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Invest In The Brand New Release Of The Super Tuscan Redigaffi At The World's Lowest Price

Tua Rita's Redigaffi challenges the great Super Tuscans on quality. At the same time, only a fraction of Redigaffi is produced. Sounds expensive right? It is not.

Super Tuscan Tua Rita

In 1984, Tua Rita and Virgilio Bisti bought a small place in Suvereto in southern Tuscany. Backed by a good amount of money from a successful business, they settled down with the idea of enjoying life and maybe growing some wine. Fortunately, the idea of a little cozy viticulture became a reality, and today Tua Rita creates world-class wines.

In 1996, Tua Rita merged with their son-in-law Stefano Frascolla's domain. It is also Frascolla who today manages the estate with great success, which is why he can take a large part of the credit for Tua Rita's fame.

Cult Wine And Real Rival To Sensational Masseto

From vintage 1994 sprung the first vintage of what became the house's flagship wine. The name became Redigaffi and it was a 100% Merlot wine. It thus broke with the regulations of the time and in such a distinguished way that it was given the designation "Super Tuscan". But from vintage 2000, Tua Rita secured cult status for its top wine, when precisely the 2000 vintage became the first Italian wine ever to receive Robert Parker's magical 100 points in a tasting from 2002.

The wines have since then achieved cult status and are, according to Robert Parker JR. a unique rival to the sensational Merlot from Ornellaia’s Masseto – Masseto, which is both the most expensive and most exclusive of the original and classic Super Tuscans. However, this is not yet reflected in the price of Redigaffi, which, in classic Italian fashion, enjoys towering quality at a particularly attractive price.

Tua Rita Redigaffi Tua Rita Redigaffi

Sparse Quantities Give Potential

Tua Rita's Redigaffi almost speaks in a Burgundian narrative, where high quality is combined with sparse production. Depending on the vintage, weather and sources, production fluctuates, but according to the producer themself, an average of 15,000 bottles of Redigaffi are produced per vintage. For comparison, for example, around 180,000 bottles of Sassicaia are produced per vintage.

Redigaffi Mingles In The Finest Company

It is very rare that we issue an investment tip on a wine that has not yet been reviewed by the most important critics. But in this case we dare. Partly because nothing is reported in the general reports from the 2020 vintage in Tuscany that causes any alarms. For example, reports that the 2020 season was extremely hot and dry. The spring was fickle, but with sunny days that turned to a hot, dry, summer with cold nights, which has produced nice, ripe fruit and retained the acidity. All in all, really promising. 

But we dare even more because we believe that Tua Rita can live up to it. To stage the format of Tua Rita and Redigaffi, we have made a comparison across 10 of the most recent vintages (2010-2019) of the five original Super Tuscans. For each vintage, the average score across Vinous , Wine Advocate and James Suckling has been found and combined into one average score across the 10 vintages. The result, in combination with the annual production, can be found here:

Wine10Y avg . scoreAvg . Annual production (fl.)

It would be an understatement, to say that Redigaffi fits the bill nicely. Masseto, unsurprisingly, takes first place, but Redigaffi puts both Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Tignanello on the wall and at the same time represents the smallest production. In addition, it should also be taken into consideration that Redigaffi is among the cheapest of the above.

There is therefore a strong history here of being able to buy towering quality at an attractive price - and with such a small production, the supply can quickly be reduced.

Get A Strong Starting Point For Your Investment

In order to get a good result with your investment, the starting point is one of the places that can be focused on.

Checking, which is the best way to trawl the world's professional suppliers' offers, you will find that the lowest price for a 2020 Redigaffi is currently €137*. The average price across the 27 providers currently offering 2020 Redigaffi is €202*. Your investment price in this offer is just €135*.

This is a good solid starting point for your investment and ensures that you are ahead from the start.

Tua Rita's Redigaffi is up and coming

Tua Rita has been on the big wine scene since Wine Advocate’s 100p score in 2002, but has lacked its big breakthrough. However, the quality of the wines has only gotten higher since then, and the wine world is constantly on the lookout for the next gem.

According to Liv-ex, some of the more mature vintages (2000-2011) have given an average return of 43% over the past five years. The newer vintages (2016-2019), on the other hand, have given a return of 15.1% over the past year.

RareWine Invest’s Opinion

The potential is clear, and with an attitude that Redigaffi is still up and coming, these wines will be particularly interesting to follow in the coming years.

The combination of sublime quality that challenges the great, original Super Tuscans, and the extremely limited production of just 15,000 bottles in an average vintage, means that even without knowing the major critics' score on this brand-new vintage, we dare to recommend it with no hands shaking.

You will be involved from the start and at the world's lowest price according to And in addition to this potential, you have an additional potential upside in the critics' lack of scores. If these become sensational, things can really get going. 

We can now offer a limited quantity, direct from the prducer’s cellar, now offered to existing customers.

Invest in 2020 Tua Rita Redigaffi

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2020Tua Rita Redigaffi750OWC3€ 135
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