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Invest In Krug Rosé 25ème Édition – Probably The World’s Best

Champagne rosé is both rare, coveted, and expensive. But this here is an opportunity for a cheaper entry into Krug's legendary portfolio. Discover Krug's Rosé edition...

Joseph Krug had a dream “to offer the very best Champagne every year, regardless of annual climate variations”. He was driven by an understanding that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself. That dream and understanding made his Champagne House and various champagne among the best in the world, and therefore a non-vintage champagne finds its way to our investment tip.  

Krug guarantees quality, and the world wants rosé, which is two advantageous components in an investment case. Especially in an investment case concerning Krug Rosé. And if you believe in increasing prices among the greatest Champagne houses in the world, this is a good place to look.   

The World’s Best Non-Vintage Champagne – An Introduction

There is absolutely no doubt, that Krug makes some of the best and most legendary single vineyard champagnes: Clos d’Ambonnay and clos du Mesnil. Add to this, that their “regular” vintage champagne Krug Vintage is among the absolute best in the world. One could argue that their only true rival is Salon.  

And to top it all off, Krug is also the maker of what many consider to be the world's best non-vintage champagne in close competition with mythical Selosse. However, the non-vintage stamp is not quite appropriate for this Krug edition. Every time Krug releases this, they know exactly which wines it is composed of, which is why their wines are limited. Now it is not only their non-vintage, but their 25th edition Rosé. 

Almighty Krug

Krug might be the best Champagne house in the world lead by Oliver Krug who has expertise and dedication running through his veins. Before him his family members had devoted their lives to bubbly wine, and that is probably why, Krug Champagne are shrouded in unquestionable quality.  

Fortunately, Krug is an old and dear acquaintance at RareWine Invest. And it is Krug in several forms. The legendary Krug Collection, sublime Krug Vintage, unique Krug Clos du Mesnil, and the rare Krug clos d’Ambonnay.  

Now Krug Rosé 25ème Édition is on the agenda, which is a result of high demand of a Krug Rosé, that did not exist before 1983. Fortunately, it now does.  


Krug Rosé 25ème Édition Krug Rosé 25ème Édition

Krug Rosé Saw The Light Of Day

Krug Rosé is the result of the fifth-generations vision. Remi and Henri Krug were repeatedly asked, why Krug did not have a rosé edition in their marvelous repertoire of wines. So, in 1976 they agreed to begin the process of making a rosé. In 1983 the process was refined, and the first Krug Rosé was released.  

The Krug family wanted to conceive a rosé Champagne that could be re-created each year, and every Édition of Krug Rosé perpetuates this legacy. It is created from an exquisite blend of the wine of the year and a with wines from the reserve library of the house completed with traditionally macerated Pinot Noir to add structure and spice.  

This 25ème Édition is composed of 28 different wines from five vintages. 50 % is from the 2013 vintage, and the oldest elements are from the 2008 vintage. Finally, it gets the color with 11 % red wine, which comes from a parcel in Aÿ.  

Like the other wines from Krug Champagne, this Rosé can also evolve over several decades under optimal conditions.   

High Quality Rosé Champagne

This Krug Rosé 25ème Édition is only rated by Vinous who awards it 95 points. Both Richard Juhlin and Vinous generally* awards the Rosé between 92-96 point, why this is at the top. Because no scores are assigned from Wine advocate, James Suckling and Richhard Juhlin, it is interesting to include Decanter who awards 97 points, and WineSpectator who awards 96 points. Just to cement the consensus on the quality on this 25ème Édition. 

*Neither of the critics has consequently tasted each release, why this “generally” are based on those scores available at each critic.  


A Growing American Interest In Rosé Champagne

I April 2022 Liv-ex presented an overview for the most bid for wines in Q1 2021. Here you find Krug Rosé, which is consistent with the fact that there is a growing interest in pink Champagne, especially from Americans. This is a trend already visible in May 2021, where Liv-ex pleaded that rosé Champagne by value was three times higher than the previous three-year average. Rosé Champagne hit the all-time high in 2021 and the Q1 2022 indicates that the trend is still going strong.  

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

In 1999 the world’s largest luxury company LMVH group (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), took ownership of Krug, and there is no doubt, that Krug is the diamond in their collection. This ownership means big muscles in the engine room and not least professional marketing skills.  Oliver Krug is still the director, and the Krug spirit is therefore more than present, but the owners undoubtedly have an interest in making Champagne both more widespread and more expensive in the future.   

If you try to rank almighty Krug, you will consistently have exceptional champagne at both the top and bottom. However, there is a significant price difference between the different editions of Krug. Here you get a high-quality champagne for just € 265. And with increasing demand for pink Champagne and a quality marker like the Krug name, there is great potential in this Krug Rosé 25ème Édition.   

Krug is among the great elite in Champagne, and their non-vintage Champagne offers an opportunity for cheaper entry into their legendary portfolio. The great Rosé champagnes are generally expensive. In this perspective, Krug's only rosé champagne also offers an attractive alternative. 

Finally, only 15% of the world's total sparkling wine production is rosé. Moreover, Italy is the largest producer of sparkling wines, so French rosé volumes are small. It's in the wine investor's favor.  

Invest In Krug Rosé 25ème Édition

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NVKrug Rosé 25ème Édition750OC3€ 265
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