News - Other - 10. February 2023

Great Growth Leads To Further Internationalisation And Capacity Expansion

Due to growth and increasing interest, the international set-up of RWI is being strengthened and optimised - and several benefits follow. Read more here.

In an eventful 2022, where the global world landscape has changed several times along the way, there was still stability to be found. At a time when other assets were falling and spending was rising, wine again demonstrated its resistance. In fact, the total portfolio under management at RareWine Invest increased by 22 % in 2022.

RareWine Invest has had quite an extraordinary year: 2022 was the biggest year ever in terms of new investors, and interest in investing in wine is greater than we ever dared to dream. In just one year, we have almost doubled the number of investors - not least abroad. This growth naturally results in a lot of activity, and we are both proud and humbled by the interest investors have shown in us. We want to continue to meet investors' expectations in the future.

That is why we have accelerated several projects to further strengthen and optimise our international set-up. With several foreign offices, we now assist wine investors from all continents and in many different languages.

Wine Storage

Increased Capacity, Faster Delivery - Same Low Price

We have repeatedly expanded and extended our storage capacity at Nordic Freeport in Vester Hassing to accommodate the many new wine investors, and to support our growing trading business, RareWine Trading - and we will continue to do so. We are therefore both pleased and proud that we can now unveil a new and more efficient storage set-up to meet future capacity challenges and exercise due diligence.

At a time when inflation is sky-high, electricity prices are volatile and supply chains are under pressure, we have been working hard to optimise and streamline so that we can still offer storage at the same low price as usual.     

As a natural next step in our growth journey and the internationalisation of RareWine Invest, from early 2023 we will have the ability to deliver and store wines in bonded warehouses abroad, including wines currently awaiting delivery. Several logistical considerations will in future determine where deliveries are located. Among other things, this means;

  • Reducing workload through less handling,
  • we can reduce freight and refrigerated transport over long distances,
  • we can increase the speed of delivery from sale to delivery at customs warehouses,
  • we can accommodate continued growth from a global market,
  • reduce administrative work and ensure faster turnaround times,
  • reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of the climate,

And most importantly, we can offer the same high-quality level of storage at the same low price.

Wine Storage

What Does It Mean For The Investor?

Investors at RareWine Invest will not notice any difference. The wines are still insured under the same conditions as before, and the quality assurance and storage processes are also identical. The main difference is that the wines will physically be placed in a location depending on where it is most efficient. This is an advantage for the investor when we have to deliver wine to bonded warehouses, as we have the opportunity to reduce our delivery times and keep costs down.

Thus, we have partnered with LCB, London City Bond, which has been one of the world's leading bonded warehouses for wine and spirits for more than 150 years. London is a global hub for the wine trade, which has contributed to LCB being the UK's largest private bonded warehouse for wine and spirits. In fact, we are already starting to deliver wines to Nordic Freeport's account at LCB. At the same time, we are also working on a set-up near our office in Switzerland so that we can accommodate the high level of interest in wine investment in the future, as well as ensuring the same level of service that our investors have come to expect.

We are pleased that we can continue to welcome new wine investors without compromising on capacity, quality, delivery, and price.

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