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Pol Roger Is Back With A New Winston Churchill: Invest In The Favorite With Strong Historical Returns

+21 % - this is how much Winston Churchill has given in average annual returns across the vintages we have previously recommended.

The Prestige Cuvee From The Statesman's Favorite

There is no doubt that Pol Rogers prestige cuvée is among the favorites of our investors. The reason for this may lie in history and Pol Roger's close relationship to the colorful statesman, Sir Winston Churchill, and the rich and proud history of the house. The reason may also lie in the potential of the investment case and, not least, the results it has delivered to investors in recent years.

If you are not familiar with Pol Roger and the Champagne Sir Winston Churchill, you have our highest recommendations to dive further into the history of this in our previous investment tip (only available in English). Alternatively, you can jump straight into the investment case for the latest release, the 2013 vintage, and the surprisingly strong potential it carries.

See also how our previous recommendations of Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill have performed further down the article.

Read much more about Pol Roger and Winston Churchill in our latest article on the 2012 vintage.

2013 Pol Roger - Sir Winston Churchill

2013 Is Released: A Surprisingly Strong Vintage

About a year ago, the cellar master at Pol Roger disgorged the 2013 vintage of the house's prestige cuvée: Sir Winston Churchill. With great vintages like 2008 and 2012 released in recent years, a vintage like 2013 has not drawn much attention - and few have probably been anticipating a sensation from Pol Roger. Nevertheless, cellar master Damien Cambres has pulled off a stroke of genius and presented a Winston Churchill that will go right into the history books and mingle with the very best.

In some cases, the best critics' scores add up so closely that you would think they were tasting together. Other times, they emphasize their independence and integrity. Richard Juhlin gives the 2013 vintage 94 points, while Wine Advocate, in more enthusiastic style, awards it 96 points. The sensation, however, is at Vinous, where the 2013 Winston Churchill is awarded a whopping 97 points - something that has never happened before.

Although three points of difference does not sound like much, it is a huge difference at the end of the points scale, which is why the critics here show great independence from each other. To compensate for these differences, an average of the three critics' scores is taken here to make them comparable:

RJ: Richard Juhlin WA: Wine Advocate VI: Vinous AVG: Average

The 2013 vintage thus surpasses the 2008 vintage, while it is only marginally surpassed by the 2012 vintage. 2013 Winston Churchill is therefore among the very best Winston Churchills ever released and stands as a surprisingly strong vintage of Pol Rogers Sir Winston Churchill.

Did you know...

The first Sir Winston Churchill Pol Roger released was from the 1975 vintage and was only released on magnum. The 1975 vintage marked the 10th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's death, and it was released in 1984 at Churchill's home at Blenheim Palace, marking the 40th anniversary of D-Day - the Allied attack on the occupied beaches of Normandy.

2013 Pol Roger - Sir Winston Churchill

How Winston Churchill has performed at RareWine Invest

It is no coincidence that we return to Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill - it is a Champagne that has a habit of delivering great results to investors. In fact, we have three great previous cases, where three different vintages of Winston Churchill have been offered widely to both existing investors and other readers. On average, these three cases have provided investors with an annual return of as much as 21%.

See how the three cases of 2004, 2008 and 2012 have performed in the table below, or read or re-read them here. (2004 and 2008 only available in Danish). Read about the 2012 vintage here

VintageDate of investment tipPris thenPrice nowIncreaseAVG annual return since investment tip
200424. maj 2017 € 110 € 210 90,9%14,1%
200817. dec. 2018 € 165 € 280 69,7%16,3%
201227. maj 2021 € 150 € 195 30,0%33,4%

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

For five generations and more than 160 years, Pol Roger has manifested itself as a prestigious Champagne brand. Not the most extravagant. Not the most flamboyant. But a brand built on rich tradition and towering quality that truly appeals to the connoisseur. At the same time, the story of Sir Winston Churchill probably appeals to most connoisseurs, making Pol Roger's prestige cuvée an obvious choice for something special.

This is your chance to get in from the start and secure your investment in a Sir Winston Churchill that, probably surprisingly to many, has climbed to the top of the trophy cabinet and is only marginally outperformed by its 2012 predecessor.

Invest In 2013 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill

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2013Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill750 ml.OC6€ 185
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