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RareWine Invest Gives A Rare Insight Into London City Bond

Nordic Freeport's high standards are intact at UK's largest private bonded warehouse. The first act of internationalisation of RareWine Invest has begun, with more to come.

RareWine Invest has grown rapidly since 2016 and is today among the largest wine investment providers in the world with investors from more than 45 different countries. With plans for continued growth and a stronger international focus, it has been a natural step to establish storage solutions that can accommodate the interest in wine investment.

One of the proactive steps we have taken is to establish storage in the UK, already the world's largest trading centre for exclusive wines. London City Bond is our first international third-party supplier, and we recently sent a camera crew to the UK to give an exclusive and rare insight behind the walls of the UK's largest private bonded warehouse.

Join Lars Granat Jensen, CMO at RareWine Invest, as he opens the heavy, mythical doors for a fascinating insight into the Drakelow Tunnels.

Nordic Freeport And The Internationalisation Of RareWine Invest

From offices in several different countries, we help wine investors from all corners of the globe. Therefore, we want to be able to deliver investors' wine to the Nordic Freeport location that is most efficient from a logistical perspective. The first step towards this vision is London City Bond - our preferred location in the UK. London City Bond enables us to welcome new investors without compromising on delivery, capacity, or quality.

To keep storage costs for wine investors to a minimum, we have worked hard to limit freight rates and long-distance cooled transport, including reducing handling and administrative work. As a third-party supplier, London City Bond realises this wish and is a competent representative for the first step in the internationalisation of RareWine Invest. Finally, less transport obviously also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. 

The London City Bond (LCB) is a great first step, because of course it does not end here - we are already one step ahead, exploring opportunities to establish storage facilities in more countries and adding third-party suppliers to our list of competent partners. We want the same transparency we have been able to offer existing and future investors in our Nordic Freeport storage facility in Vester Hassing.

A Rare Insight Into The London City Bond - Drakelow Tunnels

The LCB is the UK's largest private bonded warehouse for wine and spirits and has been for more than 150 years. LCB has a number of facilities across the UK, and Nordic Freeport utilises the Drakelow Tunnels just outside Kidderminster. The Drakelow Tunnels have a fascinating history - the tunnels stretch for 5.5 kilometres and were blasted out of solid rock for the Rover Car Shadow Factory during World War II. The tunnels were even used as a secret nuclear shelter during the Cold War. Now the fascinating tunnels are used to store precious wines and spirits on behalf of investors and collectors from around the world.

London City Bond - Here, Your Portfolio Is Also In Competent Hands

London is known as the world's largest fine wine hub and offers some of the best storage facilities on the market. Many years ago, an opportunity arose for LCB to further develop the fast-growing part of the business - specifically, the part of the business that deals with fine wines. They began with the acquisition of the Derby Turn business in Burton-Upon-Trent. They expanded with Melksham and Dinton, all of which have the right equipment for storing high-end wine - and most recently, they have added Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster to expand their fine wine storage offering once again.

London City Bond was founded in 1870, and 600 experienced, skilled, and well-trained staff and 300 dedicated delivery vehicles ensure LCB lives up to its towering standards. LCB has integrated physical and electronic monitoring systems and Red Care GSM communication technology.

Of course, it is crucial that each facility maintains Nordic Freeport's high standard of security. Therefore, as an investor, you can rest assured that both quality assurance and storage processes are the same across all Nordic Freeport accounts - both now and in the future.

This means that each facility maintains an optimal temperature and humidity control, comprehensive insurance coverage and a top-notch anti-fraud team to ensure quality inspection. Furthermore, there is state-of-the-art surveillance, vibration sensors, infrared and thermal cameras, and air conditioning to manage temperature and humidity. In other words, your collection is in safe hands so it can mature perfectly for the future.

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