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Redigaffi: Undiscovered Gem & Challenger To The Mighty Masseto

Tua Rita's latest release of the Super Tuscan flagship, Redigaffi, is now available for investment.

The Hunt For The Undiscovered Gems

We, and the rest of the wine world for that matter, are constantly on the hunt for hidden gems. Those wines where the wine lover gets an exceptional experience, but the price simply does not match the quality. Like a Chambolle-Musigny from Arnoux-Lachaux, which a few years ago could be acquired for € 50-60, but today can easily cost ten times as much. The few who discovered it first could enjoy their finding until the secret got out...

Tua Rita's Redigaffi is, in many ways, an undiscovered gem that, despite being widely recognized, has yet to be discovered by the wider fine wine world. Thus, there is a massive potential for future price raises.

Tua Rita And Redigaffi

In the heart of southern Tuscany, in the idyllic town of Suvereto, lies a winery with a rich history and a passion for the art of wine. After a successful career, Tua Rita and Virgilio Bisti acquired this property in 1984. They came with the dream of a quiet life and a flirt with winemaking. What began as a simple dream quickly blossomed into a world-class reality. In 1996, Tua Rita merged with son-in-law Stefano Frascolla's domain, and his skills and dedication drove Tua Rita to its current fame. But it was in 1994 that Tua Rita really made its mark on the wine world with the release of their flagship wine, Redigaffi - a pure Merlot that challenged traditional wine regulations and deservedly earned the title of 'Super Tuscan.' Its recognition reached new heights in 2000 when it was awarded Wine Advocate's coveted 100 points. According to Robert Parker Jr., Redigaffi stands proudly as a formidable rival to the famous Merlot from Ornellaia's Masseto, although it offers exceptional quality at a more accessible price. This is the story of a wine that has combined tradition, innovation, and passion and continues to make history in the heart of Tuscany - and although highly recognized by connoisseurs, Redigaffi has yet to make its breakthrough.

2021 Tua Rita Redigaffi

Great Super Tuscan Quality

When we recommended 2020 Redigaffi for investment in October last year, we did so without any leading critics giving scores. In terms of quality, we based the recommendation on the quality of previous vintages and the conditions of the vintage. 2020 Redigaffi has since received 96 points from both Wine Advocate and James Suckling, while Vinous, for unknown reasons, has not reviewed a Redigaffi since the 2017 vintage.

Now, it is the 2021 vintage, which is different this time. Suckling has given his verdict and rewards the 2021 Redigaffi with an excellent 99 points. This suggests that we may be dealing with an even better Redigaffi, while at the same time, you can now invest at the same price as with the 2020 vintage a year ago. All things considered, this seems like an attractive option.

When Huge Quality Meets Scarce Production

All indications for an attractive investment are met, suggesting we can expect a great business case from 2021 Redigaffi. Looking more broadly at the Tua Rita Redigaffi case, it becomes even more interesting - Redigaffi is playing among the greats.

We have compared the average scores from Wine Advocate, Vinous, and James Suckling from each of the last ten vintages released from the five classic Super Tuscans (2011-2020)* and combined them into one average score that represents the quality across these ten vintages. Here, only the mighty Masseto outperforms Redigaffi, while there is a virtual dead heat between Solaia and Redigaffi. Redigaffi surpasses the other Super Tuscan megastars, namely Sassicaia, Ornellaia, and Tignanello. What is even more interesting is the scale of the production. The production of Redigaffi is exceptionally scarce in this perspective:

Wine10 vintage avg. scoreAvg. Annual production (bottles)
*Vinous has not rated Redigaffi 2018, 2019 and 2020

Discovering the next big thing: invest in the future potential, not historical returns...

The historical performance indicates that this wine has not yet had its breakthrough amongst the masses. According to Liv-ex, the last ten vintages of Redigaffi that have been on the market for at least five years have returned an average of 17% over the last five years.

In addition, we have previously recommended the 2019 and 2020 vintages. The price of the 2019 vintage has increased by more than 8% in just under a year and a half, while the status quo has been maintained after a year with the 2020 vintage - something that is quite normal for new releases.

However, let's look at the development of the latest Redigaffi, which Suckling has also awarded 99 points, namely the 2016 vintage. The asking price has increased by 26% since its release about five years ago, according to

So, the exciting thing about this case is not the historical development but the future potential. And an attractive entry point for investment, by the way...

2021 Tua Rita Redigaffi

Invest At An Attractive Price

The lower the price starting point, the better the potential for solid returns. You can now invest in 2021 Redigaffi for €135*. This is not only the same price as 2020 currently costs, but it appears the 2021 vintage is even better. It is also a very attractive price compared to the market. Right now, the lowest price on is €178.8*, while the average asking price across the 26 providers is €226*.

In other words, here you are investing at a discount of almost 25 % compared to the cheapest price in the world, according to

*Price per bottle, ex. duty, tax, and VAT, in whole cases and in perfect condition.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

With 2021 Redigaffi, you now can be part of a new release of a Super Tuscan that, on the one hand, has not yet experienced its big breakthrough, but on the other hand, is still well known and recognized among connoisseurs - and despite a David and Goliath relationship, Redigaffi is a real challenger to Masseto.

To be fair, though. A Porsche is not just going to be a Rolls Royce, and Redigaffi is unlikely to take Masseto's throne anytime soon - but less can undoubtedly do it, as there is a long way to go from Redigaffi to Masseto's level in terms of price.

You should not invest in Redigaffi because of its historical performance - you should invest in Redigaffi if you believe that the extremely limited production of towering quality does not harmonize with the low price currently characterizes Tua Rita's top wine.

So far, Redigaffi has largely gone unnoticed by the rest of the wine world, but it's hard to imagine it staying that way – especially with a price starting point as low as this…

Invest in 2021 Tua Rita Redigaffi

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2021Tua Rita Redigaffi750OWC6€ 135
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