Investment Tips - Champagne - 28. September 2021

1988 Krug Collection - Krug's Legendary Late Release

Krug is great. 1988 is even greater. Combine the two in your next investment...

Krug is great. 1988 is even greater. Here you get the opportunity to invest in a unique combination of both – this being Krug's legendary late release: 1988 Krug Collection  - a late release from Krug's cellars in perfect condition and with a long life ahead of it.

Champagne producer Krug stores a very limited number of bottles of Krug Vintage under ideal conditions in the cellars of the house after a vintage’s primary release. Here they are continuously tasted and evaluated while waiting to blossom into a new life. When that happens, Krug Vintage becomes Krug Collection and gives Champagne collectors and lovers the opportunity to enjoy unique Champagne from iconic vintages.

The 1988 vintage stands out like a lighthouse in the Champagne world. Across all of the great vintages, 1988 is vintage that connoisseurs, collectors, and Champagne lovers alike strive to taste and like to return to.

Now, more than 20 years after the first 1988 Champagnes hit the market, the quantities available are quite limited - for example, whole cases of Krug’s 1988 Vintage Brut are an extremely rare sight. Now you can secure investment in this exact vintage, but in the late release edition, 1988 Krug Collection.

1988 Krug Collection was released just over two years ago, after the release of both 1989 and 1990 Krug Collection. 1988 is the 24th edition in the series that started with the mythical vintage of 1928. 1988 stands today as the greatest Krug Collection gem, which can actually be obtained, and is with a score of 98 points from Richard Juhlin a unique choice.

Investment in 1988 Krug Collection

Solid Returns On The Krug Collection 1990

Only one single vintage of the Krug Collection is currently under the administration of RareWine Invest. This being the 1990 vintage with 97 points by Juhlin, and the price of this has risen as much as 40.9% since January 2020, which validates the potential. At the same time, an investment in the 1988 vintage is an investment in an even greater vintage, which at the same time speaks into a very promising future, where rising production costs in the region can become the Champagne investor's best friend.

Invest Before The Krug Fever Really Breaks Out

The last few years have been a firework display of one release after another from the already legendary 2008 vintage. Not many of the great 2008s are left, but Krug’s are some of them: 2008 Krug Vintage, which will be the first released 2008 Champagne from Krug is expected to be released in late 2021 - this will by no doubt start a Krug hype and create Champagne fever that can help promote price rises. One can reasonably expect major hype and interest towards Krug’s Champagnes.

Invest in the unique combination of iconic 1988 vintage of Champagne and Krug's stunning quality and enjoy the opportunity to offer the future Champagne connoisseurs, collectors an extremely rare and exceptional Champagne experience.

Invest In 1988 Krug Collection

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1988Krug Collection750OWC1€850
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