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Strong Rosé Case: 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé Available For Investment

This is among the best rosé releases of the house. And here you get the option of investing in the Luminous edition at no extra cost.

“In this tasting 2004 Rosé is especially fine. I imagine it will reward readers lucky enough to own it with several decades of exceptional drinking. In a word: sublime.”

- Antonio Galloni, Vinous

This is the first time RareWine Invest can offer Dom Pérignon Rosé widely for investment. And indeed, the case is classic: sought-after Champagne house, high scores and great historical returns. Add to this the fact that the supply and demand ratio in Champagne does not match - not in the wine romantic's favour - but in the wine investor's.

2004 Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé is available for investment. Read more about the potential below.

Dom Pérignon: The Champagne Of The World

Few would have predicted that a Benedictine monk would lay the foundations for one of the best Champagne houses in the world. But that is how it turned out, and the monk who made it all happen was called Dom Pierre Pérignon. He revolutionised the way Champagne is made, and today's Champagne drinkers have much to thank him for.

Undeniable quality attracts global attention. And Undeniable Quality also attracts investors. Undeniable quality has also attracted the LVMH Group, which today owns Dom Pérignon. LVMH has seen the potential of the champagne house and has added distribution and marketing muscle.

The house's prestige cuvée first appeared on the market in 1936 with the 1921 vintage. And their first Dom Pérignon Rosé was the 1959 vintage. It was produced at the request of the Shah of Iran, who was celebrating the Persian Empire's 2,500th anniversary in 1971. And at Dom Pérignon, they clearly saw no reason to change a winning recipe. Since then, more rosé vintages have been added, although only 25 have been released.

Dom Pérignon is a super-brand with extremely high recognition and vintage champagnes with quality and inherent demand as common denominators.

Note: This is a regular Dom Pérignon Luminous. Simply to illustrate what the light looks like in a Luminous edition. In the rosé edition, the light is pink.  Note: This is a regular Dom Pérignon Luminous. Simply to illustrate what the light looks like in a Luminous edition. In the rosé edition, the light is pink.

Luminous - Special Edition In Scarce Supply

In 2017, more than 80 % of global sparkling wine production was white, but only 15 % was rosé and about 2 % was sparkling red. Italy is dominant when it comes to sparkling wine production. Subtracting the share of Italian sparkling wines and the other French rosé wines, the total production of rosé Champagne is estimated to be extremely limited.

Only Dom Pérignon itself knows how many bottles it produces per vintage. But taking the above into account, the quantities of their rosé editions are sparse. Add to that the fact that in this case it is their 2004 Rosé Luminous special edition that can shine in the dark. There is a small switch at the bottom of the bottle that when ignited causes the iconic Dom Pérignon label to light up. Exactly the same wine as the 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé - just more extravagant.

It is doubtful that Dom Pérignon would choose to adorn either the majority or half of their rosé releases with LED lights, which must ultimately mean that Luminous is less accessible than the already special rosé edition.

Luminous is a more specialised product, which for the same reason normally costs a little more - 5-10 % more in fact. But you get this right now at no extra cost. The cheapest 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé on is actually € 371* right now. We have shopped hard and can offer you the Luminous version for € 350*.

Add to this that on right now there is only one offer on 2004 Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé in whole cases. The price of this is outrageous, but the fact is that it is the only offer available right now.

*Excluding duty, tax and VAT

If Stars Could Be Drunk

When Dom Pierre Pérignon drank his very first champagne, he is reported to have said: "I drink stars". And there is much to suggest that the house always strives to create Champagne that tastes of stars. In any case, they guarantee high scores from the world's most influential critics. And even here, the 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé places itself at the exciting end of the hierarchy. The 2008 and 2002 vintages are two benchmark vintages in Champagne, and Richard Juhlin thus rates the 2004 vintage on par with these. 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé is thus among the very best. In a word: sublime. 

AVG scores across scores from Richard Juhlin, Vinous and Wine Advocate. Note: vintages prior to 1982 are not included because they are rated only by Richard Juhlin. AVG scores across scores from Richard Juhlin, Vinous and Wine Advocate. Note: vintages prior to 1982 are not included because they are rated only by Richard Juhlin.

Dressed For The Club And Great Rosé Returns

In terms of quality, there is no difference between Dom Pérignon Rosé and Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé. They are the same wine, although one is dressed for nightclubs and other festive occasions. And this is something that appeals particularly to the party-loving public. 

RareWine Invest has several vintages of Dom Pérignon rosé under management. The vintages* that have been under management by RareWine Invest for 1.5 years have given an average return of 40%.

Add to this that the 2004 Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé has given a return of 44% since July 2021.

*The 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2006 Luminous, 2005 Luminous and 2004 Luminous vintages.

Why invest in Champagne?

At RareWine Invest we have recently looked at Champagne and the analysis is particularly relevant now that Champagne is on the agenda, but also relevant in a world that is economically uncertain.

First, Champagne sales are reported to be up in the first half of 2022 compared to the previous year, and the Champagne Committee is expected to announce record sales for 2022. The massive demand has even resulted in Moët running out of Champagne.

Add to this the fact that demand and supply difficulties in 2022 have resulted in the Champagne Committee raising the allowable harvest for 2022 - the challenge is simply that the great Champagnes are aged for 10 years, so it will be a long time before this has any real effect.

Furthermore, Chinese affluent, Western-oriented millennials and Gen Z's are expected to double the size of the wine market in China in particular by 2026 - a China, incidentally, that is expected to be the world's largest market for luxury products by 2025.

In other words, the supply and demand for Champagne are not matching up at all. Not now, and not in the future - something the Champagne investor can take advantage of.

Read the full analysis here: Analysis: The Prospects In Champagne - Will The Corks Pop In The Future?

Rarewine Invest's Opinion

Dom Pérignon has several times been available for investment through RareWine Invest. And each time, there has been a great demand for the available quantities. This is of course because Dom Pérignon may well be the world's strongest Champagne brand, while the distinctive shield-shaped label has guaranteed both stable and solid returns over the years.

Dom Pérignon rosé is available for investment, and as with the Champagne brut of the house - we believe in this one too. At release, rosé is already rarer than regular Champagne. And this Luminous rosé is even a little more special... 

The 2004 Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé is among the house's best, and historical returns only show that Dom Pérignon rosé is in demand too. LVMH Group has excelled their marketing task, which is why Dom Pérignon is now more than world famous - and this one belongs in every luxury club worldwide.

Does anyone think the bright versions are vulgar? Probably. But the truth is more likely that Luminous includes more than it excludes. After all, there is not much light in a bottle of Krug or Cristal, and if you are mainly just interested in the contents, it is a good thing that they are the same as in the version without light.

But at the end of the day, this is primarily about whether you believe in arguably the world's strongest Champagne brands, and whether you believe in the future of Champagne investing overall. This case is just spiced up with the rosé dimension and cheeky LED lights you normally must pay extra for...

Invest In 2004 Dom Perignon Luminous Rosé

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2004Dom Perignon Luminous Rosé750OC3€ 350
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