Investment Tips - Champagne - 31. March 2020

Disapearing Quantities: Invest In 2008 Dom Pérignon Before It's Too Late

The 1988 Dom Pérignon today costs approx 10 times more than when released, IF it can be obtained. The 2008 vintage is even better.

Market Situation Offers Great Dom Pérignon Opportunities

Known and recognized as one of the world's most sought after luxury brands, Dom Pérignon is by no doubt among the kings of Champagne.

When talking about the 2008 vintage it hardly becomes more legendary. The 2008 Vintage is known as one of the best if not the best vintage ever in Champagne. The 2008 Dom Pérignon scores more than 2.5 points on average than the legendary 1988 vintage, which today costs more than 10 times more than when released in the late 90s - if available at all.

Now you have the opportunity to buy the 2008 Dom Pérignon at an attractive price and in investment-suitable quantities. The Corona crisis has, if anything, contributed to the fall of the British pound (GBP) by just over 10% over the past month. London is the center of the world's wine trade and a great share of the world's international wine dealers are based in England. This means that fluctuations in the price of GBP can temporarily affect global wine prices.

If the supply of a particular wine is great in England, and the price is not adjusted for currency fluctuations, the price falls globally and the wine can be bought at an advantageous price until the market has again traded effectively and prices have corrected. In addition, demand is declining as large parts of the world are isolated to avoid the spread of COVID-19, which means that the price of the 2008 Dom Pérignon for a short period of time is more attractive than usual.

Investment i legandary 2008 Dom Perignon A legendary label to a legendary Champagne

You Can Still Make It

By this, we have the perfect combination of solid potential and low risk by; exclusive and in demand super brand, legendary vintage, sufficient quantity and an extremely favorable price.

In other words, everything suggests that in the future, Dom Pérignon will be an investment case that gets highlighted again and again - and you can still get on board before it's too late - but the opportunity doesn't last: The quantities available on the world market have been greatly reduced and continue to decline.

Invest in 2008 Dom Pérignon

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