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Joachim Andersen Joins RareWine Invest as Brand Ambassador Ahead of EURO 2024

RareWine Invest is thrilled to announce our latest brand ambassador: Danish National Team football player and Crystal Palace standout Joachim Andersen.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming EURO 2024, RareWine Invest is thrilled to announce our latest brand ambassador: Danish National Team football player and Crystal Palace standout Joachim Andersen, which you can get up close to in the interview at the bottom of this article.

In the interview, you can find out which of Joachim's teammates has the wildest wine collection, which has the worst taste, and which wine Joachim himself dreams of tasting. Joachim also talks about the Premier League players' relationship with wine and, not least, about his national team colleague, Joachim Mæhle's, own-produced wine.

After a stellar season with Crystal Palace, Joachim Andersen has emerged as one of the most reliable players in the Premier League. He has played almost every minute as a center-back, showcasing his unwavering commitment and exceptional performance. His unrelenting commitment and outstanding performances earned him the title of Player of the Year at Crystal Palace. This dedication to pushing the boundaries in every aspect of his game truly aligns with our values at RareWine Invest.

Joachim Andersen's Pursuit Of Perfection

Joachim Andersen's journey through some of Europe's top football clubs, including Sampdoria in Italy and Lyon in France, has not only honed his skills on the pitch but also cultivated his unique appreciation for fine wine. Italy and France are among the world's most prominent wine-producing countries, making Joachim's affinity for wine, especially Burgundy, a distinctive and natural fit with our mission at RareWine Invest. This alignment of values is sure to resonate with wine enthusiasts in our community.

"Joachim Andersen exemplifies the meticulous dedication and pursuit of perfection that we value in our brand ambassadors," said Lars Granat Jensen, CMO of RareWine Group. "His commitment to excellence on and off the field aligns perfectly with our approach to wine investment. We are honored to have Joachim join our team and look forward to sharing his journey with our community," adds Rune Spliid, RareWine Invest's commercial director.

In addition to his impressive football career, Joachim Andersen has a team of nine professionals dedicated to managing every aspect of his life, from diet to investments. This meticulous attention to detail and desire for the best is why he has chosen RareWine Invest to handle his wine investment portfolio. Our shared quest for perfection and excellence makes this collaboration particularly beneficial, not just for Joachim but also for RareWine Invest and our community.

Joachim Andersen revealed as RareWine brand ambassador Rune Spliid and Lars Granat Jensen reveals Joachim Andersen as RareWine brand ambassador

Exciting Collaboration Ahead of Euro 2024

Joachim Andersen's partnership with RareWine Invest comes at an intriguing time, just before the European Championship in Germany. Denmark is in the same group as Joachim Andersen's second home country, England. This timing is expected to attract significant attention from Danish and British media, especially following a season in which Joachim and Crystal Palace have impressed in the Premier League.

The collaboration highlights the growing interest in wine investment among professional athletes, a trend we've seen increase in recent years. In the world of professional sports, there is a rising focus on advising athletes and investing in stable asset classes with promising perspectives for life after their sports careers. This partnership underscores the importance of meticulous planning and expertise in achieving success, whether on or off the field.

Joachim Andersen follows in the footsteps of other notable RareWine Invest brand ambassadors, including handball player Mikkel Hansen, cyclist Magnus Cort, Dutch racing driver Giedo van der Garde, Joachim's former Sampdoria teammate and Swedish national team player Albin Ekdal, and his current Danish national team colleague Joakim Mæhle, who will also be in action at the EURO 2024. Click here to read more about our dedicated brand ambassadors...

Just before the European Championship, we spent a few days in London with Joachim Andersen, resulting in this exclusive interview:

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