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96 Parker Points: Invest In La Spinetta At An Attractive Price

Get a big head start with the Italian Starderi from La Spinetta from 2007. Only 7,000 bottles have been produced. These have just been released by the manufacturer.

La Spinetta: Dedicated Farmers Planted Vines For Success

There is no doubt that Italian Piedmont is the epitome of prestige, which also characterizes the top wines La Spinetta produces. With a strong interest and curiosity for the future, the dedicated farmers Giuseppe "Pin" Rivetti and his wife Lidia threw themselves into the difficult art of winemaking. An art that was initiated with great humility, great ambitions and not least massive respect.

The above three values ​​are all dominant for what the world today knows as La Spinetta. The name denotes the slobe from which Pin and Lidia in 1977 produced their first 7,000 bottles of Moscato d'Asti. A production that was followed to the door by the children Carlo, Bruno, Giorgio and Giovanna, who grew up with the same set of values ​​over the years, and with diligence as an inherent driving force.

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Observation And Adaptation To Modern Techniques

Moscato became a success, which is why La Spinetta decided to expand and focus on red grapes. In 1985, it resulted in the wine Barbera Ca di Pian, followed by the wine of the same name as its creator, Pin, in 1989. In particular, Pin was a result of latest techniques - both in the vineyard and cellar - as well as a result of collaboration with other producers. The dream was to create internationally renowned wines with deep roots in Piedmont.

Famous Barbaresco In A Few Thousand Bottles

Over the years, La Spinetta has benefited greatly from its own experiences. The success of Pin led the family to Barbaresco, where the iconic wines they are recognized for today are produced. The first was Gallina, followed by Starderi in 1996, which, according to La Spinetta, produces around 7,000 bottles a year. The last Barbaresco in the series was Valeirano in 1997. The wines are treated identically in the cellar. So, their individuality is of course an expression of the vineyards themselves.

And that's how a real winery took its distinguished form ...

The Story Of A Stubborn Rhino

On the label of Barbaresco guards a strong rhino. It originates from Albrecht Dürer, whose drawing was introduced to the family by Gabriele Cioni - family friend and wine and art expert.

The rhino originates from a wooden carving made in 1515, when the first rhino came to Europe from India. Dürer never saw the rhino, but was simply presented with the description.

The iconic rhino symbolizes stubbornness and power. Values ​​that also characterize La Spinetta.

Among The Best

Although Starderi was first born in 1996, it proved its worth from the outset. The world's wine critics throw great scores after virtually all vintages, but especially 2007 is according to Wine Advocate the best. Wine Advocate awards 96 points, which has not happened before or since.

Vinous gives it 94 points, while James Suckling responds with 93 points. It gives an average score of 94.3 points, which places the 2007 vintage among the very best Barbaresco Starderis from La Spinetta.

According to, the average price of 2007 La Spinetta Vürsù Vigneto Starderi right now is € 139 per. bottle*, while the lowest price is currently € 127 per bottle*.

In this investment tip, you get the opportunity to acquire this critically acclaimed vintage for € 90 per bottle*. In other words, you buy at a price that is significantly below the current price on and are thus sure to be an advantageous starting point for your investment. 

* Price ex. customs, tax and VAT, in whole boxes and in perfect condition

Investment In 2007 La Spinetta Barbaresco Vürsù Vigneto Starderi

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

La Spinetta truly makes international wines with great respect for Italian origin. Their great ambitions and dedication are expressed in their wines, which is why the 2007 Barbaresco Starderi also reaps great points from the world's most recognized critics.

The quality is unquestionable. It becomes even more interesting when we look at the supply and in particular the price. An annual production of just 7,000 bottles is vanishingly small, and it must be assumed that consumption has already eroded massively on that number. In addition, based on the prices on, this price of € 90 is particularly attractive and the investment potential is clear.

Do you also believe in the future of Italian wines, in high quality and limited production, then this gives you an attractive opportunity to buy into a strong Italian brand at a very attractive price, which ensures you and your investment a head start. 

The wines here have moreover just recently been released by the producer itself.

We believe in La Spinetta and Barbaresco Vürsù Vigneto Starderi. The extraordinary opportunity of investing at this price only further contributes to the potential. You also have the opportunity to secure larger positions as long as stocks last.

Invest In 2007 La Spinetta Barbaresco Vürsù Vigneto Starderi

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2007La Spinetta Barbaresco Vürsù Vigneto Starderi 750OC6€ 90
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