Investment Tips - Italy - 30. May 2024

100 Points For The Latest Sassicaia Release Ignites Demand

The best ever | 2021 Sassicaia is brand new, and you have a unique opportunity to get in from the very beginning

2021 Sassicaia: A Coveted Investment Case En Primeur

Sassicaia is one of the wines on which we have had the most investment tips and at the same time one of the most coveted assets among our investors. This is because Sassicaia has it all: High quality. Massive brand awareness. And of course, great historical performance. 2021 Sassicaia is the latest release from Tenuta San Guido, and with 100 perfect points from Wine Advocate, it is surrounded by extremely high attention and demand...

The first time we were able to offer 2021 Sassicaia for investment was in January 2024. Since then, we have offered it to our investors on two occasions, and all three times we have not had enough quantities to satisfy demand.

A massive effort from our dedicated team of traders means that we can once again offer a batch that you can invest in. And we expect the same scenario as the previous ones.

2021 Sassicaia is offered "En Primeur", which is a pre-sale ahead of the physical release expected at the end of summer 2024. This is your opportunity to secure an investment in the latest release of one of the world's wine treasures - and to get in from the beginning, when quantities are still available, and prices are likely to be at their lowest. The first price increases usually occur when the quantities disappear from the market.

2021 Sassicaia

2021 Sassicaia

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*EUR 275 / bottle

Sassicaia Revolutionised An Entire Wine Country

The story of Tenuta San Guido and Sassicaia is the story of pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality. It is the story of a Francophile man who was seduced by Bordeaux and had to create his own Bordeaux wine on Italian ground - what would become a legendary Cabernet blend.

The above quote comes from our portrait of Tenuta San Guido:  Tenuta San Guido & Sassicaia Revolutionized An Entire Wine Country

The legendary Cabernet blend is of course Sassicaia, which first proved its worth when the 1985 vintage scored 100 points as the first Italian wine ever, and again in 2018 when 2015 Sassicaia was named Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator, and a few months later 2016 Sassicaia received 100 points from Wine Advocate. Sassicaia is a superbrand. A Super Tuscan that appeals to the whole world. An Italian wine gem that has revolutionised an entire wine country.

Sassicaia is one of the original five Super Tuscans, along with Masseto, Ornellaia, Solaia and Tignanello. It could even be argued that Sassicaia can deservedly take its place as the most important Super Tuscan, as it was the first to score 100 points. These five have helped disrupt the global wine market and continue to gain ground and popularity among the world's wine lovers.

2021 Sassicaia Is The Greatest Ever

Sassicaia has been delivering unrivalled quality for the past few years - vintage after vintage. And this is certainly why Sassicaia is released with inherent demand from quality-hungry wine consumers. But while quality has been high in recent years, 2021 Sassicaia secures its place on the podium with 100 perfect points from Wine Advocate, 98+ points from Vinous and 98 points from James Suckling. Across scores from the three critics, 2021 Sassicaia is the best release ever.

A 100-point score that has only twice before been awarded to the Italian darling: for the 2016 and 1985 vintages. Sassicaia is always great - but this release is unique.


This Is How Sassicaia Performs

According to the UK wine exchange Liv-ex, the last 10 vintages* of Sassicaia that have been on the market for at least five years have yielded an average return of 60.7% in 5 years - equivalent to an average annual return of 10%.

Add to that the fact that with 100 points comes increased attention - and often a higher price point. When 2016 Sassicaia received its 100 points from Wine Advocate in January 2019, it traded at €130**. A month later the price was around €160**, and the following summer it was €190**. Our latest rating for 2016 Sassicaia is now €380**. So, the 100 points led to a price increase of +23% in a very short time, and since then the 100-point wine has performed well.

However, if we take a look at the pricing of the 1985 Sassicaia, which also received 100 points, the price development also looks interesting. The cheapest 1985 Sassicaia on is currently priced at €3,820**. This is almost 14 times what you would pay today for the latest vintage. And the 1985 vintage did not cost anywhere near the equivalent of €275** shortly after its release. This suggests that there is no limit to what a monumental Super Tuscan can cost in the long run.

Conclusion: 100-point Sassicaia releases have performed. And if 2021 Sassicaia does not live up to the performance of its two 100-point predecessors and instead follows in the footsteps of the other previous releases, the future looks bright.  The performance across releases is really good.

Add to that the fact that Italian wines are some of the most stable wines in turbulent times, as they have proven once again in recent years. Therefore, Italian wine will be a solid base in any portfolio, given its historical stability.

*Vintage 2007-2016.

**Ex. Customs, VAT, and tax. In full cases and perfect condition.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

Sassicaia is one of the big investor favourites - and with good reason. Sassicaia has both a strong brand and very high quality that has generated great returns for investors in recent years.

If you are one of those who have already secured a position, you now have the opportunity to add to it. If you have previous releases in your portfolio, being able to offer multiple vintage parcels can also have a positive synergy effect on later realisation.

If you are a brand-new investor, this is your chance to kick-start your wine investment with a bang. You can invest in a single case, which is why we expect extra high demand for this one. Italian wine is also proving to be stable in turbulent times, making it a great starting point for new investors.

There will always be a demand for 100-point wines. And the two 100-point predecessors have had a great price history and shown what the future can look like for the brand new 2021 vintage.

NOTE: This is a pre-order before the wine is physically in the market. 2021 Sassicaia is expected to be released from the producer around August/September this year.

2021 Sassicaia

2021 Sassicaia

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*EUR 275 / bottle

*All prices are in EUR excluding customs, duty and VAT upon delivery to a bonded warehouse through Nordic Freeport. The wines are sold only in full cases unless otherwise stated, and the price is per bottle. A minimum purchase applies – contact us for the specific minimum purchase for this option. Assumes portfolio at RareWine Invest. The price of these wines may have changed since the publication of this article. Reservations are made for errors.

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