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100 Points For Australian Wine Giant: Invest In Penfolds 2018 Grange

For the first time, we are offering Grange for investment and directly from the producer. Penfolds is expanding day by day, and the flagship wine guarantees towering scores.

It is far from every day that the Rest of World category is on the agenda at RareWine Invest, and of course this is because the best of the best are extremely hard to come by. This is not just an opportunity to invest in Rest-of-world wine – but the absolute first opportunity at RareWine Invest to invest in the flagship wine Grange from Australian Penfolds. We have been given the opportunity to buy this brand new 2018 Grange release directly from Penfolds, and now the investment opportunity is yours. And at a great price.

Penfolds is ubiquitous – and this not only because of Grange, but largely because of their ambitions to create wine magic beyond Australia's borders. Therefore, of course, this is an investment in the 2018 Grange wearing 100 points. But it is also an investment in Penfolds, which through successful, stubborn persistence is attracting more and more of the world's attention.

Penfolds – Australian Wine Perfection At Its Absolute Best

Today, Penfolds has won and positioned itself as Australia's best wine producer, but in the middle of the 19th century when English Doctor Christopher Rawson When Penfold and Mary Penfold migrated to Australia, it was probably not future wine success that was their dream. Whatever the intention, the result has become Australian wine perfection sought after the world over.

Penfold couple settled on the outskirts of Adeleide in 1844, and with them they had cuttings so they could make fortified wine Down Under. The farm Magill The estate became the home for the couple, for the doctor's practice – and for viticulture, the latter of which suddenly became the largest practice on the farm. And in 1907 was Penfolds winery the largest in Australia.

Penfolds' 2018 Grange

Max Schubert Secured Triumph

In 1948, Max Schubert was employed as winemaker at Penfolds, and his innovative ideas, tenacity and, not least, strong stubbornness became the decisive key to the success that permeates Penfolds today. Schubert had free rein – there was no rigid French appellation law, so the winemaker could do whatever pleased him. And he did.

Penfolds was a fusion house where all grapes could be mixed. And they did, so that the strength of different areas could be combined in one wine. Wine stars were created, but the real success came with the house's flagship wine: Grange.

Read more about how Grange came to be under secret circumstances where Max Schubert hid the production from Penfold's owners over a number of years: Penfolds: The Story Of Australian Wine Triumph

Grange: The One To Rule Them All

At present, there is absolutely no doubt that Grange is the best wine from Penfolds, even though their range includes several close competitors. Grange is precisely the example of how the fusion of several vineyards from different districts can form beautiful wine symbiosis. But the road to the top was paved with challenges.

Schubert wanted to create a wine that was complex enough to mature over time, which was by no means a tradition in Australia. He therefore produced wine on shiraz according to European ideas with the potential to develop. Time and again it was rejected, but Jeffrey Hyland , who was in charge of Penfolds, fortunately allowed a secret production of Grange .

In 1963 the Grange finally received the honors it deserved and since then it has gone on a deserved streak in Australia and around the world, reflected in exceptional continuity of high scores.

WA: Wine Advocate VI: Vinous JS: James Suckling AVG: Average

The above points cements Grange's position among the world's best - regardless of vintage. And although everyone pretty much plays along at the elite level, the 2018 Grange still takes the top spot with a fabulous 99 points on average across the three critics. Vintage 2015 is right on its heels, and 2018 is surpassed only by 2010, although this is not rated by Vinous .

Regardless of the comparison with 2010 and 2015, it can be stated that the new 2018 release approaches perfection. The historical data on Grange is of course lacking at RareWine Invest because this is a debut. However, according to, the price of the 2015 Grange has increased 36% since its release in October 2019. The 2015 vintage, which is almost identical in quality to the 2018 on a comparable basis, with scores from all three critics.

According to Liv-ex , Grange is a guarantee of returns, although the large price increases are only seen as Grange gets older. This is of course consistent with virtually all the investment wines you meet at RareWine Invest, although this one has a potential upside in that the world's spotlight is not yet fully focused on Penfolds .

Peter Gago On 2018 Penfolds

Penfolds Doesn't Settle For Success

Grange has not qualified for the world elite on a wildcard. It has qualified due to sublime quality that can compete with the classic regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. Grange is some of the best outside the classic regions – the best from an entire continent. And there is no sign of Penfolds stopping while the famous game is good. On the contrary.

Peter Gago is the current winemaker at Penfolds, and he has a fondness for Champagne, which is why Penfolds has been working in recent years to create one for their wine portfolio, from Champagne, of course. Add to this that Grange is not the only Penfolds wine to achieve 100 points from Wine Advocate – their 2016 Bin 111A Shiraz scored top marks. The latest addition is their new spectacular Quantum in the house's "wine of the world" appellation, whose first vintage was 2018. It has received a sublime reception from the outside world.

There is thus nothing to suggest that the Australian wine dominant is content with success. They multiply and attract more and more of the wine world's attention.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

Sublime wines are released from the classic wine regions, whose prices also reflect the towering quality and mythical reputation. It is therefore not surprising to look for attractive alternatives. Our sights have long been on Penfolds because their progress seems unstoppable and their potential sky high.

Scores underline the exceptional quality of Grange. The level of ambition ensured the masterpiece Grange, and the tenacity spreads the knowledge of the Australian wine mastodon that sets the tone. Soon Penfolds will be ubiquitous, and as is well known, all good things come to those who wait. Therefore, of course, we recommend being involved from the start.

This is a fresh release straight from Penfolds. This means that the price is great. But even though the bottles come directly from the manufacturer, only few investors can benefit from it. That's why we recommend acting now if you believe in the long-term potential of Penfolds and the 2018 Grange, which scores 99 points across the world's most recognized critics.

Invest In Penfolds 2018 Grange

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