Investment Tips - Burgundy - 26. January 2022

Large Selection Of Dujac Chambertin: But It May Be The Last For Years

Great brand, high quality, solid returns, Burgundy drought… and then a bridge master who can have a huge impact on the Chambertin investment..

There Is Something Going On At Dujac And Chambertin …

It is by no means a secret that Domaine Dujac's wines belong to the world elite at the same time as they are also extremely difficult to find – something that is often two sides of the same coin. But there is something going on that could put this even more on edge in the coming years. Sources in our global trade network say that there is something going on at Dujac and Chambertin, which will probably make these already rare bottles even more unobtainable. 

A lucrative long-term investment case that gets a strong short-term boost thanks to a financier and bridge master… 

Get an overview of the potential of Dujac, historical price increases and the unique investment opportunity prompted by the bridge master in this article. 

Domain Dujac - In Short

Domain Dujac represents in many ways what has become a classic Burgundy case in the RareWine book. The case is based on a strong brand, high demand, sublime quality, and limited production - a production that overall, among the domain's seven (SEVEN!) Grand Cru wines, is usually limited to less than 100,000 bottles per year. 

Besides that Domaine Dujac has legitimized its own status at the forefront of the wine world through wines of sublime quality from some of Burgundy's iconic vineyards, popular culture has also thrown itself over Dujac, just as it has been the case for, for example, Dom Pérignon, Cristal and Hennessy. Big stars such as DJ Khaled and Jay-Z have thrown their love over Domaine Dujac, given the domain massive exposure, and thus given Dujac the keys to a very strong purchasing segment. 

The desire for Domaine Dujac's wines has become enormous, but all indications are that scarcity will be even more pronounced in the future. 

The Right Fields

Domaine Dujac has become a powerhouse in Burgundy in record time. Since the domain's founding in 1968, land holdings have grown and Dujac is today present at some of the right vineyards across the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. Dujac produces several red and white villages as well as some white Premier Crus, such as Les Combettes .  

In addition, there are five red Premier Crus, including Les Beaux Monts and Aux Malconsorts. On top of the Cru cake we find wines from Echezeaux, Bonnes-Mares, Chambertin , Charmes- Chambertin, Clos de la Roche, Romanée St. Vivant and Clos St. Denis. 

We recommend investing in Dujac, but the investment tip here is primarily about Chambertin, which is without a doubt one of the most prominent. 

This Is How It Went With Our Recommendations On Domaine Dujac

Over the past two years (2020-2021) all wine from Domaine Dujac under the management of RareWine Invest* have yielded an average return of 23.7%. If we dig a little deeper, there is a clear tendency that it is with the greatest and most prestigious wines that the price has risen the most. 

It is also to the highest degree among these wines that our clear focus has been. Below you will find an overview of how the wines we have recommended in our investment tips have performed. Investment tips, all of which are available here on the website: 

VintageWineRecommendation Return Annualized Return
2017Clos de la Roche17-02-202025%12%
2013Chambertin MAG06-01-202158%61%
2009Chambertin MAG06-01-202150%53%
2006Chambertin MAG06-01-202195%101%
2018Les Beaux Monts20-07-202114%30%
2008Chambertin MAG02-11-20210%0%
Note: Annualized returns are only included for the sake of comparison. The price of the two 2008 Chambertin from the investment tip on 2/11 has not moved since the time of recommendation.

The table above emphasizes that it is among the greatest and most prestigious wines from Dujac, which have gained the most. 

But even though we still see massive potential in the case of Dujac and Chambertin, this is only heightened by a possible impending Burgundy drought and the aforementioned financier and bridge master.. and yes, we will get to him now.. 

*Based on almost 100 product lines in varying vintages and formats across all wines from Village to Grand Cru. 

Roy Welland - Financier And Bridge Master

Roy Welland is an American-born Wall Street trader who later had a great career as a bridge player with a lot of titles. 

Welland is also a pronounced wine lover, who among other things was behind the celebrated New York restaurant, Cru, which became the destination for New York wine lovers - a restaurant primarily sourced with wine from Welland's private collection. His love for wine, and in particular Burgundy, in 2005 led him to acquire land ownership on Chambertin. Welland had no ambition of becoming a winemaker and rented the plot to Domaine Dujac for a portion of the finished Dujac wine as payment.  

Domain Dujac, which has the same approach to wine production as, for example, Domaine Leroy, is not releasing its wines according to a fixed and scheduled pattern, but only when the domain thinks they are ready. This is something that usually takes longer than with a conventional approach. At the same time, it is also often seen in these situations that the wines are released over a longer period of time and in much smaller quantities at a time. 

