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En Primeur With Great Potential - Invest In 2020 Argiano Solengo

Value-for-money is a massive focal point in this case. Invest in the Super Tuscan before it is released and ensure a great potential upside.

Why 2020 Argiano Solengo?

The 2020 Argiano Solengo is expected to be released in late summer, but here you can already secure an investment EEn PPrimeur, ensuring both an extremely attractive price and the possibility of attractive quantities. But in fact, this case is interesting for several reasons: 

  • This is an investment in the Super Tuscan Solengo, which is following in the footsteps of Ornellaia, Tignanello and Sassicaia.  
  • The attractive price of €31 makes it a very low risk investment due to the low price. 
  • The 2020 vintage is expected to be a successful vintage from Tuscany. 
  • Opportunity to be involved from the start where the price is quite low.  
  • If the price increased by 10 % overnight, few in this case would realise that the wine would cost €34, which is to the wine investor's advantage.  
  • Limited production of around 30,000 bottles a year is being rapidly reduced. Here you can secure good, investable quantities.  

Argiano Strives For Perfection

In Tuscany lies a historic and majestic winery called Tenuta di Argiano. Since 1596, when the imposing castle was completed, vines have been grown in the surrounding vineyards, and it is from these vineyards that Solengo comes from. 

Argiano is considered an icon of Montalcino, and of course they are known for producing the Super Tuscan Solengo - developed by Dr. Tachis, former chief oenologist at Sassicaia. Since 2012, Bernardino Sani has been behind production at the winery, and the ambition is clear. 

Argiano is synonymous with high quality, but the ambition is to reach the top of the podium. Therefore, quality is prioritised over quantity. And that is why restorations have been made to the property's facilities. Today, Argiano is a leader in sustainable and ecological practices in both the vineyard and the winery - perfection is the number one priority. 

Solengo: ”A Brilliant Wine”

The above quote comes from Robert Parker himself, and it sets a fitting scene for the tale of Solengo. 

Giacomo Tachis wanted to make Sassicaia wine in the Brunello district, so French varieties were planted at Argiano. In 1996, this planting resulted in the first Solengo to see the light of day. Today, Solengo consists of half Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest divided between Merlot, Sangiovese, and Petit Verdot. Cabernet Sauvignon has proven its worth in Tuscany, and Argiano Solengo is a proof of that. 

Note: this is only a promotional image. The 2020 vintage has not yet been released.  Note: this is only a promotional image. The 2020 vintage has not yet been released.

The 2020 Vintage In Tuscany

2020 was a chaotic year in many ways. A pandemic affected the world significantly, and of course it has also left its mark on the wine world. Despite this, according to Decanter, the 2020 vintage looks to be a successful vintage for many Italian wine producers.   

According to Francesco Monari (agronomist at Argiano), the 2020 vintage resembles 2015 in some respects. However, he also points out that each harvest has its own unique story, which was of course also the case for the 2020 harvest. He points out that the agronomic choices are crucial for the final result. The choices made in the 2020 vintage turned out to be right - in fact, Monari says they got a result of which they are proud of - a result that will prove to have great character over time.  

Excellent Price = Value-For-Money

Solengo is a classic value-for-money case. No scores have been awarded yet, so we can only lean on Francesco Monaris and Decanter's words for the vintage. If the 2020 Solengo is on par with the 2015 vintage (which it is, according to Monaris), it is promising. The 2015 Solengo scored 95 (WA) and 97 (VI) respectively. 

The price of 2020 Argiano Solengo today is € 31. According to there is currently only one other offer on 2020 Solengo with a price of € 40. This underlines the attractive price and in other words provides a good starting point for the investment. 

Note: this is only a promotional image. The 2020 vintage has not yet been released.  Note: this is only a promotional image. The 2020 vintage has not yet been released.

Would The Wine Lover Notice The Price Increase?

A wine of this calibre cannot cost less, which in itself ensures the value of the investment - also in the long run. At the same time, it is also almost inconceivable that wine lovers would notice if the price rose 10, 15 or 20 % overnight. The price would still be in line with the quality, and while such a price increase would not amount much in dollars and cents for the end customer, the percentage increase would for your investment.   

Add here that Solengo is only produced in the region of 30,000 bottles per vintage and it is thus difficult to imagine that it will take long before the quantities vanish from the market. 

RareWine Invest's Opinion

The core of this investment tip is value-for-money. Even if scores for 2020 Solengo from world-leading wine critics have yet to be assigned. The quality of the 2020 vintage in Tuscany is good - both according to Argiano itself, but also according to Decanter. 

If you add price to the equation above, the result is obviously that you can get quality wine for little money. The price is even so low that the wine lover would hardly notice if it increased € 10 from one day to the next, and that is the investor's advantage. 

The low price also means that current consumption can quickly reduce volumes and displace 2020 Solengo from the market. Now you can get involved before the start, and you can even buy large quantities, which is particularly advantageous in a value-for-money investment. 

Even if the vintage is worse than expected, the 2020 Solengo En Primeur is a strong case. If it performs as expected, it looks even more promising. Add to that a lottery ticket in potential sensation scores from some of the leading critics, and the case could really take off. 

Note: the 2020 Argiano Solengo is En Primeur, so it is not expected to be in stock until late summer. 

Invest in 2020 Argiano Solengo

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