that can make the hairs rise in the neck of even the most passionate wine connoisseur. And it's not because of the village of Gevrey-Chambertin in the Côtes de Nuits. Nor is it because of the almost innumerable fields, with otherwise excellent wines called one-or-another-Chambertin. The reason for the chills is Chambertin grand cru - the "real" Chambertin.

Here, approx. 15 ha sublime Burgundy terroir is the base for an annual total production of approx. 60,000 bottles, distributed among several producers, including some of the world's most prestigious.

Domaine Dujac Chambertin fra Domaine Dujac

Hysterically Rare Top Wine From Microproduction

In addition to a handful of less prominent producers such as Louis Latour, Domaine Jacques Prieur and Domaine Jean-Louis Trapet, elite producers Domaine Armand Rousseau, Domaine Leroy and Domaine Dujac are also represented here.

Armand Rousseau, who is probably the most famous Chambertin producer, accounts for approx. 1/6 of the vineyards production, with approx. 10,000 bottles annually. This is, by its very nature, an extremely limited production, for a world of wine lovers who are demanding the attractive burgundy wines. But if we look at Domaine Dujac, the story of scarcity is even more insistent. Dujac, which despite the greatness of its neighbors is by no means in the shadows, produces less than 1,500 in a normal vintage. Domaine Leroy produces in roughly the same amount. This extremely limited production, from a highly coveted producer, whose fame only seems to continue to rise, creates an extremely skewed relationship between supply and demand which in recent years has led to nice price increases across Dujacs wines. A development where nothing suggests changing in the future.

Price, Quality And Large Formats

Now you have the opportunity to invest in several different vintages of Domaine Dujacs Chambertin and furthermore Chambertin on magnum!

Domaine Dujac's Chambertin is accompanied by Dujac's second top wine, Romanée St. Vivant, inherently rare, and is decidedly impossible to obtain directly from the producer for most wine merchants and lovers and if they later succeed, the price must be paid. When it comes to these wines in magnum bottles, it only gets even more difficult. No one, but the producer himself knows exactly how many large formats are being produced, but in a production equivalent to less than 1,500 regular bottles, these are certainly extremely few.

The wines offered here range from the year 2005-2013 and offer both different reviews and different prices, each representing their own version of an attractive Dujac potential. Price and quality often go hand in hand, and this is especially true when we talk wine. Wines with slightly lower scores here, represent solid value for money and a so-called secondary vintage potential, while the wines with higher scores, attract a slightly different audience. But when it comes to a micro-production like this, it is more a question of whether the wines can be procured at all.

BH: Burghound WA: Wine Advocate VI: Vinous AVG: Average

RareWine Invest's Opinion

Elite producer. Legendary vineyard. Microscopic production. Extremely rare. These are all statements that describe the case of Domaine Dujac and Chambertin. While the quality is generally exquisite, Dujac's popularity has risen in recent years and has made Dujac one of the hottest and most prestigious burgundy producers, and with Chambertin as one of the house's two ultimate top wines, it's simply something extraordinary, which already at the time of bottling, are extremely rare, due to the extremely limited production.

This is an investment in top wine from the next generation of Burgundy's absolute elite, and while you have the opportunity to choose between different vintages, the wine drinkers of the future will not get the same luxury when they want mature Dujac. At that time it will only be about what is actually available - and who will pay the price.

Invest In Chambertin Grand Cru From Domaine Dujac

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2013Chambertin1.500OWC33€ 3.950
2009Chambertin1.500OWC36 € 5.500
2007Chambertin750OC612 € 1.500
2006Chambertin1.500OWC12 € 3.200
2005Chambertin750Loose6 € 1.850
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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