That is, the vast majority, if not all of Dujac Chambertin, which has been on the market in recent years, comes from Roy Welland. But from the 2020 vintage it is over. This will be the first vintage in which Dujac takes full control of the entire production. 

All indications are that the wines from here, which are already extremely rare and difficult to find, will only become even rarer on the market in the coming years. It gives an increased potential short term. In the long run, the total quantity of Dujac Chambertin produced is probably not much smaller but will be released later - in smaller amounts and in more drops - which will make it even harder to obtain. 

Dujac Chambertin Dujac Chambertin

Burgundy Drought Threatens

We have dealt with the subject on several occasions. Most recently in our look back at 2021 , where we argue that a Burgundy drought for wine lovers seems inevitable. The French Ministry of Agriculture also said that the harvest in 2021 was even worse than the one in 2020 – something we also discussed in August last year. 

In line with this, the British wine exchange Liv-ex has recently published an article about Burgundy 2020, in which they write that in 2019, 1.23 million hectoliters of wine were produced in Burgundy. The number was 1.56 million in 2020, and in 2021 production is expected to be between 900-950,000 hectoliters. This is a markedly reduced supply, and in combination with increasing demand, it creates a lucrative scenario for the wine investor - both when it comes to Dujac, but also Burgundy in general. 

Rarewine Invest’s Opinion

We now have the pleasure of offering a larger quantity of Dujac Chambertin for investment in both different formats and vintages. 

As mentioned earlier, these represent a classic Burgundy case from the top shelf. 

Recent years' returns on both Dujac and, in isolation, Chambertin are validating the potential with a demand and buying power that has sent prices upward. However, this in no way changes our expectations for the future potential of these wines. 

Add to that the case of Dujac taking control of their Chambertin and the amount of Dujac Chambertin Roy Welland sent to market, which likely will not hit the market in the coming years. In other words, in that case, there will be even greater demand for the existing volumes on the market. 

For this not to be enough, the Burgundy drought is threatening and based on some of the latest reports, it is becoming more and more clear that we are facing a declining supply of the already extremely coveted wines. 

This is a general recommendation on both Dujac and Chambertin, which is why we do not recommend one vintage over another. See prices and scores below. 

The wines are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and based on experience from previous Dujac recommendations, we expect great interest and demand. 

Invest in different formats and vintages Dujac Chambertin

Contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page if you want to know more about your investment options or order the wines directly through the form.

VintageWineScoresVolPackning AmountPrice/BTL.*
2017Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru DMAGBH: 93-96 WA: 93-96 VI: 92-943.000OWC11 € 13.500
2014Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 93-95 WA: 92-94 VI: 94-961.500OWC39 € 6.500
2014Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 93-95 WA: 92-94 VI: 94-961.500OWC11 € 6.500
2013Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94-96 WA: 94-96 VI: 94-961.500OWC39 € 6.250
2013Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94-96 WA: 94-96 VI: 94-961.500OWC18 € 6.250
2012Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94-97 WA: 95-97 VI: 991.500OWC39 € 7.000
2012Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94-97 WA: 95-97 VI: 991.500OWC19 € 7.000
2010Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 98 WA: 96-98 VI: 96+1.500OWC36 € 9.250
2009Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94 WA: 98 VI: 991.500OWC36 € 8.250
2009Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94 WA: 98 VI: 991.500OWC16 € 8.250
2008Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 95 WA: 95 VI: 94+1.500OWC36 € 6.250
2008Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 95 WA: 95 VI: 94+1.500OWC110 € 6.250
2008Dujac Chambertin Grand CruBH: 95 WA: 95 VI: 94+750OC66 € 2.350
2007Dujac Chambertin Grand CruBH: 91-94 WA: - VI: 93750OWC618 € 2.250
2005Dujac Chambertin Grand Cru MAGBH: 94 WA: 96 VI: 94+1.500OWC66 € 9.000
2005Dujac Chambertin Grand CruBH: 94 WA: 96 VI: 94+750OWC612 € 3.700
*All prices are in EUR ex. customs duty, tax, and VAT for delivery to a bonded warehouse. Prices including customs duty, tax and VAT can be sent on request. The wines are only sold in whole cases unless otherwise specified and the price is per bottle. Minimum order size € 2,500. Assumes a total minimum investment of € 10,000. Prices may have changed since release of this article. Reservations are made for errors.

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