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100 Points For The Barolo King. 2014 Conterno Monfortino Is Deservedly Extremely Coveted.

Invest in the greatest Barolo before the price increases further. 2014 Monfortino has already shown promising potential in 2021. Do you want to join in?

"The 2014 Barolo Riserva Monfortino is an epic wine"

- Antonio Galloni, Vinous

The critics are excited about the 2014 Monfortino from world renowned Giacomo Conterno. In fact, the Italian top wines are in demand like never before, and as a result, there is great investment potential in the best Barolos. Especially when quantities are limited, and the price is still favourable....

How The King Of Barolo Was Born: Giacomo Conterno Monfortino

In 1908, Giovanni Conterno owned a modest winery in San Giuseppe. Here, he produced wine for the establishment from grapes he had acquired from local wine growers.

The family had a passion for wine, so it was natural that Giovanni's son Giacomo took over the business. Giacomo also brought in his own sons Giovanni and Aldo in 1961. A more modern and progressive approach to winemaking came into focus, and the pursuit of excellence became the first priority.

Giacomo Conterno continued to acquire the grapes from local farmers, but by 1974, many local farmers had begun to produce wine under their own names. As a result, Giovanni acquired the renowned Cascina Francia vineyard in Serralunga, and this was fundamental to their great success and uncrowned status as the King of Barolo.

Monfortino Is The First And Indisputable Greatest Barolo

Barolo was for many years made to be consumed early. However, Giacomo wanted to change that, and when he returned from the First World War in 1920, he began working on creating a Barolo with sublime ageing potential. And that was how Monfortino became a reality.

Giacomo Conterno's top wines have since 1978 been made exclusively from grapes from Cascina Francia. In good vintages, the wines are called Cascina Francia, but as soon as the vintage is better than good, the vineyard's top grapes become Monfortino. And that's why the pseduonym "King of Barolo" has become the predicate of Monfortino Riserva for any Italian connoisseur.

100 Points From Italy's Wine Specialist

“The 2014 Monfortino is an epic, monumental wine in every way”

- Vinous

When a wine is awarded 100 points, it is worth keeping an eye on it. And in this case, the 2014 Giacomo Conterno Monfortino has been awarded 100 points by Vinous, specialists in Italian wines.

Add to this that the Wine Advocate can also potentially award the 2014 vintage 100 points, as it is currently rated at 98-100 points.

The 2014 Giacomo Conterno Monfortino therefore places itself among the very best Monfortinos, ever.

Invest in 2014 Giacomo Conterno Monfortino Monfortino Is The First And Indisputable Greatest Barolo

There Are Speculations About The Quantities....

It is uncertain how limited the quantities of Monfortino actually are. The uncertainty exists because the Cascine Francia vineyard supplies grapes for both the wine of the same name and the flagship Monfortino. This means that in a good vintage, there are more grapes that have achieved good enough quality for Monfortino.

However, Wine Advocate says that the total quantity of 2013 Conterno Monfortino is 20,000 regular bottles, 2,500 magnum bottles and 400 three-liter bottles. In terms of points, the 2013 vintage is rated almost at the same level as the 2014. Both are thus good vintages, so it is assumed that the number of bottles produced in these vintages is comparable.

Even here, 20,000 is an extremely limited production.

Undeniable Desire For Italy: Coveted Monfortino

In recent years, according to the British wine exchange Liv-ex, there has been a particularly high demand for the best Italian wines, including of course those from Barolo. A major part of Barolo has been Giacomo Conterno, Barolo Riserva Monfortino, and the 2013 vintage topped the list of most traded wines by value in 2020.

Furthermore, several reports for 2021 show that there is a strong demand for Super Tuscans and Italian wines in general. The 2018 Tua Rita Redigaffi and 2018 Sassicaia were the two most traded Italian wines by value so far this year, according to Liv-ex. Giacomo Conterno's 2014 Barolo Monfortino Riserva was in third place.

This underlines an increasing demand for Piedmont's finest wines, and it even shows that the 2014 vintage of Giacomo Conterno's Monfortino is highly coveted.

2014 Has Already Performed Well. When Do You Want To Be Included?

In January 2021, a bottle of 2014 Giacomo Conternos Monfortino, under the management of RareWine Invest, was valued at € 875. Today, it costs € 925, representing a price increase of 5.7 %.

Prices are climbing steadily, and if demand remains strong, prices are likely to continue as consumption reduces quantities. At the same time, the 2015 vintage is on the doorstep as the next Monfortino – something that is often timed so that quantities of the previous vintage are diminishing.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

The 2014 vintage of Conternos Monfortino is described as epic and is rewarded with 100 points from Vinous. Here, we are dealing with a fabulous vintage from an already both world-renowned and acclaimed Barolo producer. It gets better when you look at the price increases that have already occurred on the 2014 vintage from Monfortino in 2021.

Price increases validated the potential, although the 2014 vintage is still the latest Monfortino on the market – but it is a stacked deadline. So, the question is whether there will actually be more opportunities for investment in this 100-point vintage before quantities become too scarce and the price increases further.

Monfortino is the greatest Barolo. It is produced in limited quantities. Italian wines are in demand like never before. Now, you can invest in a critically acclaimed, limited production vintage while the price is still reasonable.

Invest in 2014 Giacomo Conterno Riserva Monfortino

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