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Next Generation Burgundy Elite: Invest In Domaine Dujac's Les Beaux Monts

Dujac continues its impressive advance towards Burgundy's absolute elite and premier cru phenomenon Les Beaumont offers potential in both the long and short term

The "New", Talented Boy In Burgundy

In 1968 Jacques Seysses came to Burgundy, and he had great ambitions for his new domaine. He had bought the Domain Graillet in Morey-Saint-Denis and renamed it Domaine Dujac, which translates as "The House Jack Owns".

The prestigious Domaine Dujac rose from the ashes as a phoenix. It may sound magical, but in fact the success of the domain is the result of fierce diligence, respect for qualitative wine production and knowledge sharing with some of the finest winemakers in breathtaking Burgundy.

Next Generation Domaine Dujac

In 1973 Jacques married Rosalind, who immediately became an important part of the team. It is therefore not a surprise that the Seyssess couple's children are a natural part of the family business - and loved it. Today the sons Alec and Jeremy and Jeremy's wife Alice run Domaine Dujac. However, in close cooperation with both father and mother.

A strong and committed family team has resulted in the growth of Domaine Dujac. From owning five hectares in 1968, their property today counts 15 hectares spread throughout Burgundy.

Quality Should Never Be Sacrificed For Quantity At Domaine Dujac

Domaine Dujac has a clear wine philosophy that helps deliver high quality wines – year after year. They are very conscious that they need to take care of their terroirs. Therefore, they have chosen to convert their vineyards to ecology, and since 2003 they have also been working according to biodynamic principles as well.

The most important thing is not that production is organic or biodynamic. No, the most important thing is to preserve a natural, vibrant and varied ecosystem, because the existing microbial fauna breaks is a large part of the identity that prevails in Burgundy. Domaine Dujac wants to protect that identity, which is why they cultivate their vineyards with respect for the terroirs.

The immersive attention in the vineyard is, according to Dujac, the reason why they always get good wines – and this despite unpredictable weather conditions 

Investment in Domaine Dujac Les Beaux Monts

Les Beaux Monts, One Of Vosne-Romanée's Premier Cru Gems

In recent years, some of Vosne-Romanée's great Premier Crus have attracted a lot of attention. This applies to Aux Reignots, Aux Malconsorts and of course Cros Parantoux, made famous by legend Henri Jayer. But in this company, Les Beaux Monts* should not be overlooked. Located in Burgundy's wine buttercup, Vosne-Romanée, where some of the world's most exclusive and famous wines are born, Les Beaux Monts has all the properties needed to provide world-class wine.

Located just north of fabulous Richebourg Grand Cru, Les Beaux Monts measures a whopping 11.4 hectares shared among some of the region's most prominent names. Here, Dujac works alongside names such as Hudelot-Noellat, Grivot, Rouget and Leroy, all of whom, in their own way, help to strengthen the interest and demand of Les Beaux Monts.

Domaine Leroy is the largest landowner on Les Beaux Monts with two plots measuring a total of 2.6 hectares. At the same time, Domaine Leroy also showcases the potential of this Premier Cru gem and presents wines that in better vintages with ease cost + € 2,000 per bottle. At Dujac you get world class Premier Cru from Beaux Monts at a price range where a lot of wine lovers both can and will participate...

*Often spelled "Beaumonts" as well

One of Dujac's coveted microproductions

Domaine Dujac's production of Les Beaux Monts is extremely limited and rare, even compared to Leroy's editions. According to Burghound, the yield at Dujac in 2018 was less than normal and was less than 30 hectolitres/ha. This equates to a maximum of 2,880 bottles of Dujac Beaux Monts in 2018, but probably less. By comparison, Leroy produces around 3,500-4,000 bottles of Les Beaux Monts in regular vintages.

However, the crop yield here once again underlines Dujac's inescapable attitude to quality rather than quantity. With a yield of less than 30 hl/ha, Dujac is well below the prescribed max of 45 hl/ha for a Premier Cru in Burgundy.

2018 Dujac Les Beaux Monts - One For The History Books?

Vintage 2018 has been good for Domaine Dujac and 2018 Les Beaux Monts is now the top rated since the the 2005 vintage. At the same time, it is worth noting that the 2018 vintage so far matches the vintage of 2019, which otherwise in Burgundy is expected to be a huge vintage and perhaps the best since 1865. At the same time, it is also to be expected that this will be released at a record high price, which could affect the prices of all surrounding vintages.

In addition, it is also worth noting that Burghound has only once previously given Dujacs Beaumont's higher points than the 2018 vintage’s 93 points – namely by 94 points for the 2015 vintage. A bottle of 2015 currently costs at least € 347, according to, and cost around €240, meaning it has yielded a return of just under 49% or 13% in average annual returns over the past three years.

With a quality underpinned by strong scores* from the leading critics, it's safe to say that Dujac's vintage 2018 is among the best Beaux Monts and will be a reference and a benchmark for future wine lovers looking to enjoy world-class Premier Cru.

*It is worth reminding that although it is the same 100 point scale that is used regardless of whether it is Burgundy, Brunello or Bordeaux that is being judged, it is not easy to pull home the highest points in the different regions. The competition, for example, is extremely much tougher in Burgogne than in, for example, Barolo, which means that the points cannot be compared one-on-one. A little caricatured it can be said that 95 points in Burgundy is a strong score, while in Barolo it is a little less impressive.

Hereby the scores of the last 15 vintages of Dujac Beaux Monts:

2019- 91-94 94-96-
WA: Wine Advocate BH: Burghound VI: Vinous

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

Dujac, the "new" boy in the class, has evolved to become one of Burgundy's elite producers, which, with landholdings in all the right vineyards, has everything it takes to continue his progress.

Microproduction, famous vineyards and an extremely rare character are all statements describing Dujac's Beaux Monts and despite this, we are still in a price range where a lot of wine lovers can and will join in, even if the price should rise 10-20% overnight.

An investment in Dujac is an investment in the next generation of Burgundy's absolute elite. An investment in Dujac's Beaux Monts is an investment in a slightly overlooked Premier Cru from the wine mecca Vosne-Romanée, which in the 2018 vintage has a quality level that has not been surpassed since the 2005 vintage and so far is comparable to the already legendary vintage 2019.

At the same time, there is a possibility that the 2019 vintage will be released at a record price, which could have a positive impact on the price of the year 2018. In other words, there is potential in this case, whether you are looking short or long-term.

Either way, you now have the opportunity to invest in the 2018 vintage of Dujacs Beaux Monts to later offer it to the world's wine lovers – an attractive option, as mature Dujac today is quite difficult to obtain.

Invest today and save money compared to cheapest price of right now (€297)

Invest in 2018 Les Beaux Monts from Domaine Dujac

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