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News: 2020 Sassicaia Is Available For Investment

Get in from the start when the latest release from the Super Tuscan is unleashed. Sassicaia is characterized by high demand, high quality, and a solid place on the power-100.

Sassicaia has long since proven that they belong on the world's exclusive wine scene, and their latest release fits perfectly into that successful narrative. The release is brand new and therefore offers you an opportunity to get involved right from the very beginning.

Italy expert Vinous places the 2020 Sassicaia at the top of his Sassicaia hierarchy, and if it performs like its predecessors, as an investor you want to be there when the starting gun sounds - and it sounds now. Sassicaia has seen historically great returns, continuously high scores, and an almost permanent residency on Liv-ex' power 100 list. Read much more below.

Sassicaia: When French Wine Finesse Came To Italy

For a long time, there was a proud Italian tradition of using only Sangiovese grapes in Italian wines. It was therefore much resisted when Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta came to Bolgheri with ambitions to bring French wine finesse to the tradition-bound region.

The Marquis and his wife Countess Clarice della Gherardesca moved to Bolgheri in 1930. Here, he planted Cabernet clones at Castiglioncello di Bolgheri, and the iconic Sassicaia was born.

1968 Sassicaia was the first vintage to hit the market in 1972, and it certainly did not impress the locals. Fortunately, in 1978 Sassicaia won a major competition in the Decanter wine magazine, and from that moment on, the stubborn local Sangiovese devotees also had to surrender to Sassicaia's sovereignty.

The big global breakthrough came when Robert Parker awarded 1985 Sassicaia the magical 100 points. Tenuta di San Guido had now cemented their status as a top producer in Italy and around the world. Since then, they have led the group of Italian producers making wines from Bordeaux-inspired grapes aged in French barriques - the so-called Super Tuscans.

2020 Sassicaia

2020 Sassicaia: A Vinous favorite

In this millennium, Sassicaia has averaged a score of 94.4 points across scores from Vinous, Wine Advocate and James Suckling. 2020 Sassicaia scores 96.7 points across the same critics with 97 points from Vinous, 96 points from Wine Advocate and 97 points from James Suckling - placing it a level above an already high average.

It is also worth noting that Vinous, considered the most specialized Italian critic of the three, awards the 2020 Sassicaia 97 points, placing it at the same high level as the 2016 vintage and only one point lower than the highest Vinous-rated 1985 vintage, which scored 98 points. Moreover, Vinous has only awarded 98 points once and 97 points four times since 1985.

In other words: 2020 Sassicaia represents the high level that has become the house's trademark. A clear Vinous favorite.

This Is Why Sassicaia Is An Investment Favorite

Sassicaia is some of Italy's best and most sought-after wine, which is an investment argument in itself. First came the fame of the 100 points for 1985 Sassicaia, and then came the continuous high level and thus the demand.

Around 180,000 bottles of Sassicaia are produced annually, but according to Vinous, this quantity is reduced by 30% in the 2020 vintage, making it a little rarer already at release.

That is why Sassicaia is an investment favorite. High quality, high demand and a supply that is reduced every time someone enjoys pulling the cork at home or in one of the countless restaurants around the world that have Sassicaia on the menu. But Sassicaia is also an investment favorite because it delivers great returns to investors.

Below you can see how the last four vintages of Sassicaia have performed since we first offered them for investment.

VintageDate Of Investment TipAverage Score *Returns
201923 Aug 2022970%
201806 Jul 20209769%
201709 Dec 201994,752%
201628 Aug 20199881%
*Across scores from Vinous, Wine Advocate and James Suckling

Moreover, Sassicaia is not only a RareWine Invest performer. According to Liv-ex, the last 10 vintages* of Sassicaia that have been on the market for at least five years have returned an average of 97% over the last five years, which equates to an average annual return of 13.8%.


Liv-Ex Power 100. Another Reason Why Sassicaia Is An Investment Favorite

When a wine is a consumer favorite, it automatically becomes an investor's favorite. Every year, the British wine exchange Liv-ex publishes its Power 100 list. It represents the previous year's 100 most powerful wine brands on the world market in numerical order - ranked by most traded wines in terms of both value and volume.

In terms of both volume and value, Burgundy and Bordeaux are the biggest players. Therefore, it seems like an extraordinary achievement that Sassicaia has been on the power 100 list for the past 10 years - even with an average ranking in the top quarter.

2020 Sassicaia

Italian Wine In Times Of Crisis?

There is turmoil and nervousness in the financial markets. Faced with an economic crisis, Italian wine, and therefore Sassicaia, can be attractive to gain exposure to. During the financial crisis, the Liv-ex index Italy 100 performed brilliantly - an index that today is the broadest way to track the performance of Italian wine in a historical perspective.

"While the stock market from November 2007 until April 2009 was almost halved and only achieved full recovery in spring 2013, the Italy 100 increased by 62.9%, which corresponds to an average annual return during this period of 11.9%. A return that significantly outperformed the broad Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 index and even outperformed the Champagne 50."

The above is an excerpt from a RareWine Invest market analysis, which highlights what the future looks like for investing in Italian wine. Read the full analysis here: Investing In Italian Wine: What Does The Future Hold?

RareWine Invest's Opinion

This will probably not be the last time we will offer 2020 Sassicaia for investment - even if the quantities are reduced by 30%. But this is the only time we can offer the opportunity to be involved right from the very beginning.

And there is no sign that Sassicaia's popularity will decline in the future. The world's wine lovers are really starting to discover Italy's melting pot of wine quality, and Sassicaia has long since cemented its place among the world's best. Decade-long ranking on the power 100. Historically great and stable returns on predecessors. 2020 Sassicaia is among Vinous' Sassicaia favorites, and that says a lot.

Italian wine has proved its resilience in troubled times, and even if an economic crisis does not materialize, we would have no hesitation in recommending the Super Tuscan Sassicaia for investment.

Invest in 2020 Sassicaia

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