Investment Tips - Italy - 22. June 2021

+ 12 % YTD - New Investment Opportunity In 2014 Soldera Case Basse

New investment opportunity in the great wine Soldera Case Basse 100% Sangiovese in the 2014 vintage - a vintage that has taken an almost sensational turn...

Back in November 2020, we recommended investing in the recently released 2015 Soldera Case Basse 100% Sangiovese - a vintage that long before any releases in Montalcino, the area where Soldera comes from, was already predicted to have a great future and by all accounts to become a benchmark vintage in the area.

The 2014 vintage, which was otherwise a difficult vintage in the area, was successfully handled by Soldera, and Vinous' Galloni rewarded the vintage with 96+ points. The 2015 vintage was released, and all indications were that it would top the 2014. To the surprise of many, this just didn’t happen, and in May, Galloni gave the 2015 vintage 96 points - a slightly lower score than the 2014's 96+ despite a statement from Galloni saying "Soldera's 2015 sangiovese is superb".

Nevertheless, both the 2014 and 2015 vintages have delivered strong returns in 2021 so far, and while the 2015 vintage will continue to stand out, the small "+" in the score for the 2014 vintage only adds to the investment potential.

The news of the 2015 vintage's score encouraged us to acquire all the 2014 vintage we could get our hands on - quite a small amount that you can now invest in.

We are dealing with a producer, who has turned his back to the classification "Brunello di Montalcino", in order not to be tied down, and in this way entered the category of the Super Tuscans, and today stands as probably the most exclusive wine that exists from Montalcino.

Great Returns On Soldera's 100% Sangiovese

The last three vintages of Soldera's 100% Sangiovese have done well in the first half of 2021, which, in addition to the quality and exclusivity of the wines, might be attributed to the increasing interest in the best Italian wines.

In fact, the 2013 vintage is up 7.1% YTD, while the 2014 vintage is up 11.9% and the 2015 is by 14.6%. This in every way validates these cases, but with Soldera it is unfortunately rare to have the luxury of being able to freely choose which vintage but is more about striking when an opportunity arises.

2014 Soldera Case Basse

Exclusive Italian Production

When it comes to the Italian wines, these are more often larger productions in comparison with the micro productions we know from Burgundy. At Soldera Case Basse, however, the situation is different. Although the estate could produce considerably more wine than it does, yields are kept as low as possible to achieve the desired quality. As a result, in a normal vintage, only around the equivalent of 15,000 bottles are produced, while in difficult vintages it is as low as 6,000 bottles. Bottles that are hard to find in quantity when young, and highly coveted by Italian lovers when mature.

The 2014 vintage is also the penultimate vintage Gianfranco Soldera himself followed all the way from vineyard to bottle before he passed away in 2019 in a tragic car accident - this is therefore among the last of the master's works.

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Invest in 2014 Soldera Case Basse 100% sangiovese

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