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New Release: 2012 Salon Flirts With The Greatest Vintages

Double- and triple-digit returns - that is the result for investors who have followed our recommendation for Salon. Now the 2012 vintage is released...

"Salon 2012 unleashes its seductive powers on the palate, with notes of pineapple, lychee, a touch of smoke; caressing with a knowing smile as beguiling and mysterious as the Mona Lisa, Salon does not reveal every secret"

- Salon

Salon is much more than a Champagne, and the spirit of the above quote is a good example of that. Salon is a Champagne that can smile as mysteriously as the Mona Lisa. Salon can keep secrets. Salon is seductive. 

Salon has long been one of our darlings. In fact, it is also the wine we have issued the most investment tips on, and generally have a standing recommendation on. The results and returns speak for themselves, but now we are talking about the house's latest release; the 2012 vintage - a vintage that flirts with the greatest. 

See the results of our Salon recommendations in this article and learn why we now recommend the 2012 Salon for investment. 

2012 Salon Mesnil

Eugéne-Aime Salon Had A Dream

A dream of making magical Champagne for himself and those closest to him. In 1905, he succeeded in presenting his first vintage Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay, which was both the beginning of the history of Salon and the first time Blanc-de-blancs saw the light of day. 

Quality was the absolute goal for Eugéne-Aime. The quantities of the first vintages could therefore satisfy very few. In the 1920s, however, Salon began to sell his Champagne in the most exclusive places in Paris. Places he himself frequented. With success. 

Stubbornly continuing his quest for Champagne perfection, Salon was only released in the very best vintages. It still is. And even when a perfect vintage is released, only about 60,000 bottles of Salon come onto the market. So, Salon is still only for the few - and there is potential in that. 

Today, Salon resonates exclusively with the world's Champagne lovers and investors. An uncompromising approach to Champagne production has resulted in Champagne of the absolute elite. 

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Latest Release: 2012 Salon Impresses

Salon audiences are thirsty. Which is why, of course, the world's wine lovers have been waiting for the critics' verdict on the latest release from Salon. And the critics are thrilled. Richard Juhlin gives 96 points, Vinous 97 points, Wine Advocate 98+ points, and James Suckling awards 98 points. 

This results in a great overall score of 97.2 points, second only to the 2008 (99 points) and 1996 (98.3 points) vintages, two of the absolute greatest and most legendary vintages in Champagne. 

Salon, by default, always guarantees high scores from the above critics, but of course this is not a given. The high scores oblige and show that the uncompromising quest for perfection is still the absolute driving force of Salon. And precisely for that reason, there will probably always be demand for Salon, and 2012 places itself at the top. 

Champagne Drought

A pandemic shook the world, and Champagne did not go free. Today, Champagne is harder to come by and, according to the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), demand for Champagne fell in 2020 in response to Covid. This meant that sales in 2020 fell by 18 % in volume terms, compared to the previous year.  

Fortunately, the grip of the pandemic was loosened, and by the end of 2020, demand for the bubbly wine was on the rise again. This trend continued into 2021, bringing price increases and record returns for investors, but a new challenge emerged. The CIVC sets an annual limit on how much Champagne can be produced. In response to falling demand, they reduced Champagne production by 25% in 2020 compared to 2019.  

This reduction in production cannot just be changed overnight and reduced production and increasing demand through 2021 has created an imbalance between demand and supply. Furthermore, supply issues have affected virtually everyone, meaning that even if production could simply be increased, shortages of glass and packaging, for example, are creating major challenges for producers. Gabe Barkley, CEO of the LMVH Group, predicts that reduced production will affect the market for many years to come. 

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Double And Triple Digit Returns On All Salon In Previous Investment Tip

The numbers speak a clear and undeniable language. The table below shows how Salon has performed under the management of RareWine Invest. 

Salon has a history of delivering great returns to investors, as the numbers below clearly confirm. In addition to being a world-renowned brand, these returns are also the reason why Salon is back on the investment programme. 

investment tipDateReturns since investment tip 
1) Salon - The creator of Blanc-de-Blancs (only available in Danish)3/11 201777,78%
2) Salon - a must-have in a wine portfolio (only available in Danish)1/9 2018178,15%
3) Perfect timing for investment in Salon (only available in Danish)2/5 2019129,50%
4) The Golden Egg in Champagne: Salon rises +17% in three months (only available in Danish)5/10 201981,35%
5) Unique Salon with monumental release: only 8.000 bottles vintage 2008 (only available in Danish)18/10 201928,20%
6) Late Release Salon: Invest In Mature Salon At No Additional Cost!24/6 202061,90%
7) 2002 Salon: Exceptionally Rare And Extremely Attractive17/8 202166,70%
8) +49-57 % Return On Sublime Salon. Invest In The 2008 Vintage In A Special Oenotheque Case18/11 202117,60%
(1) 1990 MAG (2) 2006 MAG, 2006, 2007 MAG, 2007 (3) 2006, 2006 MAG (4) 1990, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2007 (5) 2008 Oenotheque Case (6) 1997 (7) 2002 (8) 2008 Oenotheque Case

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Note: some of the previous investment tips were written when we only had a Danish office. Find all articles in danish here.

Rarewine Invest's Opinion

Would Mona Lisa drink Salon? Salon started as exclusive Champagne for the few, and it still is. Supply is minimal and demand is high, as prices rightly reflect. However, there is no sign of this stopping given Salon's general nature and impending Champagne drought.

Salon under the management of RareWine Invest has seen both double and triple digit returns in recent years. This validates the potential and our standing recommendation on Salon is unwavering. We continue to recommend Salon for investment - the numbers cement that Salon will not be turned off by outside trends that could shake its upward trajectory.  

Now, the latest release is available for investment. And as always, the volumes are quite limited. Right now, Champagne is generally in high demand. Both worldwide and at RareWine Invest. That is why we recommend striking if you have an interest in the 2012 Salon. 

Invest In 2012 Salon Mesnil

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