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Outstanding Salon presents Monumental Release: Only 8,000 bottles of vintage 2008

There is no doubt that the 2008 vintage is one of the most sensational we have ever seen in Champagne and Salon tops it with their unique and extraordinary 2008 Salon

Welcome to the 2008 Salon – rarer than ever

The Champagne party will never end when it comes to the already legendary 2008 vintage. And now Salon joins the party with the latest 2008 release from one of the most prominent houses, which may also be one of the most extraordinary and sought after ever.

Salon is synonymous with the highest quality and to great annoyance of the champagne lovers, Salon Cuvée "S" is produced only in the absolute best vintages and in extremely limited quantities. In fact, in the period 1990-2009, Salon was only released in eight out of 20 possible vintages with a production in the region of 60,000 bottles each vintage. In contrary, Dom Pérignon has released 15 vintages in the same period - and millions of bottles in each.

As if this was not enough for the Salon-hungry world, Salon President Didier Depond made a dramatic decision regarding the house's long-awaited 2008 Cuvée "S"; The champagne was to be released exclusively in magnum bottles and production was limited to only 8,000 bottles in total!

The 8,000 bottles of the 2008 Salon Cuvée "S" on magnum were released on September 19 and are sold exclusively in a Collector's Case, named 2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case. The beautifully crafted case containing one magnum bottle of the 2008 Salon Cuvee "S" and two ordinary bottles of each of the 2004, 2006 and 2007 vintage of the same wine.

In other words, an ultimate Salon experience is awaiting the few who end up getting their hands on these extremely rare Salon Oenotheque cases.

Investment in Salon 2008 Invest in Salon 2008 - delivered in exclusive wood case

The perfect champagne?

The 2008 Salon is so new to the market that not even all the major wine critics have tasted, or at least, published their criticism yet. However, Antonio Galloni of Vinous tasted the champagne and has awarded it the perfect 100 points.


“… The 2008 is simply extraordinary. Soft and silky, with breathtaking finesse… ”

Antonio Galloni on the 2008 Salon Cuvée “S”.


Hence, we cannot predict how the other major wine critics will rate the wine, but enthusiasm is certainly to be expected. One thing is certain, though: With Salon's usual, extremely high level and the already legendary quality of Champagne's 2008 vintage, it is not unrealistic that the 2008 Salon Cuvée "S" will be considered the perfect champagne and future benchmark.

2008 Salon Oenoteque 2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case

Baseball cards, sports cars and the 2008 Salon Cuvée "S"

Every collection has its true gem. That extra beautiful, rare or costly collectible that has either extremely high value due to affection, the physical value, or the scarcity. Whether it is a Babe Ruth baseball card, a classic Ferrari or something third, these examples have in common, that they have either been created extremely rare, or have become rare over time due to the fact that only a few copies have been carefully preserved and survived to this day.

The 2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case has everything it takes to become a crown jewel in any wine collection or wine investment portfolio. In addition, with only 8,000 cases available worldwide, the 2008 Salon is becoming even rarer, each time a bottle is opened - and ongoing consumption has already started.

best champagne investment 2008 - a stunning vintage

Rare Wine Invest's Opinion

This is the opportunity to secure you the most exclusive Salon ever released.

Salon delivers tremendous quality and is particularly sought after by the world's champagne drinkers and lovers, an increasing number all over the world, while production remains extremely limited.

Salon is also particularly interesting at the moment, as the release of the 2008 Cuvée "S" is also the start of the longest Salon drought the world has seen since the 1995 vintage replaced the 1990. According to Decanter, Salon has stated that Salon will not be released in the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 vintage and probably not in the 2013 vintage as well. If the 2008 Salon in this special and extra limited edition should not be coveted in itself, a five year-long Salon drought will probably contribute to this furthermore.

Investing in the 2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case is an investment in a piece of champagne history with the format of becoming a highly sought-after collectible item in addition to being desirable to taste for anyone with just the slightest knowledge of and interest in champagne. However, it is far anyone’s privilege to add one of the only 8,000 bottles to the collection.

The famed 2008 Salon Cuvée "S" on magnum is currently available for investment, but should be expected to be a rare sight on the world wine markets once sold out - therefore this is the perfect opportunity to secure investment in Salon's latest and greatest exclusive release to date: 2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case.

Investment in 2008 Salon 2008 Salon - a stunning champagne

2008 Salon Limited Edition Oenotheque Case

1 x 2008 Salon Cuvée "S" magnum

2 x 2007 Salon Cuvée "S"

2 x 2006 Salon Cuvée "S"

2 x 2004 Salon Cuvée "S"

Pakket i særlig samlerkasse

Price* per case:

€ 7.800


*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article.

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