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2008 Bollinger La Grande Année - The Best Ever

The 2008 vintage in Champagne is triumphant, with high yields, dominance in the secondary market and a bright future. Invest in the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année while you can.

In 2022, champagne guru Richard Juhlin has tasted the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année again, and he maintains his impressive score of 96 points. However, he puts a new, albeit deserved, punctuation mark on his rating with the phrase:

”Buy a case and follow its aromatic journey to heaven.”

And it is not surprising that a 2008 vintage Champagne brings heavenly associations. The 2008 vintage in Champagne has become a reference vintage because of its sky-high level. So whether you believe in heaven or not, you get the message.

This is your opportunity to invest in 2008 Champagne. Even the best Grande Année - ever. So if you do not yet have 2008 Bollinger Grande Année in your portfolio, this is an obvious opportunity. If you are one of those who have already invested in it, here is your chance to supplement...

Read along to learn more about the potential of the best champagnes from the 2008 vintage, how our 2008 recommendations have performed so far, and what the future holds.

You Obviously Know Bollinger, But....

A short introduction is in order anyway. The Champagne House of Bollinger dates back to 1585, and the first centuries of the house's life were spent out of the world's spotlight. That was about to change, however, when Emily Law de Lauriston Boubers (Lily Bollinger) devoted herself to promoting the champagne house.

She married into the Bollinger family, and after her husband's death in 1942, she began her journey around the world to promote Bollinger - and succeeded. The eyes of the world landed at Bollinger, and there they rest to this day.

They do, of course, because Bollinger is synonymous with quality. And they do so, of course, because quality is backed up by competent marketing launched by Lily Bollinger - and completed by James Bond, who in recent Bond films enjoys Bollinger as his absolute favourite champagne. Add to that the fact that Bollinger has been a supplier to the British royal family since 1884.

The key to success is quality and marketing.

2008 Bollinger La Grande Année

Simply The Best…. Bollinger Grande Anné Ever

Since the release of the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année, both 2012 and 2014 have been released. They all get a great reception from the world's leading wine critics, but the 2008 remains at the top of the podium with 96.7 points across the critics' scores.

This only validates the narrative of the 2008 vintage in Champagne as being among the best ever.


That the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année is the best ever is also reflected in the price increases it has seen in the first years of its life. Since RareWine Invest was first able to offer 2008 Bollinger La Grande Année for investment in September 2019, the price has risen 105.6%, to the delight of all those who followed the recommendation at the time. Add to this the fact that since June 2020, all Bollinger la Grande Année under management by RareWine Invest has risen by an average of 58.4%*

The Bollinger brand is inherently sought-after, and the demand for the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année is obviously due to the consignor. But it's also due to its position as the best and 2008 prefix that the world's champagne lovers covet.

*2012, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004.

How The 2008 Champagnes Have Performed So Far

Although Bollinger has performed fantastically in the short term, the upside is still somewhere in the famous long term. Price rises have historically been greatest as champagne matures and availability reduces. There is still 2008 Champagne out there, but how long that will be the case and how long Grande Année will be available is anyone's guess - but supply has never been lower than it is now.

While the investment horizon is always long by default, it is still relevant to highlight how 2008 Champagnes have performed so far. Below you will find the development of the 2008 Champagne cases that have been offered through RareWine Invest from the first time they were offered here.

18.sep.182008 Cristal80%
18.sep.182008 Cristal Rosé MAG70,5%
13.okt.182008 Philipponnat Clos des Goises 114,8%
14.nov.182008 Dom Pérignon Legacy 48,6%
17.dec.182008 Pol Roger Winston Churchill69,7%
17.dec.182008 Pol Roger Winston Churchill MAG62,5%
09.jan.192008 Dom Pérignon 69,2%
28.mar.192008 Belle Epoque 30,8%
28.mar.192008 Belle Epoque MAG38,9%
14.jun.192008 Veuve Clicquot 5,6%
14.jun.192008 Veuve Clicquot MAG23,5%
14.jun.192008 Möet & Chandon 52,8%
05.sep.192008 Bollinger Grande Année 105,6%
18.okt.192008 Salon Oenotheque Case23,5%
01.dec.212008 Piper-Heidsieck Rare0%

Is It Too Late To Board The Flight To Heaven?

Although the above figures show that 2008 investors have seen great returns in a short time, it does not appear that it is too late to place your investment in the famous 2008 drops and the current 2008 Bollinger Grande Année. Quite the opposite in fact.

The wine is still young and, as already mentioned, history cements that the biggest price increases are seen in the long term.

Furthermore, the 2008 vintage also dominates the Champagne trade on the secondary market. In May 2022, according to Liv-ex, 2008 Champagnes were the most traded vintage. Furthermore, the 2008 vintage has been the most traded in 2022 and accounts for 18% of the total trade in Champagne. 2008 Champagnes have thus generously contributed to the Champagne 50 sub-index rising 50.6% over the past year.

RareWine Invests Opinion

The potential of this investment opportunity is cloudless. Here we are dealing with one of the best Champagne houses in the world. Even from a vintage that, in addition to being a benchmark vintage in Champagne, has also proven to be the best Bollinger Grande Année ever.

So this is your opportunity to get 2008 Champagne in your portfolio. The massive returns in a short time have provided a fantastic start. But it is in the long run that the potential really comes to unfold.

Since our first investment tip on the 2008 Bollinger Grande Année, virtually all the major Champagne houses have released their 2008 vintage Champagnes. Only an extremely few are missing. Consumerism has made its mark on these releases, so now is the time to invest in 2008 champagnes from one of the world's best champagne houses.

Go to the gate. Board the 2008 flight. Fasten your seat belt. And follow the aromatic journey to heaven.

Invest In 2008 Bollinger La Grande Année

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