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97 Points For 2020 Vogue Musigny - Invest In A Dominant Powerhouse

The Burgundy supply is declining. Demand does not, and existing volumes naturally become even more desirable, which works in the investor's favor.

The name Musigny undoubtedly brings chills to all wine lovers. Musigny is both magical and mythical, and some of the very best Burgundy wine comes from here - in fact, some of the best wine in the world. But the best Musigny is for the few, and the fact is, Burgundy demand exceeds supply. And all indications are that this trend will become more evident in the future.

The 2020 Comte Georges de Vogue Musigny is here available for investment and has only had a little over a year on the market, which is why this is a unique opportunity to get into this Burgundy case early. This is a classic investment opportunity in Burgundy, but it is also an investment in a domain that has long since proven its worth on the world wine scene. Read more below.

Comte Georges de Vogue For More Than 500 Years

Domaine Comte de Vogue is an institution in Burgundy dating back to 1450, when Jean Moisson built the building that later became Domaine Comte de Vogue. Even in Burgundy, the fact that a domain has existed for more than 500 years is something quite special.

In 1925, Comte (Count) Georges de Vogue took over the domain. Following in his winemaking footsteps was his daughter Elisabeth, who brought a nature-based wine philosophy to the domain. Elisabeth also knew that craftsmanship and sublime land holdings could not achieve success on their own - it would require marketing. Her strong business sense resulted in worldwide success - with quality as a basic premise, of course.

Today, Elisabeth's daughters have taken over the management of the domain, and they are faithful to the work of their mother. The house owns 1.8 hectares at Chambolle-Musigny, 2.8 hectares at Bonnes-Mares and 7.3 hectares at mythical Musigny, which is their ultimate beacon.

Read much more about Comte Georges de Vogue in our previous investment tips here.

2020 Vogue Musigny

2020 Vogue Musigny Vieilles Vignes - Among Burghound's Darlings

Burgundy specialist Allen Meadows of Burghound gives the 2020 Vogue Musigny Vv 97 points, while Vinous has only given it a preliminary score, a so-called barrel score, of 93-95 points. Wine Advocate has yet to rate, leaving us with a final score plus a preliminary score.

Although the final scores are still pending, Burghound has a complete catalog of tastes of Vogue Musigny:

Burghound-scores-diagram.png 2021 has only received a barrel score from Burghound of 92-95 points, so the above score is an average of these.

With 97 points, 2020 Vogue Musigny is thus at the very top of Burghound in the last decade. Add to this the fact that 2015 Vogue Musigny from a great Burgundy benchmark vintage also received 97 points.

Burghound has only given more than 97 points to a Vogue Musigny three times: 1919, 1949 and 2005. In addition, Burghound has tasted his way through a total of 66 unique vintages of Vogue Musigny, of which only 11 vintages have received 97 points. 2020 Vogue Musigny is thus among the Burgundy expert Burghound's darlings.

Since 1985, Francois Millet has been behind the wines at Comte George de Vogue, and 2020 Vogue Musigny is his last vintage before new forces take over. We know the level so far - only time will tell if it will be maintained.

Powerhouse Has Provided Continuous Returns

Every year, the British wine exchange Liv-ex releases its Power 100 list of the best performing wine producers from the previous year. The ranking of the wines depends on various parameters, of which trade volume, trade value and the price development of the individual producer are particularly important.

In both the 2021 and 2022 lists, Burgundy has triumphed with 32 and 39 places out of 100 respectively. Comte George de Vogue has been on the power 100 list every year for the past decade, and on the 2022 list they have marched up to number 27 from number 66 the year before. Being on the list for so long cements that Vogue has long since proven its worth at the top of the wine hierarchy.

Vogue is in demand and, according to Liv-ex, the last 10 vintages* of Vogue Musigny Vv that have been on the market for at least five years have returned an average of 68.8% over the last five years, which corresponds to an average annual return of 11%.


Burgundy – For The Few, Not The Many

The yields of the 2020 vintage in Burgundy are just above the average of the last 10 years. But the 2020 vintage was followed by the 2021 vintage, whose yields were disastrous to say the least. For the 2021 vintage, Liv-ex reports that low yields are forcing producers to increase the prices of their releases to cover their costs - price increases of up to 25%.

The top names are said to be released later than usual, giving producers more time to decide on distribution and pricing. Although Burgundy's best wines are rare in itself, 2021 Burgundy will be for the very exclusive few. Approximately 20,250 bottles of 2020 Vogue Musigny were produced, while the yield in 2021 is only 13,200 bottles. In other words, the market is thus missing significant quantities of Burgundy wine - not only from Vogue, but in general compared to what it is used to, while price increases from producers will undeniably affect the prices of the wines already on the market.

2020 Vogue Musigny

The basic premise of Burgundy investment is based on simple supply and demand theory. Supply cannot be increased because the vineyards are the size they are. Moreover, classifications dictate how much can be harvested from the single parcels. Furthermore, Burgundy is threatened by climate change, while conversion to biodynamic production and a greater focus on quality rather than quantity also reduce yields. The result is less wine on the market, while demand only seems to be increasing.

The market can only respond to the imbalance between supply and demand by increasing prices.

RareWine Invest's Opinion

This is classic Burgundy investment served on a silver platter. Musigny is one of the most mythical parcels in the world, and it is not for everyone to be able to check it off their bucket list. With its power 100 dominance, Comte Georges de Vogue establishes its place among the world's best wine producers.

And while the price tag may seem steep to most, it is worth keeping in mind that a 2015 Leroy Musigny recently sold for € 80,000* for a bottle. Your price for 2020 Vogue Musigny is € 1,000. So there does not seem to be a price ceiling for Musigny - but the price here does appeal to a much wider audience.

This is an investment in a solid Burgundian institution, whose 2020 Vogue Musigny vintage, from a Burghound perspective, rivals the very best vintages. And it is an investment in a wine whose predecessors have shown great returns.

It is also an investment in being able to offer future Burgundy lovers wine from one of the world's best vineyards - something that seems to be increasingly rare in the future, given the challenges of production, climate and quality priorities.

Invest in 2020 Comte Georges de Vogue Musigny Vieilles Vignes

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2020Comte Georges de Vogue Musigny Vieilles Vignes750OWC624€ 1,000
2020Comte Georges de Vogue Musigny Vieilles Vignes750OWC369€ 1,000
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