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Invest In Rare Drops From The Port Ellen Cult Distillery - 40 YO 9 Rogue Casks

With a return of more than 564% over the past 10 years, whiskey once again proves that extremely lucrative investments can be made here. Here is the oldest Port Ellen to date.

Whiskey has long been a particularly attractive investment object and Diageo's special releases of the sparse quantities of single malt whisky from the cult destillery of Port Ellen's old cellars are no exception - on the contrary.

The Untold Stories Continue…

Although the cult distillery Port Ellen, from the Isle of Islays closed in 1983, it was not forgotten. The distillery's old barrels of single malt whisky were still standing in the cellars waiting for their fate. In 1997, the world's largest spirits producer, Diageo, bought what was left of Port Ellen, with a visionary plan to let the distillery rise from the ashes.

Since 2001, the whisky world has been presented with a new annual release of the original Port Ellen whisky from the distillery's cellars. Interest in these Port Ellen Special Releases, like interest in high-quality single malt whisky in general, has risen sharply. Now you can invest in the oldest and rarest Port Ellen release to date: Port Ellen 40 YO The Untold Stories: 9 Rogue Casks - a tribute to the original Port Ellen and the latest, smallest, and most exclusive release from the distillery. At the same time, this is an expression of the fact that the quantities of whisky from the original distillery are seriously leaking towards the end and can never be recreated.

Invest in rare whisky Port Ellen 9 Rogue Casks Port Ellen 9 Rogue Casks comes, as well as the first bottle in the Untold Stories series, in a beautiful display box including certificate

Whisky Is An Attractive Investment Asset: + 564% In 10 Years

The category is attracting more and more interest, especially driven by an increased interest in and demand for the best single malt whiskys for consumption, but also as a collector's item and is by several lengths the category among collector's items that has risen most in price in the last ten years. According to Frank Knight, a globally recognized consulting firm, the price of rare whisky has risen by 564%* over the past 10 years, which equates to an average annual return of more than 20%.

The whiskys that see the biggest price increases, and are the subject of the greatest interest, are often the oldest and finest single malt whiskys, often in extremely limited quantities from release, or later in supply. This is especially the case for Port Ellens Special Releases and 40 YO 9 Rogue Casks as well.

*Frank Knight The Wealth Report 2020 - The Knight Frank Rare Whiskey 100 Index (KFRW100), which is based on 100 of the most coveted whiskeys and concrete hammer prices from the UK.

The Last Drops From The Original Port Ellen

When Diageo started their Special Release program for approx. 20 years ago, it was with Port Ellen, which has been released every year from 2001-2017 in a new Special Release - gradually getting older and older and over time in more and more limited releases. In 2019, the first chapter of Port Ellen's "The Untold Stories" was released, marking the beginning of the end of the original Port Ellen. The original quantities of whisky from the distillery's cellars do not last forever, and the quantities released indicate that the bottom of the casks will soon be reached.

Port Ellen Special Release 1-17 (2001-2017):

Release year No. of bottles
2001 6.000
2002 12.000
2003 9.000
2004 5.100
2005 5.280
2006 4.560
2007 5.274
2008 6.618
2009 5.916
2010 3.000
2011 2.988
2012 2.964
2013 2.958
2014 2.964
2015 2.964
2016 2.940
2017 2.988

Port Ellen The Untold Stories (2019- ??):

Release year No. of bottles
2019 (Spirit Safe) 1.500
2020 (Rogue Casks) 1.380

Diageo's Well Done Marketing Work

Diageo is by no means an insignificant player in the liquor market. Diageo is the company behind more than 200 different beer and spirits brands and is with giant brands such as Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, and Guinness the world's largest spirits producer that controls approx. 25% of the global spirits market which is 50% more than their closest competitors.

Diageo's extensive experience in maintaining and developing the company's major brands is also spreading to Port Ellen and a well-executed marketing effort has contributed to the spread of awareness of Port Ellen throughout the world and helped raise prices. Release prices are also being pushed up enormously, and while an additional price of 10-30% would be expected between the last Port Ellen Special Release in 2017 and the first Port Ellen The Untold Stories in 2019, there was more of a doubling.

The point of this is that there does not seem to be a ceiling on how much these bottles can cost. And while releases are dwindling and bottles are constantly being drunk, the growing number of whisky connoisseurs, collectors and professional buyers have to contend with the meager quantities that disappear from the market and never return.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

Now you can invest in the oldest and rarest whisky to date from the defunct cult distillery Port Ellen. Port Ellen 40 YO The Untold Stories: 9 Rogue Casks is the epitome of an exclusive and investment-worthy whisky that, as the 2nd chapter in this series, is attractive in itself, but can also be an important acquisition in terms of striving for a full collection, or later could offer it to someone else who is missing just this one.

Although Port Ellen closed in 1983, Diageo is scheduled to reopen the distillery this year to the great delight of the entire whisky world. However, this should only be an advantage for those who today are fortunate enough to own whisky from Port Ellen. Because while Port Ellen will reopen and once again send unique whisky to the market and further expand its cult status, there will be a clear difference for all the world's whisky connoisseurs and collectors of Port Ellen's whisky, before and after reopening.

Absolutely extraordinary, and almost sensational, we now offer a batch of seven bottles of Port Ellen 40 YO 9 Rogue Casks for investment, which allows you to make a very attractive and exclusive investment, at a price that is significantly lower compared to other providers, according to

Whisky has long been the collector's item that has given the highest returns in the long run, and there is no indication that this will change in the future.

Invest In Port Ellen 40 YO The Untold Stories: 9 Rogue Casks

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