Investment Tips - Italy - 12. May 2022

Tenuta Petrolo Galatrona - The Tuscan Answer To Petrus

Tuscan Petrus For Investment. 2018 Galatrona Gets Great Scores And Praise.

We always keep a close eye on Italy's best wines, because they often offer good opportunities for value-for-money investments. Here is another one, which fortunately is not a new acquaintance. 

It is the flagship wine from Tenuta Petrolo: 2018 Galatrona at just € 64*. A flagship wine whose 2016 vintage under the management of RareWine Invest has risen +9.37 % in just one year. Add to this the fact that we recommend wine investment as a long-term investment - so it is only just begun. 

The case is simple. Great scores, low supply and a price that is nowhere near the quality. 

The Tuscan Answer To Petrus

There is no doubt that the group of super-tuscans is in great demand worldwide. This is due to their high quality. The group includes members such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Masseto. The group also includes Petrolo's Galatrona. In fact, Wine Spectator calls Galatrona Tuscany's answer to Petrus.

An Ambitious Winemaker's Dream

The charismatic Luca Sanjust owns Petrolo, and his vision for the winery has paid off. Galatrona is the house's absolute flagship wine, and Sanjust chose Merlot for the wine, even though it is advanced to work with. Sanjust gambled and he prevailed - Indeed, ambition has resulted in great scores from the world's wine critics, and this is no exception with 2018 Galatrona.

2018 Tenuta Petrolo Galatrona

The Italy Expert Has Spoken

"This is an especially understated, refined edition of Galatrona", says Antonio Galloni of Vinous, and acknowledges it with 96 points, which is the highest score a Galatrona has ever received from the Italy experts.

The Wine Advocate gives a score of 95-97, and James Suckling awards an impressive 98 points. Across the critics, the score is thus 96.6 points, placing this at the top on par with the 2016 vintage, described by Wine Advocate as the best Galatrona ever. 

Can 30,000 Bottles Satisfy Demand?

The answer is no. 2018 Galatrona came on the market in autumn 2020, so volumes have presumably already been reduced significantly. Add to that the fact that critics estimate a drinking window from 2021-2043. 

This gives the investor fantastic opportunities to buy and let mature, so that also future Galatrona lovers can get mature Galatrona.  

This Is How It Went

Back in April 2021, you could invest in 2016 Galatrona through RareWine Invest. If you invested then, you've made a + 9.37% gain in just one year. 

2016 Galatrona also scored 96.6 points across the above critics, and in fact it "only" scored 94 points by Italy expert Vinous. So, there is nothing to suggest that 2018 Galatrona will not also do well - and it is only just getting started. 

"Among The Best Vintages Ever"

The above quote comes from Petrolo himself, and the critics' verdict backs up this statement. 

Now you have the opportunity to invest in Tuscan Petrus. Even at a price of € 62, which is € 2 less than what you could buy the 2016 vintage for, over a year ago. The price of Italian wines rarely matches the quality, giving the investor an advantageous opportunity to buy high quality in investable quantities.  

Invest In 2018 Galatrona

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