Investment Tips - Burgundy - 2. November 2021

Dujac has provided investors with +12-49 % in less than 20 months. Invest in 2008 Dujac Chambertin

Elite producer, prestige brand, and production that, according to Burghound, is only half as big in the 2008 vintage than usual...

Subtle Burgundy Duet For Investment

Domaine Dujac is, fortunately, a familiar name in the RareWine Invest world, and now you have the opportunity to invest in extremely limited production Chambertin drops. You can even choose both regular bottles in whole cases - or you can choose Magnum.   

In this investment case you can learn more about the 2008 vintage, but most of all you will learn a lot more about Dujac and Chambertin. And why these two form a superb duet - a duet for which we see a great future.   

Domaine Dujac: The Reputation Jack Built

In 1968, Domaine Dujac was founded by Jacques Seysses from the poor remains of the Graillet domain in Morey-Saint-Denis. He renamed the domain Domaine Dujac, which translated means "the house Jack owns". 

From the beginning, Seysses had great respect for the art of winemaking and with a good dose of hard work, he has managed to create a domain that delivers very high-quality wine. Biodynamics and ecology are two important elements in Dujac's winemaking, but in fact respect for the terroir is the absolute priority. This means that there is a strong focus on preserving a varied, living, and natural ecosystem in Dujac's winemaking.  

This focus, according to Dujac, is a crucial ingredient in producing world-class wines.   

Jack did not just build a house. He built a worldwide reputation. That is why today Domaine Dujac is synonymous with prestige. And that is why the world's wine lovers crave Dujac. 

Dujac Chambertin Dujac Chambertin

Chambertin Grand Cru - Gold In Droplets

Domaine Dujac owns about 15 hectares of vineyards in Burgundy spread around Morey-Saint-Denis. On these 15 hectares, Dujac has as many as seven grand cru vineyards, from which spectacular wines are produced. One of these vineyards is Chambertin, and we dare say that every winemaker dream of belonging here.  

The entire Chambertin measures about 15 hectares, where also Domaine Armand Rousseau, and Domaine Leroy reside. Out of these 15 hectares, Dujac disposes of 0,73 hectares. Even in very little space, gold can be produced in droplets.  


How Much Wine Can You Get From 0.73 Hectares?

Armand Rousseau is responsible for 1/6 of the production at Chambertin with around 10,000 bottles annually. This is minimal production in itself. Domaine Dujac produces about 1,500 bottles a year from its 0.73 hectares, so it is an almost invisible production.   

All indications are that the production of the 2008 vintage was even more limited.  According to Allan Meadows of Burghound, only about 0.29 hectares of Dujac's Chambertin parcels were used in the domain's Chambertin from this vintage.  

With less than half of the parcel in use, this is obviously an extremely minimal production for the 2008 vintage. A producer who has built a worldwide reputation dressed in high quality will no doubt be sought after. With production virtually invisible, demand will only increase. 

... When You Thought It Could Not Get "Worse"

The Chambertin offering from Dujac is minimal and this is a unique opportunity to secure suitable volumes for your portfolio. In fact, according to, there are currently no whole cases of 2008 Dujac Chambertin available at all. 

2008 For Investment

This time it is the 2008 Dujac Chambertin you can get your hands on. This vintage scores 95.2 points across the three most significant wine critics*. Looking at the table below, you will see that 95.2 points place the 2008 vintage as a good and solid vintage. That said, we have a standing recommendation on even the weaker vintages of Dujac's Chambertin. 

*Burghound, Wine Advocate and Vinous.  

BH: Burghound, WA: Wine Advocate, VI: Vinous

How Dujac Has Managed Under Rarewine Invest

Dujac is cool.  

That is why you hear words of praise from this channel when Dujac is available for investment. Below, you can see how it went for the investors who followed the recommendation and struck at our previous Dujac investment tips: 


February 2020

Back in February 2020 we had various 2017 wines from Dujac available for investment. The table below shows that all the wines have seen price increases of 12-22 % since then. 

Investment TipWine Price 17/2-2020Current Price% Growth
17.feb.202017 Bonnes-Mares € 575 € 650 12%
17.feb.202017 Charmes-Chambertin € 200 € 250 20%
17.feb.202017 Clos de la Roche € 400 € 500 20%
17.feb.202017 Echezeaux € 350 € 450 22%

January 2021

Back in January 2021, Chambertin was on the menu and as the table shows all the wines have seen growth of 33-49 %. 

investment TipWine Price 6/1-21Current Price% Growth
06.jan.212013 Chambertin MAG € 3.950 € 6.250 37%
06.jan.212009 Chambertin MAG € 5.500 € 8.250 33%
06.jan.212007 Chambertin € 1.500 € 2.350 36%
06.jan.212006 Chambertin MAG € 3.200 € 6.250 49%

July 2021

Most recently we had an offering of Dujac's premier cru phenomenon, Les Beaux Monts. In just over three months, the price of this has risen 12 %.  

Investment TipWine Price 20/7-21Current Price% Growth
20.jul.212018 Les Beaux Monts € 285 € 325 12%

Dujac, Yes Please

The tables above highlight why Dujac is almost always very welcome in the investment world. The growth speaks for itself, which is why we expect this 2008 vintage to have a short visit but solid visit.  

You will even have the opportunity to invest in 2008 Dujac Chambertin in Magnum size. Out of the already extremely limited 2008 production, even fewer magnum bottles are produced. These are more expensive because the supply is smaller, but also because the aging potential is greater than for the regular bottles.  

In the present investment tip, you can choose the one that best suits your portfolio and temperament. 

RareWine Invest's Opinion

Sometimes the investment arguments are so many that they almost trip over each other to get to the finish line first. That is the case here, which is why we are thrilled to offer the 2008 Dujac Chambertin for investment.   

Domaine Dujac has already cemented its place among the world's best wine producers. That makes demand sky-high. Here we are even dealing with extremely limited production from a fantastic vineyard in Burgundy. And here available in quantities, whole boxes, and perfect condition - ideal for investment. 

At RareWine Invest, Dujac has also performed fantastically in both regular bottles and magnums, and our expectations remain high for both Dujac and Chambertin. 

Invest In 2008 Dujac Chambertin

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2008Dujac Chambertin750OC6€2.350
2008Dujac Chambertin1,5LOC6€6.250
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