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Invest In 2019 Sassicaia: New Vintage Ranks Among The Best

Sassicaia impresses with a new top vintage and has pleased investors with three-digit returns. Join us from the start with year 2019.

The super brand and Super Tuscan, Sassicaia is now finally available for investment in the 2019 vintage. The 2019 vintage writes another impressive chapter in the saga of arguably the most famous of the big five Super Tuscans and is now your opportunity to get involved from the very beginning. And the potential is strong – the 2019 has in terms of quality only been surpassed by the 1985 and 2016 vintages.

Sassicaia In A New League

If you are into Italian wine or have followed us for a while, the name Sassicaia is probably familiar to you. But the Super Tuscan with the characteristic star and gold lettering has not always been as sought-after as it is today.

When Sassicaia was introduced and broke with the traditional regulations, it could only be classified with the unflattering classification “Vino da Tavola” or “table wine”. But despite the low status, something happened in 1978; here, a bottle of 1972 Sassicaia came out on top in a major tasting with more than 30 other Bordeaux blends, giving Sassicaia international recognition almost overnight.

The 1985 vintage was another milestone when it was the first Sassicaia to achieve the famous 100 points by Robert Parker. Sassicaia had advanced and had really become part of the fine wine segment. But it turned out that Sassicaia had what it took to enter the very big wine scene with the world's elite. In November 2018, the 2015 Sassicaia was named Wine Of The Year by Wine Spectator and just three months later, the 2016 vintage received 100 points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. This really kicked things off and, in addition to setting a new towering standard for what Sassicaia can and is, Sassicaia really moved up into a new league, among the most recognized and sought-after wines - something that has also left its mark on the prices.

"The 2019 is one of the prettiest and most balanced editions of Sassicaia we've seen this past decade, along with the back-to-back duo of 2016 and 2015. The 2019 marries the precision of the 2016 with the rich fruit weight of the 2015.”

- Monica Larner, Wine Advocate


The 2019 Is Among The Best

The 2019 vintage of Sassicaia has not been on the way for longer than any other Sassicaia vintage, but it still feels that way. Expectations on top of the 2015 and 2016 vintages were sky high and while the 2018 vintage delivered high levels and met expectations, the 2019 vintage had its bow tightened to the breaking point.

The excitement is unleashed and Sassicaia once again shows that its reputation as a super brand and one of Italy's most famous wines is quite justified, with e.g. 98 points from Wine Advocate. The 2019 vintage thus belongs among the biggest Sassicaia ever, surpassed only by the 100 points vintages 2016 and 1985.

Only four vintages have thus received on average 97 points or above in the past 20 vintages and the points are distributed as follows:

SassicaiaVinousWine AdvocateJames SucklingAverage

Sassicaia Is An Investor Favorite – And For Good Reason

Sassicaia has with good reason become a favorite both among the world's wine lovers, but also among investors.

Prior to the 2016 vintage's sensational 100 point scoring run, they traded for around €170*. In August, just seven to eight months after the news of the 100 points, the price was €210*. Today, the price is closer to €360, which means that those who followed our initial recommendation have enjoyed an increase of 111.7% since then.

Single vintages from Sassicaia are full of these kinds of stories, but if we look in a slightly broader perspective, the story is no less boring: According to Liv-ex, the last 10 vintages of Sassicaia that have been on the market for at least five years (vintage 2004- 2013), has over the past five years given an average return of 106%. This corresponds to an average annual return of 14.9% during the period.

The 2009 vintage, like 2019, has received 97 points on average across the three critics. However, this has performed better than average with a return of 119%, which corresponds to an average annual return of 17% over the past five years.

*Per bottle without duty, tax and VAT, in whole cases and in perfect condition.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

2019 Sassicaia has entered the wine scene and once again cements Sassicaia's status as Italy's No. 1 super (wine) brand. The wine world loves it, naturally for its quality, but also for the story of the underdog working to take over world domination – sort of..

An investment in Sassicaia is in many ways a classic Italian investment case if we only look to the top shelf. The quality is top notch, level of awareness and demand as well, and despite a production of around 180,000 bottles per vintage, mature vintages are still in limited supply and otherwise precious.

Wine Advocate is also so enthusiastic about the 2019 vintage that they assess “the 2019 edition is superior to the 2018 also in terms of its cellar-aging potential […] and it promises to withstand the test of time”.

With the 2019 vintage, the manufacturer has once again set a new high level for what a new Sassicaia can cost, just as has been the case with previous vintages. Partly because the manufacturer's costs, just like everyone else's are rising and partly because they can. A mechanism that is in every way to the investor's advantage.

But in addition to the general and immediate potential of a top vintage from the Italian darling, Sassicaia comes with an additional unrealized potential: Because what will happen next time Sassicaia gets 100 points? It is unthinkable that this has happened for the last time, and when it happened with the 2016 vintage, it had major positive consequences across all other vintages.

Invest In 2019 Sassicaia

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