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Whisky Investment: Invest In 28 YO Laphroaig 2018 Release At Below Release Price

Great potential, good price and massive muscle in the engine room. That's why Laphroiag is playing in the high air.

Limited Edition Laphroaig At The Cheapest Price In The Market

Scotch cask strenght whisky at the cheapest price in the market is now available for investment - a limited edition that is referred to as one of Laphroaig's best. reveals that an average price of this 2018 release of 28 YO Laphroaig is sold for an average price of €461 in November 2018. Today, this figure is €548.   

Your price right now is €425.    

Scotch Whisky Excellence With 200 Years Of Experience

In 1815, brothers Donald and Alexander Johnston leased 1,000 acres of land on the Scottish island of Islay to raise cattle. However, when they saw a surplus of barley to feed the cattle, they began producing whisky.   

It turned out to be a very good decision.     

The area that became the source of the brothers' whisky wealth is called Laphroiag, and today the world's whisky lovers are drawn to the rugged Scottish island for an authentic glimpse of a historic malting floor. Indeed, 200 years after the brothers' decision to go from cattle to whisky, the brand has established itself as one of the world's most sought-after.  

A Little White Lie Conquered The USA

Ian Hunter took over ownership of the distillery from his uncle - a descendant of Johston. It was he who really spread Laphroaig around the world like confetti. Scandinavia, Latin America, Europe and Canada were all introduced to the Scottish golden potion by Hunter's marketing magic.    

Ian even convinced US customs that Laphroaigs had medicinal properties. That resulted in a green light for legal export to the United States.     


The Family Business In Powerful Hands

The Johnston brothers planted the successful seed that would grow into the peated single malt whisky that today is characterized as one of the world's best tasting. For generations, production was handed down to family members with an eye for detail in production and a keen eye for marketing.   

Today Laphroiag is owned by Suntory, which is also behind Macallan, Hibiki, Bowmore, Yamazaki and many more. Suntory is undoubtedly one of the world's largest spirits producers.   

That means there is a lot of machinery behind the branding and distribution of Laphroiag.  

28 YO Laphroaig 2018 - limited edition release 28 YO Laphroaig 2018 - limited edition release

Rising Demand For Whisky Regulates Price

Whisky is a passion-driven asset, with growing interest and demand for the oldest and best whiskies in particular. This means that supply is shrinking as production cannot be expanded overnight.   

To counter this trend, we have seen price increases in whisky, making it the strongest alternative asset class.   

Scottish Potential In The Giants' Fortress

Laphroaig has long established itself as one of the world's best whisky producers. However, there are unpredictable things that can affect an otherwise promising growth path, and we saw that with the punitive tariffs imposed on Scotch whisky imports to the US because of the trade war between the US Trump administration and the EU. This meant that whisky exports to the US fell by 32% during 2020.    

Fortunately, a change of president has meant that the punitive duty has been suspended, so the world's largest market for whisky can now once again import quality whisky from Scotland and Laphroaig in particular.   

The US is a huge buyer of whisky, but in fact it might also be worth looking at the Chinese whiskybeat. In 2020, China ranked in the top 10 of the world's biggest export markets for Scotch whisky with an impressive 20% increase.     

Exports of quality Scotch whisky have grown from €10 million to €100 million. GBP 10 million in the early 2000s to GBP 100 million today. GBP by 2020. Although the figures are quickly drowning in the huge Chinese spirits market, it still highlights a sublime potential for whisky.    

How Whisky Portfolios Perform

Many of the investors at RareWine Invest choose to have whisky represented in their portfolios. Looking at how Islay whisky is performing in portfolios with us, we see an average increase of 18.5% since April 2020.   

According to the annual "The Wealth Report" for 2021 by property company and consultancy Frank Knight, the "Rare Whisky" category is up 478% as in just 10 years. This represents an average annual return of 19%.   

In addition, Liv-ex also presents that the trade in whisky in 2020 has more than doubled compared to 2019. This with a corresponding increase in the number of buyers, which has reached an all-time high in the year to date.  

In other words, trade is really picking up and it is hardly a joke that whisky is referred to as liquid sunshine. Whisky is showing muscle as an investment category.   

Rarewine Invest's Opinion

It's not at all every day that investment arguments stumble over each other. But they actually do here. One is that quality whisky is in demand around the world - another is that the price of this 28 YO 2018 Laphroaig right now is outrageously good.   

The percentages and favorable price increases speak for themselves and show us that whisky as an investable asset has gigantic potential.   

Here you can get your hands on a whisky from a historic distillery. And it is no secret that we have high expectations for Laphroaig, which with this 28 YO 2018 release finds itself in an attractive optimum between a highly attractive pricing, compared to other Scotch whiskies in this cult segment, and a strong, historic brand with a strong tradition of sublime, Scotch single malt whisky.    

Invest now and take advantage of the particularly attractive price.   


Invest In Laphroaig 28 YO - 2018 edition

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201828 YO Laphroaig700OC/GB16€ 425
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