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Solid Brunello Potential: Stable Return And Highest Score Ever

This is why Casanova di Neri's top wine, Brunello Tenuta Nuova, can explode like a rocket that spreads gold on your wine portfolio

Only 100 Point-Brunello House

Tuscany is a center of fantastic wine experiences that can be enjoyed in the region's slopy countryside and alluring nature. Here the wine lover can let time and space flow together in a euphoric feeling - the feeling like a summer evening that never ends.

If we go to Siena, one of Tuscany's provinces, we find the city of Montalcino, which is the epitome of just above. This is the home to Brunello, the brown grape, a nickname for the region's wines made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, which are both among the most well-known and expensive wines from Italy.

There is no official ranking of the greatest and best Brunello’s but should some of the absolute top houses be mentioned, Soldera (Casse Basse), Biondi Santi and Casanova di Neri will certainly be among them.

But despite a wealth of fantastic wines, only one single Brunello house has managed to climb to the top and get the magic 100 points (WA). The house in question is Casanova di Neri and besides having the status as the only 100 points Brunello house, the house, top wine Brunello Tenuta Nuova, also offers a solid investment potential. Read more about this potential in the 2015 vintage, the best Brunello Tenuta Nuova ever, in the section below.

Casanova Brunello di Montalcino Montalcino in Sienas amazing landscape

Brunello Tenuta Nuova Sets New Record!

As mentioned, Casanova di Neri is today the only Brunello house that can boast of having achieved the famed and perfect 100 points. The wine in question is the 2010 vintage of the house' top wine Brunello Tenuta Nuova and although it is obvious to think that it is precisely this vintage this investment tip is all about, it is instead the 2015 that should be in focus - and there is a really good reason for that! With towering points from all leading wine critics, the 2015 vintage raises the bar for what to expect from Casanova di Neris Brunello Tenuta Nuova, which, with an average score of almost 98 points, sets a new record for the critics’ reviews:


The 2015 vintage is the best Brunello Tenuta Nuova ever, and stands as proof that the quality has never been higher. Looking at how the critics have reported the last 12 vintages since the year 2003, there is complete agreement that Casanova di Neri just keeps improving, which has resulted in them having improved a whole point since the year 2003 points in every three years!

2015 Brunello Tenuta Nuova is therefore - besides being the top wine from one of the absolute greatest Brunello houses, which is also known as the only 100 points Brunello house - probably also the greatest and best wine ever presented by Casanova di Neri. This will undoubtedly be a wine the Brunello lovers will remember in the future and will be a coveted choice on the wine list, should it be available in the future.

Stable Returns Despite Shadow Life

In recent years, the wine investor has seen large price increases in Burgundy - aided by an intense global interest in this region's top wines. While this has been going on, Casanova di Neri Brunello Tenuta Nuova has, in addition to increasing quality, also delivered stable returns - completely outside the wine world's limelight and attention, which has gone to the classic French wines. The historical returns across the past 10 vintages, which have been on the market for at least two and five years, respectively, looks like this:

Period2 years*5 years*
Average return11,9%33,5%
Average Annual Return In The Period**5,8%6,0%
*Average returns on vintages that have been on the market for at least two years (2004-2013) and at least five years (2000-2010). **Annualized returns in the periods

What is particularly interesting in this, besides stable returns in an asset that has historically been characterized by low risk, is that the price rises have come, even though the eyes of the wine world have been directed in a different direction. Where some wines, even in the past 12 months, have even fallen in price as a result of the penalty and the corona crisis, Italian wines, including the great Brunellos, have held the price and some even delivered returns. We may be facing the beginning of a paradigm shift in which Italian top wines are starting to run with some of the attention previously reserved for French wines. There is nothing to suggest that this increased interest will be at the expense of the other wine regions, but perhaps a reaction to the growing interest in wine will lead us to open the horizon for, for example, the wines from Tuscany, including Brunello. We have reported on several occasions that the Italian top wines are on the rise, and although it is the Super Toscan, with Sassicaia as spearhead who has led so far, it is not difficult to imagine a scenario where even the greatest Brunello's will rise in price, if the interest in the best Italian wines continue to rise. If so, Brunello Tenuta Nuova will be a particularly interesting place to be as an investor. If NOT, it is worth noting that, historically, Brunello Tenuta Nuova has delivered stable returns without any significant risk.

Invest in 2015 Casanova di Neri Brunello Tenuta Nuova 2015 Brunello Tenuta Nuova - the best to date

Treat Of The Wine Investor: Absent Vintage And Limited Production

Due to poor conditions and low harvest yield in 2014, a drastic decision was made at Casanova di Neri. For the first time in the history of the house, the fruit that was suitable for wine production was mixed - fruit from the whole estate which usually turns into three different wines of three different qualities – and they made the 2014 Brunello de Montalcino DOCG. This, by its nature, means that there is no 2014 Brunello Tenuta Nuova, which is why the wine market has had to wait an extra year for the next vintage to be released. In a market where prices rise as supply falls, this is particularly interesting. At the same time, only about 70,000 bottles of Brunello Tenuta Nuova are produced in an average vintage, which is extremely small, in relation to the fact that we are dealing with a wine where the unit price is relatively low. This means that the wine has a huge and thirsty audience, with most people drinking and the fewest saving bottles for later. The relatively low price also means that even if prices for example double, there is still a large buying-strong audience.

To put things into perspective, the 2010 vintage, one of the best comparable vintages, today costs approx the double of the the 2015.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

We have said it before and would like to say it again: The Italian top wines are extremely interesting - also in investment contexts.

Led by Sassicaia and the other Super Tuscans, the Italian top wines have emerged and, if you say Brunello both inside and outside Italy, no one doubts that this is synonymous with the top of Italian wine. Here you will find Casanova di Neri and their Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova among the largest.

But even though the Italian advance does not seem to have started recently and although the big spotlight has not yet shone on the best Brunellos, Brunello Tenuta Nueva, for example, has nevertheless delivered stable returns of 6% per annum over the past five years. If we increase our focus on these wines, there is the potential for these to deliver double-digit annual returns in the future.

In any investment, it's about getting the best return at the lowest risk, and that's where Brunello's comes into the picture. With the potential to go from delivering solid returns to exceptional returns, Brunello is not only a potentially good investment, but based on a portfolio mindset, also a healthy counterbalance to the classic French wines, which today make up the majority of the wines in investors' portfolios.

As an investor, you thus get both a solid return potential together with the opportunity to further diversify into wine portfolio.

The 2015 vintage has been released quite recently, which has helped us to obtain a larger quantity at an attractive price. However, in order to ensure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to invest, we initially limit orders to 120 bottles per investor.

The question is, do you dare to seize the opportunity to get this unique Brunello in the portfolio?

Invest in the top Brunello of Casanova di Neri: Tenuta Nuova

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