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Undefeated 2018 Tignanello Available For Investment

The investment focus is on Italy and the Super Tuscans. Here, Tignanello triumphs in the search field of wine lovers and shows great historical returns. Read more here.

”The 2018 Tignanello is a wine of breathtaking purity. Impossibly silky and persistent, the 2018 is all class, all the way” – Antonio Galloni, Vinous

The above can easily be the leading argument in this investment case, as it describes what Tignanello stands for. Classy, all the way. 2018 Tignanello from Marchesi Antinori is available for investment, and in addition to having the status of Super Tuscan, this 2018 version also has the status of undefeated - more on that in a moment.

Its predecessors have also delivered great historical returns across vintages. Add to this, the demand for Italian wine, Tignanello and 2018 Tignanello specifically has been well documented: a wine of breathtaking purity. Read more about the investment potential here.

Tignanello: The Crown Jewel Of The Antinori Dynasty

Marchesi Antinori's Tignanello represents a groundbreaking milestone in Italian wine production. It marks the start of a new era where traditional wine-making methods were challenged and revolutionised. In Tignanello there is also a story of innovation and courage that stretches back to the 1970s, although Antinori's history stretches back centuries.

Tignanello was a pioneer, being the first Sangiovese-based wine to be aged in classic French barriques, and it was also blended with non-traditional varieties like Cabernet, creating a unique flavour profile. It also broke the norm in Chianti Classico by excluding white grapes, setting the stage for a new direction in Italian wine production.

The ownership of Tignanello is in the hands of the distinguished Antinori family - an ancient winemaker with an impressive history that can be traced back to 1385. The Antinori family is not just an ordinary winery; they hold the honourable title of "Marchese" and are among the oldest family-owned businesses in the world. Their commitment to the wine world is so significant that they have been inducted into the exclusive 12-seat Primum Familiae Vini organisation, sharing honours with some of the world's most prestigious winemakers such as Mouton-Rothschild, Drouhin and Vega Sicilia.

The Antinori family has helped create a unique legacy in Italian winemaking and has played a key role in the development of Super Tuscan wines. Their winemaking has helped shape the wine list and, along with other iconic wines such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Solaia, and Masseto, Tignanello has helped define the standard of quality and excellence in Italian winemaking.

2018 Tignanello: Undefeated

“The 2016 vintage was a benchmark for sure, but I prefer the 2018, thanks to that tinge of nostalgia or emotion that is so deftly rendered in this cool, long growing season.” – Monica Larner, Wine Advocate

With the above quote, Wine Advocate cements the quality of the 2018 Tignanello. It is awarded 98 points, which is the highest score a Tignanello has ever received from here. With 97 points from both Vinous and James Suckling, the score across the three critics is 97.3 points. And even though Wine Advocate rates the 2018 Tignanello better than the fabulous vintages: 2016 and 2015 Tignanello, all three still land at 97.3 points across the critic's scores.

In the chart below you can see the score distribution for the last few years, but the fact is that in all the vintages James Suckling, Vinous and Wine Advocate have tasted and rated - 2018, 2016 and 2015 are undefeated.


Tignanello Performs Across Vintages

Tignanello is a strong representative of the original five Super Tuscans. Both in terms of quality, but also in terms of yield. According to Liv-ex, the last 10 vintages* of Tignanello that have been on the market for at least five years have yielded an average return of 88.9% over the last five years. This equates to an average annual return of 13.6%.

In addition, it is obvious to look at the price development of 2015 and 2016 Tignanello, which both match 2018 Tignanello in terms of quality. Since release in 2018, 2015 Tignanello under the management of RareWine Invest has increased 150%, corresponding to an average annual return of 17%. Almost the same scenario unfolds with 2016 Tignanello, which since its release year 2019 has increased 163% under the management of RareWine Invest - 22% in average annual return.

Of course, it is important to point out that the release prices were around €60**, while today the prices are around €155** on the above. The Italian wines have increased in popularity, but the price of 2018 Tignanello at €130** still seems outrageously low considering its 98 points.

According to Vinous, the drinking window for 2018 Tignanello extends from 2018-2043, so there is plenty of opportunity for continued aging of this Super Tuscan.

*Vintage 2006-2005.

** ex. Duty, VAT, and tax. In full cases and perfect condition.

2018 Tignanello: Most in demand In H1

In August 2023, Liv-ex published a report on the first six months of 2023 (H1). They point out that the most sought-after wines this year were from Tuscany and Champagne - in contrast to the previous year when Bordeaux and Burgundy took the top spot.

Tignanello was at the top of the list with its 2019 vintage, while 2018 Tignanello has also made it into the list. Add to this the fact that Tignanello has been placed at number 49 on the power 100 list from 2022. The list is a ranking of wines measured by brand value, traded value and traded volume, among other things. Tignanello is thus among the 100 best and most sought-after wines in the world - and there are fewer than 10 Italian representatives on the list for 2022

Moreover, Tignanello's popularity is not only recognised by Liv-ex.

Every day, wine-searcher processes more than 650,000 searches. They also track the search frequency of more than 800,000 wines, giving them a unique opportunity to analyse and observe market trends. Last month, Tignanello was the 13th most searched wine on

The world wants Tignanello.


“A Taste For The Finer Things”

In September 2023, HSBC Global Private Banking published an article looking at the growing thirst for wine from an investment perspective. Among other things, they point out that wine is the leading passion asset and that 96% of UK wealth managers surveyed expect an increase in demand for wine. They even expect wine to outperform other prominent luxury assets.

Demand is fuelled by a strong long-term market and better performance of wine than traditional investment options such as stocks. Italy is also highlighted as an interesting place to look - collectors are increasingly favouring Brunello, Barolo, and Super Tuscans.

Investors and collectors want Italian wine.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

Tignanello helped revolutionise wine production in Italy, but this reputation has not allowed them to rest on their laurels. High quality characterises the crown jewel, but with 2018 Tignanello, the quality is just that little bit better - and with 98 points comes demand. And with the title of one of the most sought-after wines of 2023's and placement on the power 100, the demand postulate becomes an inescapable fact.

Tignanello has given great historical returns across vintages - and on the two comparable 2015 and 2016 vintages. Add to this that the investment focus is directed towards the Super Tuscans. Here you have a Super Tuscan with 98 points. From one of the world's leading wineries. With a very long life ahead of it.

Furthermore, €130 seems far too cheap for 98 points. However, the price level also allows for greater consumption, as we have seen in the case of Champagne, for example, with careless consumption leading to a large reduction in volumes. And that is favourable for the investor.

Invest In 2018 Tignanello

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